Can Horses Eat Cheese? Food Tolerance and Requirements

Can Horses Eat Cheese

Horses are probably the most loved of pets. Studies have explored the unusual bond people share with the equines, something entirely different from those with smaller pets. As studies show that people spend more on horse treats than they do on cat or dog treats, it isn’t surprising that they ask questions like, can horses […]

674 Best Dun Horse Names for Your Pet

Dun horse names

The unique and beautiful dun color in horses is produced due to the combination of the red and black genes. It hues the whole body except for the mouth and the parts of the tail. Dun horses may also have strips across the shoulders and the back of the forelegs. Given the unique color of […]

Blood Bay Horse: Color, Size, Health, and Facts (With Pictures)

Blood bay house

We admire beauty and strength, and when the two attributes merge in one creature, it becomes hard to resist the temptation to own such a creature or just praise it. Equine enthusiasts face such scenarios often when they witness a number of horse breeds and the wide variety of majestic colors they are found in. […]

Seal Brown Horse: Magical Mixture Brown and Black Color Horse

Seal brown horse

While black color signifies power and strength, brown is known for resilience and safety. Though brown and black horses look beautiful, the combination of black and brown gives rise to a unique nearly black Seal Brown horse. At a glance, these steeds may look brown, but at another, they may change their color to black […]

Can Donkeys Eat Bananas? Dietary Options for the Equids

Can Donkeys Eat Bananas?

Donkeys are popular farm animals serving both as pets and work animals. No wonder owners feel concerned about the health and well-being of the animals under their care. Since donkeys are considered low maintenance, people do wonder if it is okay to offer them nutrient-rich treats. One such query is, can donkeys eat bananas? And […]

253 Impressive German Horse Names And Meanings

German horse names

If you visit Germany, you might notice that Germans have somewhat unique and unusual names (unusual in terms of pronunciation!). But rooted in great family pride and histories, their meanings are amazing. Perhaps you have a German horse breed or are just inspired by the uniqueness of the German horse names and want to give […]

Quarter Horse Names: 100+ Catchy Names for Your Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Names

Finding a befitting name for your Quarter horse can be challenging. There are several approaches you can use to choose the best name for your horse. If you are looking for a catchy name for your Quarter horse, you are at the right place. We have gathered 100 + Quarter horse names, so you can […]

Can Horses Eat Asparagus? An All-Inclusive Guide

Can horses eat asparagus

Asparagus has been a long-loved veggie: it is depicted on an ancient Egyptian frieze, it was enjoyed by both ancient Greeks and Romans, and Germany has an entire day – Spargelzeit – celebrated on June 24, dedicated to asparagus. Perhaps you are into this vegetable too, and it is, therefore, natural for you to think […]

Donkey Riding: Can You Ride Donkeys? How to Train Donkeys for Riding?

Can you ride donkeys

Donkeys have been used for carrying loads since ancient times. It is this animal on whose weight-carrying capacity the earlier economies prospered: Egyptians exported their precious metal outside Africa by carrying it on donkeys, Silk Roads were made possible because of the silk-carrying donkeys, Ancient Romans used them to transport agricultural products, and much more […]

Romantic Farm Names: 100+ Catchy and Unique Farm Names to Choose From

Romantic Farm Names

Naming your farm can be one of the most rewarding feelings to have. Once you own a farm, you would want to give it a befitting name. But deciding upon which name would suit your farm the most can be challenging. There are different approaches used to decide upon a name that farm owners can […]

A Brief Guide to Choosing the Best Western Saddle Pad for Roping

Best western saddle pad for roping

Roping is a popular rodeo sport, drawing large crowds to catch a glimpse of the old western life in front of them. A demanding passion, it demands extensive practice and perseverance, besides some top-notch equipment. To help you with the equipment part, we have come up with tips and guidelines to assist you in choosing […]

White Friesian Horse: All About This Mystery Horse

White Friesian horse

Are you into equines? How about a tall, big-boned horse, having feathered legs and a thick mane and tail while having its body all hued in white – appearing to be a Disney character? It is none other than a White Friesian horse! As most Friesian horses are black, you might be surprised to know […]