Planning Your First Medium-Sized DIY Horse Shelter

Horse Standing in a DIY Horse Shelter

Horses are affable creatures who perform laborious tasks on the farm, do wonders on the track, and carry us through precarious routes. It is our job to offer sufficient care and attention in return. Providing a sturdy run-in is a wonderful way to care for their needs after a good run. However, with the heavy […]

How Much Does a Mule Cost?

Close up of a Mule

Are you interested in buying an equine pet? But if you don’t want to go for a costly horse or a small donkey, a mule can be your best choice. Mules are the offspring of male donkeys and female horses. It offers the best traits of both animals, as it is faster than donkeys and […]

Best Saddlebags for Horses: Our Top 8 Picks for You

Best saddlebags for horses

People who own horses and go for a trail ride often know how important a saddlebag is. It can be used to carry beneficial items such as a water bottle, food, camera, first aid kits, and even hoofs. A durable and lightweight saddle bag would ensure your horse doesn’t get exhausted from carrying all the […]

Can Horses Eat Tomatoes? Evaluating Human Foods for Equines

Close up of a White and black horse

An interesting behavioral aspect among pet owners is their preference for pet food based on their personal likes and dislikes, instead of what the animal would like more. For this reason, people can be seen looking up if their pets can have the same foods as themselves. Questions like, can horses eat tomatoes, are popular […]

How Much Fertilizer per Acre for Hay Is Ideal?

How much fertilizer per acre for hay

Forages and all green plants need a certain level of moisture, heat, light, and, above all – nutrients for proper growth. Novice farmers, unfortunately, do not seem to know what would be the appropriate amount of fertilizer for their acre of a hayfield. Thus they end up either using too much fertilizer or too little, […]

How Much Do Roper Boots Cost? A Complete Buyer’s Guide

How much do roper boots cost

Roper boots, sometimes mistaken for cowboy boots, are essential on a ranch for walking or for riding a horse. These boots have a shorter shaft than the cowboy boots, their toe is broader, and the heel is square in shape, with a rubber sole. While the cowboy boots are only used for riding, the roper […]

Pony Rider Weight Chart: How Much Weight Can a Pony Carry?

How much weight can a pony carry

Have you ever thought about why ponies are generally ridden by kids and not adults? Why are ponies ridden by people who are small and weigh so little? It is so because ponies are smaller than horses in terms of both size and weight; their weight carrying capacity is also lesser than horses. So, how […]

How Long Can a Horse Live With EPM?

How long can a horse live with EPM

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) is a life-threatening neurological disease that directly affects the horse’s nervous system—brain and spinal cord. If not diagnosed and treated aggressively at an earlier stage, the chances of survival of the horse become quite bleak. While we cannot really say how long can a horse live with EPM, the severity of […]

Evil Horse Names: 246 Villainous Names for Your Horse

Evil horse names

Are horses evil? No, certainly not! They have, in fact, the most adored and desired personalities; they are calm, intelligent, extremely useful, and make extraordinary pets. But it is always fun to give your equine pet a name that sounds villainous in an amusing way. If you are seeking such unique yet attractive monikers for […]

561 Amazing Japanese Horse Names for Your Pet

Japanese horse names

Horse names are not just random words thrown around; they are the titles for our pets that are reflective of their appearance and temperament. And when it comes to the Japanese horse names, they are, undoubtedly, some of the tersest and most special monikers with deep meanings—having the capacity to encapsulate all the amazing features […]

200+ Sorrel Horse Names for Mares, Stallions, Show Horses, and More!

Sorrel horse names

Naming a horse is an uphill task, especially when your pet is somewhat distinctive or if its color has only a few subtle differences when compared to others. Probably named after the flower spike of the sorrel herb, Sorrel horses are such creatures. Though some people will argue that naming a sorrel horse is fairly […]

Do Horses Sleep With Their Eyes Open? Equine Sleep Behaviors

Do Horses Sleep With Their Eyes Open

They have carried cavalries into the battlefields, cultures exchanged and civilizations bloomed riding on their back into a new future, but how did the horses do it? They have great stamina, substantial intelligence, and cover long distances on little sleep. But how? When do they rest, actually? Do horses sleep with their eyes open? After […]