Best Cat Harness: Our Top 6 Picks

Best cat harness

Do you want to take your cat outside for a stroll but are scared for her safety? The best solution to your problem is a cat harness. There are thousands of harnesses available in the market for you to choose from. However, not all harnesses are safe and comfortable for cats. You need to pick […]

Best Cat Nail Clippers: Our Top 5 Picks

Best cat nail clippers

Trimming cat nails is a must, but apparently both cats and their owners seem to dread a nail clipping session. Where our cats just don’t like to be held and watch their nails (a body part) being clipped off, cat owners are afraid that they might nick the quick, a part of cats’ nails, and […]

Best Cat Water Fountains: 3 Trendy and Easy on the Pocket Fountains

Best Cat Water Fountain

Does your little bundle of fur is a picky drinker? Or are you a new pet owner looking for new ways to keep your cat hydrated but doesn’t know about the best cat water fountain? This article is for you, so keep reading. Parenting a cat can be the most unique and lovely feeling one […]

The Best Cat Brush: Our Top 6 Picks

Best Cat Brush

We’re always in love with our kittens, photographing them every time they stretch on our sofas, cuddle up close to us in beds, or when they climb all over us to sit on our shoulders. But what we don’t photograph is the trail of fluff they leave behind. We love our four-legged friends, but it’s […]

What Should an Ideal Outdoor Cat Tree Look Like? Our Top 5 Picks

outdoor cat tree

Cats love to climb on things. It is a natural behavior for them. As a cat owner, you may know how frustrating it can sometimes get when you cannot stop your cat from climbing over your furniture, scratching and clawing it. While you may find it bothersome, it is an absolute necessity for your cat […]

Best Cat Carrier: Our Top 6 Picks

Best Cat Carrier

Are you in search of the best cat carrier? Do you prefer a lightweight cat carrier? Whether you want to take your cat to a vet or on tour, you will need a cat carrier to ensure the protection and safety of your cat during the journey. Why Use a Cat Carrier? The majority of […]

Getting Rid of Worms in Cats: 4 Best Dewormer for Cats

Dewormer for cats

Worried about worms in cats? We love to talk about our cats, but when it comes to worms in cats, most cat owners tend to avoid it. Most of us do not want to talk about it. We may not want to take a look at our cat’s stool. But for the health of our […]

Cat Hammock: Top 5 Cat Hammocks for our Feline Friends

Cat Hammock

Do you have a cuddly cat that loves to jump and hang out in your lap? Does your cat love to lay on your chest? Does your cat love to snuggle in bed with you? Do you ever wonder why your cat chooses to sleep on top of you, in your lap, or in your […]