Are you into equines? How about a tall, big-boned horse, having feathered legs and a thick mane and tail while having its body all hued in white – appearing to be a Disney character? It is none other than a White Friesian horse! As most Friesian horses are black, you might be surprised to know that they come in white as well. It is a rare and expensive horse, but worth investing in because they are one of the most majestic and beautiful horse breeds of the equine world.

White Friesian Horse Overview

Key Features

Size: 15 to 17 hands

Weight: 1,200 to 1,400 pounds

Suitable For: Beginners

Personality: Loyal, calm, and friendly

Lifespan: About 16 years

Before we begin, here is a short clarification to avoid any confusion: White Friesian horse is not itself a breed; rather, it is a group of steeds within the Friesian breed distinguishable for their entirely white coat. Hence, except for the coat color, there is not much difference among the white, chestnut, and black Friesian horses.

Physical Features

White Friesian horses are blessed with large bodies. They are all white with no markings or patches anywhere on their bodies, giving them a spectacular appearance.

They have long and arched necks, and their ‘Spanish’ type heads are well-chiseled with short ears. Their shoulders are quite powerful, compact, well-muscled, and sloping appearance-wise. They have low-set tails on their back, while at the bottom, the legs are short but strong with a layer of feathering over them. These featherings are a cynosure in Friesians and are common to all, regardless of their colors – be it a Chestnut or Black Friesian.

Most Beautiful Horses?

Several writers and equine enthusiasts designate White Friesians as the most beautiful horses. These steeds have been a part of movies, books, blogs, and numerous other writings.

Personality and Temperament

Despite their use as war horses for centuries, all Friesian horses have a cool and calm temperament. Couple such demeanor with the graceful appearance of White Friesian horse, and we get a million reasons to love this creature.

White Friesian horse personality can be described as ultra-friendly, playful, and loving. These steeds are very patient when it comes to training, making them excellent learners. However, some of them might be mischievous and stubborn, but most are well-behaved and mostly are in a good mood.


Originating from Friesland, the Netherlands, the Friesian horse is one of the most popular Dutch horse breeds. These horses had been favored by military men throughout history and were one of the most famous medieval war horse breeds. During the 17th century, they took a new role as Spanish breeders found them to be a great option for practicing classical riding. Given their calm temperament, they make a good dressage horse breed for beginners. During the First World War, these steeds almost went extinct, but they made a comeback. Nowadays, they are increasing in popularity.

The original Friesians were black or, very rarely, chestnut. However, later on, brown and white colors were added through the introduction of other breeds’ blood. Around four decades ago, the  Germany-based Hilner family was authorized by the Queen of the Netherlands to mate a Friesian mare with an Arabian stallion. This resulted in Negus, who eventually foaled Nero – the first White Friesian horse. With its beautiful color and amazing gait, it spellbound the viewers at 2007 Equitana.

White Friesian Horse Care


As per a well-established guideline, horses must not eat hay more than two percent of their body weight. Based on it, since White Friesian horses are about 1,400 pounds heavy, you should never feed them more than 28 pounds of hay in a day. Considering the weight of a flake of hay to be five pounds, White Friesian horses must not be fed more than five flakes of hay per day.

This Bermuda Hay Bale is a great source of vitamin A and calcium for the daily diet of your steed.  


Overall Friesian horses are high-maintenance. To keep their beauty intact, white Friesian horses need to be groomed daily. You need to brush the feathers on their legs and their tail and mane daily. Besides daily brushing, you will also need to bathe your Friesian horse regularly. If it’s winter, you should spot clean them instead of fully showering them. You can also use a horse blanket to main cleanliness.

This waterproof and breathable horse blanket would not only keep your horse warm but also keep it from getting dirty without restricting its movement.


Like the rest of the Friesians, White Friesian horses are strong and healthy. Nevertheless, they are prone to some medical complications resulting from genetic issues closely related to inbreeding and anatomical structure. They are:

In addition to these Friesian-specific issues, White Friesian horses can also suffer from the diseases common to all horses. These include:

Did You Know?

Friesians usually die young due to selective breeding. This has also led to a higher than usual prevalence of genetic disorders in this breed.

White Friesian Horse Price

The Friesian is among the most expensive horse breeds. White Friesian horses can be even more expensive owing to their distinctive looks, breed factor, and desirable personality features. Other factors that may influence are age, gender, and pedigree.

The general price range for all types of Friesians is between USD 3,000 and 30,000. Besides the white color being higher than this range, it is also difficult to find. Moreover, stud-approved Friesian equines are a bit more expensive, touching the mark of USD 50,000.

White Friesian Horse Uses

While in the past, Friesian horses were used for warfighting and heavy draft work, today, they are being widely used for pleasure and recreational riding, and entertainment.

Unlike their past, today, Friesian horses are utilized both under saddle as well as in harness, but most particularly, as dressage horse breed. Their graceful gait, prowess in lifting knees, and lovely coats make them very popular, even with inexperienced riders.

Running at an impressive speed of 30 mph, Friesian is one of the fastest horse breeds and is often ridden in trotting races.

Friesians have also appeared in movies. In some places in the world, White Friesian horses are utilized for pulling and ceremonial events. They are well-known for their athleticism; nevertheless, they are not known to show exceptional performances in the field despite their energy and activity levels. Due to this reason, they have gone unpopular in agriculture while they remain quite famous in recreational and sports activities.

Final Words: White Friesian Horse

Originating from the Netherlands and resulting from crossbreeding, White Friesian horses are an excellent choice for equine lovers who can afford them because of their majestic appearance and personality characteristics. Sometimes also called the most beautiful steeds in the world, they are second to none.

If you have got a white Friesian horse or some other white horse and are having a difficult time naming it, check out our list of the most amazing white horse names and find a befitting title for your White Friesian horse!

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