Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

A Tabby cat and a Flame Point Siamese cat look at the camera curiously

They are elegant, captivating, and enchanting, but do Siamese cats get along with other cats? Sure, it is a question of concern for so many enthusiastic pet parents who would like to have more of these little munchkins at home. But it would be cruel to put two kitties in one home if one or […]

Five Things to Know About Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Lilac Point Siamese Cat

An exotic cat breed, the Siamese has captivated cat fanciers for decades. Surrounded by mystical tales of serving as the royal guard, the former temple cat still commands respect and attention in its native Thailand. Equally adored in the west, particularly the Lilac Point Siamese cat has garnered an impressive amount of public interest. A […]

Do Siamese Cats Like Water? What You Need to Know

Do Siamese cats like water

Siamese cats are distinct in several aspects—they are very adorable and welcoming, have a good lifespan, and love to vocalize. But one of the key Siamese personality traits is their relationship with water. Do Siamese cats like water? A short answer is, yes, they love playing with water! But what makes them love water? Find […]

Siamese Cat Personality 101: Pros & Cons Of a Siamese Cat

siamese cat personality

The Siamese, one of the most popular pedigreed cats, has an ever-growing fan base. Smitten by its striking beauty, many people flirt with the idea of adding one to their family. But how do they know if it is indeed the right fit for their family? Discover the Siamese cat’s personality in this article, and […]

14 Least-Known Siamese Cat Facts You Need to Know

Cute siamese cats lying in boxes near the window

Beautiful, friendly, and smart as a whip, the Siamese cat has it all. More than a few artists have been captivated by their charm, which has earned these graceful animals a place in temples and palaces around the world. But there is a lot more about these adorable kitties you may not know. Today, we […]

Siamese Cat Varieties: How Many Types of Siamese Cats Are There

Two cute Siamese cats lying in boxes near the window

Siamese cats are among the most famous cats in the world. They gained popularity mainly because of their adorable looks and loving personalities – they are quite into having conversations with their favorite people and following them around too. Though the breed has existed for centuries, it made its inroads in the western world in […]

Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

A woman sitting on a sofa holds two Siamese kittens in her lap

Sometimes, we do not choose a cat – she chooses us. With it is their silent hugs or cute cuddles, they convey a thousand words that can revitalize even a dead heart. Perhaps this is why humanity is always into felines: they just make us feel awesome. But is it just us into cats, or […]

Why are Siamese Cats So Vocal? A Closer Look at this Friendly Feline

Cute fluffy siamese cat with lights at home

Siamese cats have a reputation for being friendly, affectionate, and loud. They are also adored for their talkative nature. But the question here is, why are Siamese cats so vocal? What makes them interactive and expressive from a young age? In this article, we will take a closer look at this unique personality trait of […]

Do All Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes? An All-Inclusive Guide

Two similar Siamese cats, held together in arms

“Baby’s got blue eyes like a deep blue sea / On a blue, blue day.” Out of my attachment with the Siamese cat breed, I cannot help but remember this classic 1982 Grammy-nominated song by Elton John whenever they come to my mind. Siamese cats look stunning with blue peepers. Also, considering the fact that […]

11 Siamese Cat Behavior Problems With Signs and Solutions

A Siamese cat lying on a sofa with a phone under her paw

Though Siamese kitties – be they lynx point, flame point, chocolate point, or blue point – look extremely cute and friendly, keeping them could become challenging as they are prone to a series of behavioral issues.  Siamese cats are extremely needy, vocal, territorial, hyperactive, attention seekers, and may often become aggressive.   No doubt, Siamese […]

How Big Do Siamese Cats Get? Factors & Growth Chart

A Siamese cat sitting on a table, face turned around

Out of our unconditional love and companionship, our feline pals are always on our minds: we just cannot have enough of them. Inclined to get closer, we cannot wait to see them grow – and Siamese cats are no exception. What could be more fascinating than seeing our cutest fur buddies becoming bigger and even […]

Are Siamese Cats Aggressive? 5 Tips and Tricks to Tame Your Siamese

A brown Siamese cat with blue eyes lying on the ground, looking directly at the camera

Siamese cats break some real kitten stereotypes. Contrary to the popular belief that all cats are mellow, sweet, and affectionate, Siamese is an exception. Although you cannot label them as hostile or violent, they are sometimes more prone to show aggression. But they have their reasons for this behavior. So, are Siamese cats aggressive? Yes, […]