253 Impressive German Horse Names And Meanings

German horse names
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If you visit Germany, you might notice that Germans have somewhat unique and unusual names (unusual in terms of pronunciation!). But rooted in great family pride and histories, their meanings are amazing.

Perhaps you have a German horse breed or are just inspired by the uniqueness of the German horse names and want to give your steed a unique German horse name. But you are finding it a bit difficult. Well, worry not, just giddy-up and ride through our list of over 250 impressive German horse names.

Popular German Horse Names

Female Male
AdetteSweet and nobleBrenFlame
AnjaGerman mountaineerCarstenChristian
AnnikeGraceDelmarThe one who came from the sea
ClarissaBright and clearHulbertElegant
ElsaPledged to GodJohannGod is gracious
GretaPrecious gemKasparTreasurer
HeidiNobleManfredA man of peace
IsleConsecrated to GodRykerRich
JulianeYouthfulTheobaldCourageous people
KarlottaTinyValentinStrong hearted
MagdaHigh towerAlexanderDefender of mankind

German Horse Names Based on Nature

There is nothing more inspiring than Mother Nature! Hence, if you are closer to nature, you may want to give your steed a name inspired by the nature surrounding you. Here are some awesome German horse names based on nature for both male and female equines:

  • Adawolf – Noble wolf
  • Ame – Eagle
  • Antoine – Flower
  • Barnard – Strong as a bear
  • Baum – Tree
  • Berg – Mountain
  • Bernadine – Courageous as a bear
  • Blume – Flower
  • Brock – Badger
  • Eberhard – Brave boar
  • Erde – Earth
  • Evelyn – Little bird
  • Florian – Blooming
  • Holz – Wood
  • Kiefer – Pine tree
  • Kranich – Crane
  • Laurel – Sweet bay tree
  • Leonard- Bold as a lion
  • Leslie – Small meadow
  • Lilli – A type of flower
  • Rima – White antelope
  • Stein – Stone
  • Wald – Forest
  • Welle – Wave
  • Yara – Little butterfly

German Horse Names Based on Colors

Here are some German names for your equine friend if it has brown, black, or gray colors.

AlviWhite or blondeBrunDark-skinned
DunaDark oneBrunoDark-complexioned
FionaWhite and fairBrunonBrown
GrisGrey warriorBurelReddish-brown hair
GriswaldA woman from the grey woodlandDuncanBrown warrior
KeaWhiteKerrySon of the black one
KieraDark beautyKolbyDark-haired
LelaBlack beautyKorbinianDark as a raven
SemraDark beautyMoeDark-skinned

German Horse Names Signifying Strength

German horse names

Thanks to the German vocab full of names denoting power and toughness, here are the names you can assign to your steed to make it sound like a medieval warhorse!

AlfonsineEager for battleAdalardCourageous
AloisaA famous warriorAlaricLeader
BrunhildaArmor-wearing warriorBaldwinBrave
DelmiraNoble protectorEgonFiery
FredaPeaceful rulerEmeryBrave
FrederikaPeaceful rulerGuntherWarrior
GerhardinaMighty with a spearHardyStrong
GriseldaGray battle maidenHedwigThe strong one
GunnelBattle maidenHelmutBrave
IrminaGoddess of warHermanWarrior
LouanaGraceful warriorKonradBrave counsel
LouisaA famous warriorLoringFamous for battle
NevaLeader of the tribeLotharAn army of fame
TildaThe mighty one in battleHartmanStrong
TrudaFighting womanEnoStrong with a sword
ZeldaFighting in darknessKenHandsome

Dressage German Horse Names

As show horses, dressage horses are used for competition in front of a large group of spectators. Therefore, such steeds are dainty and graceful, and the name they get – something memorable and catchy – must reflect this personality. Based on this requirement, here is a list of German dressage horse names:

  • Frau: The German word for Mr. and Mrs.
  • Hase: The German word for rabbit
  • Maus: The German word for mouse given ironically to horses
  • Porsche: A luxury car brand from Germany
  • Wanda: Wanderer in German
  • Ziggy: Word for protector

German Horse Names Based on Geographical Locations

With beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, and bustling cities, Germany is indeed a great attraction on the European continent. German horse breeds are no less – you can match the beauty of the two by selecting a perfect name, denoting both the origin and beauty of your pet friend by selecting a name for it inspired by places in Germany.

