Does your little bundle of fur is a picky drinker? Or are you a new pet owner looking for new ways to keep your cat hydrated but doesn’t know about the best cat water fountain? This article is for you, so keep reading.

Parenting a cat can be the most unique and lovely feeling one can experience, but sometimes it can be challenging to ensure that your naughty little buddy gets enough water. To maintain the excellent health and lifestyle of the cats, one must take care of their pet’s diet and hydration. But how? Is there any easy way? Yes! There is—an affordable, pretty, and easy-care gadget with a flowing water-pets water fountain. 

What Is a Cat Water Fountain?

The world is evolving, so is everything. Water in a dish or bowl seems boring to your cats. She wants realistic and fresh flowing water, and that is precisely what a water fountain does. According to most pet owners, cats like to drink water from rivers, lakes, and ponds. As a cat water fountain imitates flowing streams, cats find it exciting and love to drink water from the fountains.

Purchasing a water fountain is not just a purchase. Instead, it is an investment in your cat’s health and your time. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy it.

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Why Should You Buy It Right Now?

“Drinking eight glasses of water is necessary to keep you healthy and hydrated, and in case of dehydration, you can develop certain sickness.” You may have heard this sentence thousands of times from your doctors. But did you know that the case is the same with animals as well?

 Suppose they don’t drink enough and clean water. In that case, there are high chances of developing a urinary infection, difficulty in digesting, and kidney diseases, resulting in painful and heavy medications. But only hydration is not essential; cleanliness plays a huge role in health. Serving water in a dish or bowl is okay for a while; however, debris can form up in the water if left for too long. Debris is a layer of dirt formed in water resulting in unhealthy water and a big “no” for your baby pet, but there is no need to worry about anything with the fountain. Amazed right? Not just that! The cat fountain is also a very easy-to-handle gadget for parents. You just need to fill it once in two weeks, and it has low maintenance, which is also a plus point.

 Now that you have made your mind, let us give you a brief knowledge of the best cat water fountains’ categories and how to choose them.   

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How Can You Choose The Best Cat Water Fountain?

Choosing the best product out of many is the actual task. There are many options available on the internet, each with catchy slogans. I remember searching “the best cat fountain” back in 2019, and my head started spinning when I saw many categories. I even remember some of them till now. It was tough for me to choose one among ceramic cat water fountain, non-electric cat water fountain, best battery operated cat water fountain, non-electric cat water fountain, and what not.

I wish I knew these things that I will tell you because we want the best for you. While choosing the product, keep these points in your mind for a successful buying.

Look For Ease

Check if it is easy to use and clean because there is no purpose to buy it. Usually, fountains come with filters that you will need to change from time to time. That is why always look for a fountain with dishwasher-safe and easy to clean parts, but it is still beneficial and time-saving if you get one with the filter.

Does It Make Sounds?

Fountains have flowing water which makes sounds. It can be irritating sometimes to hear water flowing all the time. Before buying any product, check if the water or motor of the machine makes loud sounds or is it bearable?  

Choose The Suitable Material:

There are many products available made with different materials. Quality of material plays an important role. Stainless steel or ceramic fountains are comparatively expensive than others, but they are long-lasting and reliable, so why not invest once.

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Does Your Cat Like It?

It is also an essential step to make sure that your cat likes her new water fountain or not. Show it to her and observes how she reacts because if she doesn’t like it, probably she won’t drink from it.

Is it enough, or should we review the top three best cat water fountains for you? Alright! Here you go.

Three Best Cat Water Fountains: An Honest Review

Out of many, we chose the best for you. You can easily find these products on Amazon in the top list of the best cat fountains.

1.Petkit Ever Sweet Fountain

Even if you make a to-do list, remembering everything and doing it before it is due seems hard sometimes. Thanks to the Petkit Eversweet 2 for its smart mode, which lets us know when to change filters and even when the water is full.

We won’t say it is expensive; we will say it is worth it. It has two modes, i.e. normal mode and smart mode. This energy-efficient gadget is a must-try. Not to mention its automatic light system that detects whether it is daytime or night and automatically slows down the mechanism.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Indicator light to remind you of everythingIt is not a safe dishwasher fountain
Good capacity. Around 2 LOnly one water setting
Aesthetic design 
Easy to clean 

2.Catit Flower Fountain

This floral design fountain is primarily for your delicate little girl. She will love the flower on top. This Catit Fountain is available in both plastic and metal, but it depends on your requirements. Price can vary due to material.

The mechanism is too easy to understand and use it. This pretty floral fountain comes with easy and manageable parts that you can wash effortlessly. It has an excellent capacity to store water for a week; however, the filter needs to be changed every month. And guess what? It has a triple action filter to fight off bacteria, dust, calcium, and other harmful minerals.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Bad odor removerCatit fountain isn’t a dishwasher safe and needs monthly filter change.  
Water flow with adjusting button 

3.Pioneer Raindrop Fountain

If your pet has chin acne or is very naughty, this metallic fountain is ideal. The stainless steel makes it last longer and is resistant to any rusting issue. The heavy metal fountain provides beautiful water flow and a basin that is very useful for cats to soak their paws in. But, good things are expensive! This fountain is comparatively more costly than Petkit and Catit fountains. It is readily available with a total capacity of 60 – 90 ounces.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Dishwasher safeCan be expensive
Charcoal filtersGets dirty easily
Two water surfaceLow humming   
Strong stainless steel 

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So, that is all, folks. Now you know everything. So why are you waiting? We hope that we were able to help you in finding the best cat water fountain for your cat. Happy shopping!

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