So it’s time to cure your depression…

If you are having a bad day or stressed out due to the hectic week, here is the best solution to get free from all the worries.

How? Watching movies can relax your mind, and what about horse movies?

Horse movies are best to watch as they have mentioned all the elements of life that give one hope, energy, and motivation.

Horses are beautiful and majestic creatures, having several movies made on them. Want to know a few best horse movies?

Not to worry, here is the list of the most trending and recent horse movies for you!

1. Free Rein (2017 – 2019)

Free Rein is a family-friendly British drama based on the life of a teenager, Zoe, a 15-year-old girl who is a role model to her family and friends. After meeting a wild and beautiful horse named Raven on holiday in the English countryside, the teenager’s life is forever changed. The drama’s best part is its equine angle; there are many scenes of horse riding and Zoe’s bond with the wild stallion. This is a 3-season must-watch horse drama, containing a bundle of positive messages, emotions, and above all, entertainment.

2. Spirit Riding Free (2017 – 2019)

Spirit Riding Free is an animated Netflix series. The series is based on a young girl named Lucky and her bond with the feral mustang named Spirit. She feels a deep connection with the untamable horse, leading her to countless adventures. Lucky and Spirit embrace their genuine friendship and discovers the feeling of living freely. This action yet comedy series is loved by kids and adults alike and is a must-watch for horse lovers.

3. Walk. Ride. Rodeo (2019)

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. is a Netflix film based on a true inspirational story. The film revolves around a girl, Amberley Snyder, who dreams of a pro rodeo career, but an accident causes her severe spinal cord injury, visibly hampering her prospects of becoming a rodeo professional. She used to ride her horse daily, but she is now just bound to the wheelchair due to the paralyzing injury. Does her dream come true despite having the injury? That’s for you to explore!

This 99-minute film is an emotional yet beautiful movie full of life lessons.

4. Ponysitters Club (2017-)

Pony-sitters club is a Netflix series that follows a group of kids who volunteer to raise ponies and horses at a rescue ranch. The series shows the kids overcoming their life challenges while supporting each other and helping the animal rehabilitation center. This heartwarming series is filled with effective techniques for animal care, especially ponies and horses. This refreshing series is a must-watch for you if you own a horse.

5. Rock My Heart (2017)

Rock My Heart is one of the most beautiful movies among hundreds of horse movies. The movie revolves around 17-year-old Jana, who has a heart problem. She endures every challenge life throws at her with no fear and then meets a furious horse. In that horse, she finds a friend, someone who could heal her and help her through the process of recovery. This movie is unforgettable and will always remind you of the sweet moments one can share with animals, as Jana and the horse do.

6. The Mustang (2019)

‘The Mustang’ is a heartbreaking film inspired by true events. The story revolves around a prisoner in Nevada who participates in a rehabilitation program, where he has to train wild Mustangs. While training the wild Mustangs, he confronts his past and soothes the feisty horse. The man and the horse soften each other. This extraordinary, gripping film will make you see the world from a completely different perspective.

7. Concrete Cowboy (2020)

The Netflix film ‘Concrete Cowboy’ is based on the real-life Fletcher street cowboys and is a masterful father-son drama. The film tells the story of a troubled teenage boy and his father who spent the summers in North Philadelphia. The film shows a vibrant urban-cowboy subculture that will absolutely make you fall in love with horses. If you are interested in the concept of ‘Black cowboy,’ this movie is perfect for you. 

8. Heartland (2016)

So if you like long extended series, ‘Heartland’ is one of those. Heartland is a good show to watch as it has one of the most enduring scenes of horses and horse riding. The story revolves around a family who has been together in all the good and trying times. One episode daily will make you feel fresh and keep your spirits high. Collecting flying reviews from viewers on IMBD (8.4/10), it sure is a great series to watch due to its great storyline.

9. Dream Horse (2020)

The film ‘Dream Horse’ is based on a true story. This heartwarming film revolves around a woman with a winning idea. The film tells the inspiring story of a horse named ‘Dream Alliance,’ a horse bred and prepared by a small-town woman with no experience and money. “It is only wealthy professionals who do this kinda thing,” she was told. Does she prove everyone wrong?

That, only you could tell!

10. Bibi and Tina (2020)

‘Bibi and Tina’ is an adventurous and comedy Amazon series. The action series is based on the adventures of Bibi and her best friend Tina, who are on their vacations, where most of their time is spent in a riding school. They meet and ride many beautiful horses of various breeds every day. It has comedy, intrigue, and suspense – all the ingredients of a great storyline.

11. My Heroes Were Cowboys (2021)

‘My Heroes Were Cowboys’ is a heart-touching short movie that has the power to make one cry. The movie revolves around an immigrant inspired by Hollywood’s iconography and later finds meaning in the art of horse training. This short movie is unimaginably beautiful in every possible way.

And here comes the must-watch classical film on horses…

12. Black Beauty (2020)

Black beauty is the Disney adaptation of the popular classic novel Black Beauty by Anna Swell. The story of Black Beauty revolves around a magnificent black Mustang horse and an orphan, Jo Green. After having separated from their families, both Beauty and Jo find confidants and trusted friends in each other. The teenager and the black horse share a beautiful bond, leading them to experience different beautiful chapters and challenges together.

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