Are horses evil? No, certainly not! They have, in fact, the most adored and desired personalities; they are calm, intelligent, extremely useful, and make extraordinary pets. But it is always fun to give your equine pet a name that sounds villainous in an amusing way. If you are seeking such unique yet attractive monikers for your steed, check out the list of 246 evil horse names with meanings compiled hereunder.

Top Evil Horse Names

Aldon Meaning wise protector
Amadis Vampire name meaning everlasting
Ambrosia Vampire name that stands for eternal
Astor A character from The Legend of Zelda
Balker Meaning a stationary horse
Bela A famous scary character
Blade A character from the comic series The Tomb of Dracula
Blair A Gaelic name originated from Scotland
Bronco A term used for a rude horse that is difficult to control
Cactus A thorny plant
Caius A character from the Twilight series
Chrome A shining portion of the horse
Colt A male horse under four years of age
Cutter A hunting horse
Deimos The god of fear in the Greek mythology
Dracula The most famous Romanian vampire
Dunkan Means dark in the Celtic language
Freddy KrugerA character from the film series A Nightmare on Elm Street
Furlong A measurement unit
Galloway A famous but extinct horse breed
GomezA character from The Addams Family
Hannibal A cannibal character from movie franchises
Hedi A character from the Twilight series
JumperA horse who excels in jumping over hurdles
Karayan Meaning pitch-black in the Armenian language
LeaderA horse cart-pulling horse
LuciferThe devil
MedusaA woman from Greek mythology who has snakes on her head in place of hair
Norman BatesThe main antagonist in the novel Psycho
Nosferatu A famous vampire
Outlaw A rude horse
Pennywise Evil clown from the It movie franchise
Pharlap A horse breed that has won an Australian competition in racing
Phobos The god of terror and panic in Greek Mythology
Randall FlagA fictional character from Stephen King’s novels
Ratched A nurse from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Raven A famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe
Rosemary A character from the novel Rosemary’s Baby
Salem A city in Massachusetts states known for witchcraft
Sauron Second dark lord from The Lord of the Rings franchise
SimonA 340 years old vampire from the novel The Silver Kiss
DamonA character in The Vampire Diaries
Spike A vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spooky Commonly associated with the Halloween
Trigger A famous equine owned by Roy Rogers
Trunchbull Nasty headteacher from Matilda
Vanner Vanner or Gypsy Vanner horse breed
Vlad An Impaler who ruled Romania during the early 15th century. He is also believed to be an inspiration behind Dracula
Wolf An evil creature that only comes out during the darkness of the night
Wolverine Famous character from the X-Men franchise
ZlaMeaning evil in the Siberian language

Best Evil Horse Names for Females

BansheeA female spirit in Irish folklore
Bellatrix An evil witch character from the Harry Potter franchise
Cersei The evil queen from the Game of Thrones
Cruella The antagonist from 101 Dalmatians
Hecate Greek goddess of the underworld, demons, graves, witchcraft, and sorcery
Jadis The white witch of Narnia
Kasdeya The demon that specializes in poisons is commonly referred to as the fifth Satan
Lilith Night monster
Maleficent An evil and cold-hearted fairy who places petty curses on people
Mara The primary cause of nightmares in children
Nightmare Evil spirits that infiltrate our dreams
Nyx The incarnation of darkness and night
O-Ren Ishii The female assassin in Kill Bill
Pandora The first person to unleash evil on the entire world
Prosperine The princess of hell
SonjaVampire from the Underworld series
Ursula Sea witch from The Little Mermaid
Villanelle Fictional character from Killing Eve
Winnie A horrible witch from Hocus Pocus

Best Evil Horse Names for Males

Abaddon The king of locusts
Aeron Celtic god of war
Anwir The Welsh name for a liar
Begbie A psychotic thug from Trainspotting
Chucky A murderous children’s toy
Diabolos A Greek mythological name meaning slanderer or accuser
Emmett An animal-eating vampire from the Twilight movie series
Fury Means extreme and violent anger
Ganon A giant pig from The Legend of Zelda game
Herman A character from the sitcom The Munsters
Incubus Male demon
Krampus Scares misbehaved children during the Christmas season
Kratos The god of war
Nuckelavee Horse-like demon from Orcadian mythology
Orpheus Meaning darkness of the night
Ripley A murderer from the 50s book The Talented Mr. Ripley
Salvatore A character from The Vampire Diaries
Seth The Egyptian god of chaos and storm
Ubel A German word that means evil
Vader A Well-known Star Wars villain

