Has your cat been chomping on grass? Does your cat seem to have developed a penchant for leafy greens? If so, watching your cat eating grass, your mind may start racing—thinking—why do cats eat grass? Is grass good for cats? Or is it bad? What about cat grass? Is it any better? Are cat grass and catnip the same or not?

If you have been overwhelmed by these questions, keep on reading, as we are going to discuss it all about cat eating grass.

Do Cats Eat Grass?

Yes, cats eat grass. If you have an outdoor cat, probably eating grass is an integral part of her routine. But a cat eating may seem an aberration to you. After all, cats are obligate carnivores—requiring meaty proteins to survive and thrive. It may seem like one of the many quirky behaviors of cats, but it actually is not. Let’s discuss why cats eat grass.

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Just because our cats are obligate carnivores and love to eat meat—chicken, beef, and tuna—it does not mean that cats cannot nibble on leafy greens.  The following could be the reasons behind a cat eating grass.

To Induce Vomiting

Have you ever watched a cat vomiting soon after having eaten grass? This may have made you wonder if cats eat grass to induce vomiting, to throw out something terrible (indigestible) they may have eaten.

Well, we are not really sure if it’s the upset stomach that is making them eat grass or it is the grass that is upsetting the stomach.  But the anecdotal evidence suggests that cats eat grass to prompt vomiting when they have eaten something they shouldn’t have.  

Help in Digestion

The fibrous content of grass also helps felines with digestion. It is not only helpful for the smooth bowel movement but also the breakdown of the hairballs and gastrointestinal issues.

Nutritional Deficiency

If your cat has been eating grass, you need to take a look at the nutrient content of the food that you are putting in her bowl. Maybe, all of your kitty’s nutritional needs are not being met. Some cats eat grass to make up for their unmet nutritional needs, such as chlorophyll, fiber, folic acid, and several minerals and vitamins.

Anxiety, Stress, and Boredom

If your cat has been eating grass, maybe she is suffering from pica—a condition in which cats eat things that they are not supposed to eat. A pica-affected cat would be putting everything in her mouth, trying to eat. Similarly, cats having nothing to do, no toys to play with may also start munching on grass.

Purging Parasites

According to Vet Street, eating grass also helps cats in the reduction of their intestinal parasitical load. Firstly, it is the vomiting prompted by eating grass that helps cats throw out some parasites residing in their intestines. Secondly, maybe some parasites are entrapped in the grass fibers and move along the intestinal tract until they are excreted with the stool.

What Is Cat Grass?

Many times you hear a product name, and you have no idea what it is about. But it is not the case with cat grass. It is exactly what its name tells—grass that is safe for cats to eat. Cat grass is a safe and healthy alternative to garden grass and other house plants that may be poisonous to our cats.

Cat grass is not used for a specific type of grass but rather for a blend of grasses intended for indoor cats to nibble on. Oat grass is the true cat grass, but cat grass may also include wheat, rye, barley, alfalfa, and flax.

Cat Grass vs. Catnip

Cat grass should not be confused with catnip. Where cat grass is grown from cereal grains, catnip belongs to the mint family and propagates from the leaf tip cuttings or seeds. Catnip produces a euphoric behavioral effect in cats. One whiff of intense catnip can make our feline friends go crazy—jumping, rolling, flipping, according to the Human Society of the United States.

Some cats may zone out after consuming catnip, and others may get hyperactive or aggressive. On the other hand, cat grass does not have any such euphoric effect on cats. It only provides nutrients to cats and satiates their urge to munch on leafy greens. 

Is Cat Grass Safe for Cats?

Yes, cat grass is safe for cats to eat—it is specifically created for cats. As you can see that cat grass sprouts from cereal grains, so it is not only safe but also nutritious for our feline friends.

Cat Grass

It is also a great healthy and safe alternative to the garden grass that may have been sprayed with pesticides, etc. Providing easy access to cat grass would satiate your cat’s urge to eat something green and would thus keep them chomping on toxic herbs or plants.

Eating cat grass, you won’t have to worry about your cat ingesting parasites, such as ringworms, hookworms, etc., present in the garden grass.

Is Cat Grass Safe for Kittens?

Yes, like adult cats, cat grass is also safe for young kittens. You can start allowing your kitten to munch on cat grass as early as they are fully weaned off. But if you think that your kitten is experiencing some health issues after munching on cat grass, you should get the cat grass away from your cat. And discuss it with your vet before giving your kitten cat grass again.

