The Best Nail Caps For Cats: Facts and Myths

The Best Nail Caps For Cats: Facts and Myths

Nail caps for cats

It is no hidden fact that cats scratch stuff they find fascinating and playable. Even though watching your cat play and scratch stuff may look adorable for some time, ripped-off sofas and rugs would make anyone infuriated. However, keep in mind that scratching is a part of the cat’s instinctive behavior, and there is no way you can stop them from doing so.

Luckily, as technology is evolving drastically throughout the world with thousands of different serviceable inventions, we can easily overcome the problem by using nail caps for cats. Passionate cat enthusiasts juggle with hundreds of different thoughts before opting for nail caps for their cats—as several myths and controversies are swirling around declawing and nails caps nowadays.

Before we jump onto the best nail caps you can opt for your cat, let’s get a brief overview of the myths swirling around it.


Damage the Nails and Nail Beds

Many people are stuck on the idea that nail caps can damage the cat’s nails and nail bed—which is not true. Nails caps are specifically designed for cats and dogs to prevent them from hurting themselves and damaging whatever comes their way. There are super soft and non-toxic if applied correctly. However, if you find the process strenuous, comply with a vet.

Nails Cannot Retract Through Nail Caps

Many cat enthusiasts fear that wearing nails caps would stop the nails’ natural movements and growth—which is not scientifically supported. With busting the myth, wearing nail caps would not stop the natural growth process of the cat’s nails. Cats can easily stretch and retract their nails even with the nail caps on.

Nails Caps Are Not Long-Lasting

Nails caps are long-lasting. However, it is highly important to keep in mind that nail caps come off sooner than the expected 4 – 6 weeks because cats usually bite or pick at the nail caps. You can prevent your cat from doing so by giving her treats to munch on. Cats get used to wearing nail caps after a few weeks or several applications. That said, cat owners need to have patience with the process.

Nails Caps Is a Permanent Solution to Nail Care

Nail caps are not a permanent solution to nail care. As the nails grow naturally, even with the caps on, it is highly important to trim and clean the cat’s nails frequently and replace the nail caps every six weeks to keep them healthy and presentable.

Scratching Posts and Pads Are Better Alternatives To Nail Caps

Even though scratching posts and pads are essential for cats to flex and stretch their claws and nails, they are not as beneficial as nail caps. Scratching posts and pads cannot file down the cat’s nails—it can only help remove dead layers of the nail sheath, revealing new sharp nails underneath. Nail caps, however, do not only remove the dead layers of the cat nail sheath but replacing them every six weeks and trimming the nails can maintain the appropriate length and health.

Now that we’ve debunked the myths that may be preventing you from using nail caps, let’s look at the best nail caps for cats available in the market.

The Best Nails Caps For Cats

Zetpo Cat Nail Caps | Cat Claw Covers      

The Zepto nail caps are one of the best brands available in the market, as per customers’ reviews. There are 52 colors and 4 sizes—extra small, small, medium, and large. The Zepto nail caps are made of premium natural vinyl resin.

The Positive Side of Buying Zetpo Nail Claps
Nail caps will not interfere with your cat’s normal nail extension and retraction
Soft and comfortable to wear
The nail caps have received SGS environmental certification in Europe, and the adhesive has been approved by the EU MSDS as safe and non-toxic
Comes in a cornucopia of vibrant colors
Comes with five adhesive tubes of glue and applicators
The Negative Side of Buying Zetpo Nail Caps
Several customers complained about the process being strenuous
Cats can easily chew and pick at the nail caps
Customers complained about the adhesive glues—dries out fast and might leak from the package

VICTHY 140pcs Cat Nail Caps

Just like Zepto nail caps, the Victhy nail caps are also made from natural vinyl resin. It is available in 14 different colors and 4 sizes—extra small, small, medium, and large with different prices for each size.