Here is the list:

  • Bavaria: A state in southeast Germany.
  • Berlin: The capital of Germany, Berlin has a lot of beautiful historical places.
  • Black Forest: It is a beautiful place in the western part of the country.
  • Danube: A river that rises in the Black Forest mountains of Western Germany.
  • Elbe: A famous river between Germany and the Czech Republic.
  • Hamburg: Besides being a name of a city, it is a cute name for horses.
  • Harz: A highland in Germany with a lot of tourist attractions.
  • Munich: Home of Oktoberfest, it is a famous city.
  • Rhine: A famous river that would make for a romantic name for your horse.
  • Sylt: It is a popular island with beautiful beaches.

German Horse Names Based on History

There are a lot of famous people associated with Germany, making it a good option for naming your steed. Some of them are:

  • Beethoven: Ludwig von Beethoven is one of the greatest musical geniuses
  • Boss: After Hugo Boss, a famous German fashion designer
  • Einstein: Famous physicist, well known for devising the theory of relativity. There is a famous Einstein horse—the smallest horse in the world.
  • Heidi Klum: German-American model and host
  • Tolle: After Eckhart Tolle, a famous German spiritual teacher
  • Kafka: For Franz Kafka, a famous German writer
  • Bismarck: After Otto von Bismarck, a famous German statesman
  • Wolfgang: After Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a famous German writer, and critic
  • Kriemhild: A legendary German hero
  • Gutenberg: After Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press
  • Bach: A famous composer of the Baroque era
  • Nietzsche: After Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher

German Horse Names Based on Food Items

  • Botel: Boiled port famous in north Germany
  • Brezel: A baked pastry shaped into a knot
  • Dinette: A baked traditional German dish that looks like pizza
  • Geflite: A type of fish used as an appetizer
  • Knipp: A German sausage
  • Pickert: A flat dumpling made of potato

Miscellaneous German Horse Names

AdlerEagleAdolphNoble Wolf
AnkaPurseAldoWise and old
ArabelleBeautiful eagleAlgerClever warrior
AubreyNobleAlphonseReady for battle
AvaLifeAlvinNoble friend
BeatrixOne who brings happinessArnoldStrong as an eagle
BlitzSudden attackAxelPeaceful
BrittaStrengthBarretStrong like bear
ClaudiaEnclosureBernardBrave as bear
CologneA city in GermanyCallusVictory people
EmmetUniversal truthCarolineFreeman
ErnieSeriousClovisFamous warrior
FriedaPeaceful rulerDedrickPeople’s ruler
FritziPeaceful rulerDeutscheThe German language
GerdaProtectionDirkPeople’s ruler
GretelSister of HenselEbbaStrong as bear
HarbinShining FighterErnstSerious
InesPureGariswoldGray forest
JaegerHunterGoulashStew of meat
KajaAliveHansGod is gracious
KartinBeautyHefeGerman yeast
KlaraBrightHeinrichThe home belongs to the king
LaraFamousHelmarFamous protector
LenaShinyHerrGerman for mister
LeonaBrave like a lionessHertzKind-hearted
LiebeLoveHundDog in German
LienlingDarling in GermanImreGreat king
LolaLady of sorrowsKaiserEmperor
LottiLittle womanKeeneSharp
MandelAlmondMaxThe great
MartaLadyMedwinPowerful friend
MillieGentle strengthMilesMerciful
MiloForm of milesNorbertHero
OzzyDivine spearRolfFamous wolf
SashaDefender of mankindRowlandA famous one in the island
SelmaDivine protectorRudyFamous wolf
SofieWisdomSaxonSharp blade
TrillieBattle maidenStienStone
TrudiSpear warriorStromStream
UgoMindWaldoTo rule
UrsulaLittle female bearWalterArmy ruler
WandaWandererYohannForm of Johan

Tips on Selecting German Horse Names

You must consider the following when naming your horse:

  • Choose the name best suited to the personality and appearance of your steed, as these two features may not change throughout the lifetime of your horse.
  • You can also go for funny horse names, but make sure that the one you select is not offensive.
  • It is recommended to use dressage horse names only if your horse is an active participant in such activities.
  • Try using a name for a few days and if it sounds like a perfect fit for your steed, finalize it. Otherwise, you can keep on trying different names until you find the perfect fit.


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