5 Best Cat Grass For Cats

If you google cat grass, you will find numerous cat grass products. But choosing a product that will best meet the needs of your cat must be a cumbersome process. If you are looking for grass for your cat, look no further! Here is a list of the top 5 cat grass available on Amazon.

It is to note that we earn a commission from the qualifying purchases. That said, we do not recommend products without extensive research. Like you, we all are consumers and endorse products that we deem best for our—your—feline friends.

BrandEast to GrowValue for MoneyAge RangeCustomer Reviews (Avg.)
The Cat Ladies4.74.5Baby4.6
Van Ness3.73.4Adult3.8
Cali Kiwi Pros4.84.7Not mentioned4.7
Pet Greens4.84.6All life stages4.3
Handy Pantry4.54.0Not mentioned4.6

The Cat Ladies 100% Organic Non-GMO Cat Grass Seed Blend

If you have a baby kitten that seems to be developing a penchant for grass, the Cat Ladies 100% Organic Non-GMO Pet Grass Seed Blend is the perfect choice for you. It is made of all stuff good. Their seed blend contains wheat, barley, oat, and rye seeds. These seeds are 100% organic—not genetically modified. Cat grass grown from their blend of seeds is loaded with useful nutrients, such as calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B, and C.

Eating this cat grass would not only satiate your cat’s urge to eat grass but would also help them with digestion. Their seed grows fast—in just 4 to 7 days.

Van Ness Cat Oat Garden Kit

If you have an adult cat that just developed a taste for grass, you should get your hands on this great cat grass provided by the Van Ness Store. It contains fast-growing seeds, a natural peat moss. You can easily grow them in your house in a small pot—just add water, provide light, and they will sprout up in days.

The cat grass sprouted from oat seeds would help your cat maintain a healthy digestive system and reduces hairballs. This oat-based cat grass is also proven for improving and freshening cat’s breath. Van Ness store has been around for 70 years, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product while ordering from them.

Organic Cat Grass Seeds Kit – Organic Seed & Soil for 3 Growing’s

Does your cat love to nibble on the grass in the garden? Do you want to provide a healthy alternative to your cat? Do you want to grow cat grass for your feline friend, but you do not have a green thumb?

Well, worry not, to grow cat grass, one does not need to be pro at gardening. It is quite easy and made easier with the Organic Cat Grass Kit, including not only organic cat grass sees but also soil as well as a rustic wood planter.

The pack also includes a free toy for your cat. Cali kiwi Pros’ cat grass is very easy to grow. It needs minimal watering and can grow well in varying lighting and temperature. It only takes 7 to 10 days to grow. The cat grass is loaded with useful vitamins that help our cats in digestion and is also considered a natural remedy for hairball issues. So what are you waiting for? Order your complete organic cat grass kit now.

Pet Greens Self-Grow Pet Grass Kit

Looking for a safe and healthy option to satisfy your cat’s cravings for grass? Take a look at Pet Greens Self-Grow Pet Grass Kit. It grows right off the bag. Yes, you read it right—it grows right of the bag in which the seeds come. You just have to open the pack at the notch, and poke ten holes at the bottom and water it—it will not take more than 7 to 10 days to grow.

Pet Greens’ nutrient-rich cat grass is the perfect choice for your cat if she has a thing for grass. Containing chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins, Pet Greens’ cat grass is like a superfood for cats. It helps with digestion and relieving hairball.

Organic Cat Grass Seed Blend for Planting by Handy Pantry

The cat grass pack by Handy Pantry contains a healthy blend of organic wheat, barley, rye, and oats seeds. Their seeds are Non-GMO—that is, not genetically modified. However, they are curated to grow thick and juicy. They are quite easy to grow—take only 5 days after planting.

This cat grass not only provides a healthy way to satiate their cravings for leafy greens but also helps your cat with digestion and hairball issues.  The cat grass seeds have a high germination rate and are certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO).

They are not only but also super-fast to grow. One of their happy customer reviews “this grass is fantastic. Follow the instruction and the result will be thick juicy grass that my cats love.”

How to Grow Cat Grass?

Cat grass is easy—quite easy—to grow. One does not need to be a gardening guru to know how to grow cat grass. All you need to do is follow the instructions. The cat grass kit that you will buy will come along with easy-to-follow directions—just follow that. Some of the basic tips for growing cat grass are given below:

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