Out of our unconditional love and companionship, our feline pals are always on our minds: we just cannot have enough of them. Inclined to get closer, we cannot wait to see them grow – and Siamese cats are no exception.

What could be more fascinating than seeing our cutest fur buddies becoming bigger and even furrier?

But how big do Siamese cats get? What to expect?

Before we proceed, know that Siamese cats come in many patterns and coat colors, such as Chocolate Point Siamese, Lynx Point Siamese, Flame Point Siamese, Blue Point Siamese, and Seal Point Siamese.

But the discussion on the growth and its factors stay the same for all variants – note that a different pattern doesn’t mean a different breed.

Let us explore!

How Big Do Siamese Cats Get?

At the end of two years of their birth, adult male Siamese cats get 11 to 12 inches tall and weigh up to 13 pounds, while the females get 10.5 to 12 inches tall and weigh up to 10 pounds. Hence, males end up getting slightly higher and heavier than their female counterparts, but in terms of length, both sexes are almost 14 inches from nose to tail.

Moreover, even though Siamese kitties look large (their lean build and glossy coat dodge our eyes!), they are not classified as tall cats breed by reputable sources.

What Determines the Size and Weight of Siamese Cats?

1. Sex

Like all cat breeds, males in the Siamese are generally larger and heavier than females, as discussed earlier. Mainly, this difference occurs because of hormones: testosterones in males make them bigger. So, if a male is neutered before reaching sexual maturity, he might end up being similar to the females in terms of size and weight.

2. Genetics

Genes are an important factor in calculating Siamese cats’ final height and weight. They can, sometimes, overpower even the sex difference, and the females might turn out to be larger and heavier than their male counterparts within the same litter.

However, if some extreme differences occur, these might be due to medical complications.

3. Nutrition

Siamese pals that get proper nutrition tend to grow smoothly and usually reach their full potential height and weight. On the other hand, those cats that lack nutrition may remain underdeveloped. However, upon reaching the ‘final’ size, these kitties might get fat and look even bigger than their maximum size if they eat a large number of calories.

Siamese Cats Are Prone to Obesity!

Ensure proper nutrition in your Siamese kitty, but do not overfeed her – even a small amount of excess food can accelerate her towards obesity.

4. Health Issues

Stunted growth and the inability of a cat to reach its maximum size might be due to several health issues, both hereditary and otherwise. For instance, dwarfism in Siamese kitties can occur due to genetic disorders, while some diseases, such as those related to bones, can significantly reduce the potential height.

_two identical siamese cats sitting together, looking at the camera

5. Purity

Crossbreeding is highly unlikely to meet the standard average size and weight associated with either of the parent breeds. If a Siamese kitty is not purebred, she will either go beyond or lag behind the size and weight disclosed earlier.

For example, Chausie, the largest domestic cat breed, will give birth to larger-than-average offspring when crossed with a Siamese.

6. Way of Living

Other than the natural factors, some ‘cat-made’ factors might also intrude to determine the final size and weight. For instance, if a cat is energetic and active, she might not accumulate a lot of fat and will not look bigger and thicker, while the lazy ones can get the opposite.

Likewise, if a cat is under some sort of mental stress, she will tend to eat a lot, gaining extra inches and pounds.

Siamese Cat Growth Chart: When Do Siamese Cats Stop Growing?

As disclosed earlier, Siamese cats no longer remain kittens when they reach the age of two years. After that, they do not get larger and heavier; however, they might continue to mature mentally and have changes in their colorings.

Siamese pals grow at a quick pace, but the pace is even quicker in the first year than in the second, and big changes are noticed in a short span. The following Siamese cat growth (age to weight) chart will make things clearer.

This growth chart is specifically for Siamese kittens only. You can read the general kitten growth chart here.

AgeIn Females (pounds)In Males (pounds)
At birth0.2-0.30.2-0.3
Three weeks0.4-0.60.4-0.6
One-two months0.77-1.30.77-1.3
Three months2-2.82-4
Six months2.8-42.5-5
One year6-8.86.5-9
One and a half year6.5-98-10
Two years7.5-1010-13

At Birth

Just born, Siamese kittens are less than five ounces in weight. These cute little beings have their ears folded and have no point colorings: they are entirely whitish. However, their ‘Siamese blue eyes’ exist since that time.

A Siamese cat in hunting position
Image by svklimkin from Pixabay

Up to Eight Weeks

By the end of eight weeks, Siamese kittens weigh about 1.3 pounds and begin having point colorings on their bodies. They become more talkative, have their ears unfolded, and their teeth start popping out. The weaning process will begin, and they will start becoming active and curious.

Six Months

At this age, Siamese cats begin having differences associated with the sexes: females tend to be lighter than males. Males are five pounds while females are four. Furthermore, the darkening of the point colorings also continues, and the kittens become even more active and vocal.

Beyond One Year

Kittens reach up to nine pounds weight. However, the rest of the journey, i.e., the gaining of one more pound in females and four more in males, slows considerably down and completes in the span of the next full year. During that time, they tend to become independent and all Siamese traits, both based on personality and physical appearance, show up.

When Do Siamese Cats Reach Sexual Maturity?

Like most kittens, Siamese cats reach their sexual maturity by the age of four months. In some cases, however, these cats might not mature until the age of six months. Unlike in size and weight, female cats take the lead in sexual maturity.

Once reached, they are ready to mate and produce offspring. Similarly, it is the best age for them to spay or neuter to avoid unnecessary pregnancies. Also, these cats exhibit specific signs such as yowling, meowing, territory marking (your cat might pee on your dog’s bed!), and unnecessary wandering as a clear manifestation that they have a strong urge to mate.

How Big Do Siamese Cats Get? Conclusion

Generally, both male and female Siamese cats get up to 12 inches, while the former tends to become heavier by reaching 13 pounds as opposed to 10 in females. Various factors, such as gender, hereditary, diet, and breeding, play an important role in calculating these kitties’ final height and weight. By the age of two years, they stop growing; however, they reach sexual maturity quite earlier, i.e., at the age of four months.

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