Have you ever heard of a pet combining the persona of cats, dogs, and monkeys? Well, the Devon Rex is that pet! They are friendly cats, and like dogs, they are loyal. What’s in it like a monkey? They love to leap!

They are mood-lifting cats, easily recognizable due to their looks and temperament. That is why they are famous too—two Devon Rex cats, ‘Devon’ and ‘Rex,’ appeared in the 2019 film Lady and the Lamp.

Without further ado, let us find out more about this unique cat breed!

An Overview of the Devon Rex Cats

A General Overview of the Devon Rex Cats Breed

Breed Overview

Size (inches):10 to 12

Weight (pounds): Six to Nine

Coat: Short and Curly

Colors: White, Blue, Black, Cream, Red, Brown, Frost, Platinum, Fawn, Chocolate, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Lavender, Champagne, and Seal

Eye Color: Amber, Aqua, Blue, Copper, Green, Gold, Hazel, Odd-eyed, Orange, and Yellow

Lifespan: Nine to 13 Years








Characteristics of the Devon Rex Cat Breed


The Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat with an uncommon mien: a slender-framed body, a large head, high cheekbones, elongated neck, and a broad chest. They have ears like a butterfly, quite big and placed on a wide head, earning them a spot on cats with big ears.

Their coat is somewhat unusual: it is soft and curly, but it lacks in some areas—particularly over the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. However, it comes in a plethora of color varieties and patterns. Likewise, their eye hues are also huge in number. Combine their coat’s density, fineness, and waviness with their intelligence, and they are often called the ‘Poodle Cats’!

Male Devon Rex cats are larger than their female counterparts. The Devon Rex breed is, to some degree, similar to the Cornish Rex. They both have curly coats, but the former has shorter coats than their Cornish cousins.

|Tip: Due to the short coat, the Devon Rex cats are sensitive to the sun. To avoid the risk of sunburns, always take necessary precautions while taking your cat outdoors.

Personality and Temperament

The Devon Rex felines are quite impish, energetic, and people-oriented. These cats are often compared with monkeys mainly because of their capability to jump very high. Owing to this particular tendency, you can expect to find your Devon Rex pet in any odd corners or high places in your home.

They are highly playful and smart and can easily be trained. They have a particular inclination to perform various tricks associated with dogs.

The Devon Rex is a very affectionate breed, and these cats always prefer to stay close to their hoomans as much as possible. Besides, they are also sociable—they choose friendliness over aggression when they are messed with. In the same vein, they are clownish and entertaining, keeping the attention of the people around concentrated on them!


The Devon Rex cats originated in Devonshire, England, during the middle of the 20th century. Kirlee, the founding father of the breed, was first noticed by Beryl Cox, a native of the area. Soon, she knocked at the doors of a local conservation program with the intention of preserving the breed.

Afterward, the breed was preserved and later introduced to the United States. Today, all Devon Rex cats can trace their ancestry back to Kirlee.

Devon Rex Cats Care Guide

Caring for the Devon Rex cats is not a Herculean task—it is as simple as for any other pet cat. They are, as a matter of fact, low-maintenance cats.

Basic Needs

You will have to make sure that your cat gets a lot of opportunities to play so that she might not get bored. Therefore, consider providing her a lot of cat toys to play with.

Another thing to care for is separation anxiety. Despite being playful and active, they get bored when they are left alone. Thus, it is better to take your cat with you when you plan on going on a long journey.

Since the Devon Rex cats lack hair in some areas, you might want to protect your pet from cold weather. In that case, you would need a winter outfit explicitly designed for hairless cats like Devon Rex. Here is a high-collar, soft, and anti-allergic winter sweater for Devon Rex.  


Fortunately, the Devon Rex cats do not require any special food. However, after consultation with a vet, you can add supplements to your cat’s food just to make sure that her nutritional requirements are adequately met.

Here is a care tip for you—yes, you, not your cat! The Devon Rex cats do not let go of any food they see due to their excessive gourmand tendencies. They will never back down from assisting you while eating. Hence, be watchful of your cat whenever you have a meal!


The Devon Rex cats are technically not hypoallergenic cats. However, the waviness of the coat causes fewer allergies as the hair are trapped within despite shedding. That is why they are thought to be among the most hypoallergenic cats.

Because of the fragile fur they have, avoid brushing the coat of your kitty. Instead, a simple rubbing with a piece of cloth can help keep the coat clean and tidy.

The Devon Rex kitties can get a greasy coat pretty easily. Therefore, consider regular bathing with a quality shampoo, a mild, 100% safe shampoo made with the highest quality ingredients.

Also, make sure you trim the nails and clean your cat’s ears consistently. As for brushing the teeth, always go for vet-approved toothpaste.


As already discussed, the Devon Rex cats are active and energetic. To keep up with their demand for physical activities, you must be willing to engage your cat in regular workout sessions.

Since these cats are quite fond of jumping, placing tall objects such as cat trees around your home can help a lot.

These cats also need plenty of mental stimulation. Ensure that you provide your kitty with enough puzzles to fulfill this need.


The Devon Rex cats are highly intelligent and do not take time to learn, especially litter training and hard tasks.

These cats are very social. Hence, they do not need much socialization training as they do great with people and other animals; however, it is recommended that you introduce your pet to your family and friends at an early age just to make sure that she gets along with them easily.


To keep up the health of your Devon Rex kitty, make sure you take care of the following:

  1. Always buy your kitten from a reputable breeder.
  2. Never give up on regular screening even when your cat becomes an adult because some hereditary health issues can remain undetected.
  3. Ensure that she gets regular checkups and vet visits.

The Devon Rex is a healthy cat breed; nevertheless, these cats are vulnerable to some illnesses, mostly hereditary.

These are:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

In this disease, the heart muscles become too thick, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood effectively. If the condition worsens, other body parts also get affected. An HCM-affected feline lives for six to 18 months.

Dislocating Joints

Dislocation of joints can occur in cats for several reasons, such as dysplasia and injury. It can be aggravated by stress and old age.

Baldness (Alopecia)

Baldness can impact cats for various reasons. Some of them include fungal action, parasites, and allergies. Proper and timely medication can cure this issue.

Malassezia Pachydermatitis

It is a kind of yeast that can cause infections. Nevertheless, antifungal medication can help a lot in managing this issue.

Why You Should or Should Not Have a Devon Rex Cat?

Before you decide to buy a Devon Rex cat, look at the following benefits and disadvantages:


    Good for Family: They are very friendly— especially with the children.

    Package of Three Pets! They are a combo of cats, dogs, and monkeys.

    Grooming: There is nothing extra about their care. In fact, they are easy to groom than other cats.

    Diet: Their diet is simple.


    Diseases: They are prone to some diseases.

    Demanding: They need attention and physical and mental activities.


The Devon Rex is a versatile breed in both appearance and attitude. They are fun to keep and appealing to look at. Talking about their personality, they are full of entertaining traits and never let the owners get bored. Likewise, they have an alien-like appearance, making them very popular. Though there are some cons attached, keeping them is not a bad idea.

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