The Positive Side of Buying Victhy Nail Caps
Soft and Comfortable
Does not stop the natural nail growth
Does not interfere with the cat’s natural behavior
Easy to apply
Comes with seven types of glue and applicators
Has received the SGS environmental certification and Europe UNITASGS environmental certification
The glues have passed the EU MSDS checklist
Support replacement or 100% refund
The Negative Side of Buying Victhy Nail Caps
Several owners complained about the discomfort of the cats when applied for the first time
Cats can easily chew and pick at nail caps
Few customers complained about the glue being extremely harsh for the cat’s skin
Caps can be too thick or rigid for some cats

YMCCOOL 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

The best thing about the YMCCOOL nail caps is that they are available in ten different and vibrant colors and 100 pieces in one pack. Cat enthusiasts can get this product in four different sizes—according to their requirements. YMCCOOL nail caps are made of natural vinyl resin that is certified non-toxic.

The Positive Side of Buying YMCCOOL Nail Caps
Easy to apply, super soft, and comfortable
Long-lasting and would not prevent your cat’s nails from retracting
The majority of cats adapt to the product quickly
Made of 100 percent natural vinyl resin that is certified non-toxic
Practical and durable
The Negative Side of Buying YMCCOOL Nail Caps
Few customers bleated about the hot glue
You would have to clip off the glue tube’s head with scissors or a knife
Glue is super fast moving and fast binding

Pro Tip!

Gently cut off the top of the nail cover with scissors. Also, trim the nails and replace the nail covers regularly. Long nails are harmful to bone development and should be avoided.

Soft Claws for Cats – CLS (Cleat Lock System)

The Soft Claws for Cats nail caps are vet-recommended and highly in demand among cat owners. These nail caps last long and are available in medium size only. The pack includes 40 nail caps along with adhesives, six applicators, and instructions.

The Positive Side of Buying Soft Claws Nail Caps
Easy applicable and comfortable
Long-lasting, usually last 4-6 weeks
Soft and non-toxic
Embedded with a series of self-locking cleats, which offer an improved grip
Does not interfere with the natural extension and retraction of the cat’s claws

The Negative Side of Soft Claws Nail Caps
Only available in blue color and medium size
Some cats had difficulty walking with the caps on—as per customers’ reviews

MiiOUU Nail Caps

Just like the other nail caps brands, MiiOUU nail caps are also made from natural vinyl resin and have received the SGS environmental certificate along with the EU MSDS, which makes the product 100 percent non-toxic. Available in ten different colors and four sizes, this product is one of the best in town as per buyers’ reviews.

The Positive Side of Buying MiiOUU Nail Caps
Soft and comfortable
Easy to apply
If you are in any way dissatisfied with this product, contact the company for a refund. 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Safe and no-toxic
The product has passed Europe SGS environmental certification

The Negative Side of Buying MiiOUU Nail Caps
Are not long-lasting—easily comes off and cats mostly chew and pick at them
Glue can be thick and rigid—as per buyers’ reviews

Size Guide

Cat Size Guide

Extra small: Kittens up to 5 pounds generally fit the extra small size

Small: 6 – 10 pounds. Suitable for small-boned adult cats

Medium: 10 – 16 pounds. Best for adult average size cats

Large: 16 pounds and up. Perfect for large-boned cats

As we’ve compiled the list of our five best nail caps brands, it is also highly important to figure out the daunting process of applying the nail caps on cats. Let’s learn the basic and easy way to tackle the application process.

How to Apply Nail Caps On Cats

The foremost step of applying nail caps on cats is to get a nail clipper and clip the cat’s paws. Once you have clipped the paws, choose the right size of the nail caps and get the adhesive ready. Make sure your cat is still and does not frequently move during the process—this can cause inevitable hurt to your pet.

When everything is ready and accessible, start applying the nail caps by gently pinching them at the opening—doing this will make the glue application easy. Apply the glue to 1/3 of the nail cap and make sure it is evenly spread. Once you’ve applied the glue to the nail caps, gently squeeze your cat’s claws—this would extend the claws, making it easy for you to slide in the caps.

The last step is to gently slide the nail cap filled with glue to the cat’s extended claw. Repeat the process for all the remaining caps. However, it is highly advised that you wait a few hours before applying other nail caps to make sure your cat is comfortable and does not get terrified.


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