Siamese cats are distinct in several aspects—they are very adorable and welcoming, have a good lifespan, and love to vocalize. But one of the key Siamese personality traits is their relationship with water. Do Siamese cats like water?

A short answer is, yes, they love playing with water! But what makes them love water?

Find out the nitty-gritty here!

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Yes, Siamese cats like water. Even if some Siamese cat seemingly does not have a penchant for water, they will never mind being in it or playing with it. Cats have a reputation for disliking water, but the Siamese breed falls in the category of those who do the opposite. Other famous kitties include the Maine Coon and the Abyssinian.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Various theories have ventured out to explain this ‘peculiar’ behavior of some cat breeds. However, it is pretty hard to say which one holds the most water.

1.      Curiosity

Vet Street terms Siamese cats as ‘endlessly curious.’ Having such an inquisitive nature, it is not abnormal for these kitties to show excessive interest even in water. They just love to explore whatever comes their way.

Besides the running water, such as that coming from the sink faucet, Siamese cats do show obvious interest in still water. They might like the sound of it, the way it reflects their image, and how it creates ripples when they splash their cute paws in it.

2.      Grooming

Grooming and licking their paws is a natural part of all common days in a Siamese cat’s life. They are so fond of keeping themselves tidy that they might often end up overgrooming, causing soreness and pain.

Siamese cats might want to improvise their self-grooming sessions. If they have found water, they may go for taking its help. They would simply dip their paws in the water, get them wet, and use it on their face and body.

3.      Temperature Regulation

Though they do not have heavy fur, Siamese cats do not survive well in hot environments and constantly seek sources to prevent overheating. In addition to choosing a shady spot, they may consider water for cooling themselves down.

Siamese cats might go beyond simply drinking water and maintaining their hydration to stay healthy in hot weather. They might roll a bit in it as if they have taken a bath to get themselves wet. They feel the cool breeze over their thin fur as the water evaporates, regulating their body temperature.

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4.      Instinct

All cats are known for their attraction to running water. The Siamese breed is no exception. These cats, like many others, might often get near the running water and even try to drink from it. It is something in their genes.

However, you must be very careful if your Siamese cat exhibits such behavior. The running water anywhere might be dirty or polluted enough to jeopardize her well-being. Instead, try getting you’re her a cat water fountain which is equally appealing because of its ‘running nature.’

cat drinking water

How to Know If Your Siamese Cat Likes Water?

Look for some obvious signs cats exhibit when they are fond of water. However, owing to the breed nature, know there is a high probability that your Siamese cat likes water even if she hides it!

Should You Bathe Your Siamese Cat?

Yes, there is no problem in bathing your Siamese pet. However, remember that these cats do not need frequent bathing owing to their small fur. On average, a bathing session or two is enough for a month. If your Siamese cat is young, opt for bathing every three to six weeks since kittens can get messier quickly.

The Dos and Do Nots of Bathing a Siamese Cat


  • Brush your cat before bathing her
  • Opt for smaller tubs
  • Reward your cat for staying calm while bathing
  • Dry your cat afterward thoroughly

Do Nots

  • Never over bathe
  • Never use human shampoo
  • Avoid getting your face wet
  • Do not push your cat into the water forcefully

Some Tips On Letting Your Siamese Cat Enjoy Water

Do Siamese cats like water

Can Some Siamese Cats Dislike Water?

Yes. Some Siamese cats might not like water. The only reasons could be either discomfort or a past bad experience leading to some kind of trauma.

Discomfort arises when a cat is caught in a rainstorm intense enough to unsettle her mood, just like in the case of human beings. In such a scenario, your Siamese cat will not like water, but only that which comes from the rainstorm—else, she will be quite a water friendly. Similarly, if your cat has ever had a nearly-drowning experience with water, the disliking of water will be long-lasting.

Do Siamese Cats Like Water? Final Words

Affirmative. Siamese cats like water. These kitties got this personality trait mainly because of their curiosity, instinct, and for the sake of body temperature regulation. You can know if your pet is the same by looking at the signs of love for water in her. And if you find those, make sure you manage her curiosity in the best possible way!

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