Evil Horse Names Based on Movies and Disney Characters

Alice CullenCloverleafDullahanMilton
Bloody MarryCrupperFrankelPugsi
Carlos RiveraDemeltiKurt BarlowTwilight
DulahanMeir LinkZeldaBones

Evil Horse Names From Other Languages


Miscellaneous Evil Horse Names

AbelVanity in Hebrew
AlecA character from the Twilight series
AleronMeaning wings in Latin
Alice CullenA character from the Twilight series
AltairMeaning star in Greek
AlumitMeaning secret in Hebrew
Amadán A fool or jester
AmaiaMeaning the end
AmarandeMeaning immortal in Greek
AmdisMeaning immortal in Latin
ArmandA character from the novel The Vampire Chronicles
AroA character from the Twilight series
AtherThe night forest
BaranbasA vampire from Dark Shadows
BeelzebubMeaning devil
Bloody Mary A ghost legend
BluebeardA pirate ghost
Boris-KarloffAn actor from the Scary Movie
BraedenMeaning the dark valley
CandymanA Halloween character
CardenMeaning black fortress in the Celtic language
CarmenA character from the Twilight series
CarrieA character from Stephan King’s novel
CasperA friendly ghost
ChaosAn extremely disorganized situation
ClairmindeA female Dracula from La Morte Amoreuse
ClaudiaA character from The Vampire Chronicles
CorbinMeaning raven
CountessA character from the short story Dracula’s Guest
Crimson Color of blood
DamienA boy from The Omen franchise
DarayMeaning dark
DarthDarth Maul and Darth Vader, the characters from The Star Wars
Dearg-DurIreland’s legendary vampire
DemetriA character from the Twilight series
DesdemonaMeaning related to the devil
DrusillaA character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Eleazar A character from the Twilight series
ElviraThe mistress of the dark
EndoraActress from Bewitched
FalaMeaning demon
FangLong toothed
FelixA character from the Twilight series
KlausA character from the Originals
FesterA character from The Addams Family
FoxglovesName of a poisonous plant
FrankensteinA famous book and movie character
Freyja Goddess of death
Ghidora Three-headed monster
Ginnungagap From Norse mythology
Grogoch Half-human, half-spirit entity
HadesThe hell
Harley QuinnThe Joker’s girlfriend in Batman
Hilda A name for witches
HulkScary superhero
HundunFaceless Chinese deity who was the personification of chaos
Hyde An evil boy from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
IchabodA character from The Legend of Sleeping Hollow
Igor A faithful assistant
ItA character from The Addams Family
JaguarA midnight predator
JeshickahA predator
KaleoA shattered mirror
JigsawThe main character in Saw films
LestatA vampire
LillyFrom The Munters
Lily of the ValleyA poisonous flower
LokiTeutonic devil
Lord Daryl Midnight Predator
Merlin Camelot Sorcerer
Midnight 12:00 a.m.
Misfit Outcasts, usually because of their behavior or attitude
Misty Out of the mist
MonstrousHaving destructive characteristics
MorosThe god of doom
Naamah The Hebrew female devil of seduction
PoeA famous author
PookahThe Irish word for Hobgoblin
PyroMeaning related to fire
QuasimodoHunchback of Notre Dame  
ReganAn exorcist
RequiemMeaning the mass of the dead
RisikaA teenage witch
ScarThe evil lion from The Lion King
ScarfaceThe nickname of Al Capone
ShadowA famous pet name
SirenaHigh in horror
SkullSkinless head
Svenghouli A horror show host
TariqMeaning night visitor in Arabic
Vancha MarchFrom Cirque du Freak series
Voldemort A character from Harry Potter
VoodooBewitching magic
VoriganA return to a dead place
ZillaMeaning shadow
ZombieLiving dead

Inspiration Sources for Evil Horse Names

Like all other names, it is difficult to assign your steed a perfect evil title. However, fortunately, there are a few sources from where you can derive inspiration for evil horse names. These sources are:

Tips for Choosing Evil Horse Names

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