Roper boots, sometimes mistaken for cowboy boots, are essential on a ranch for walking or for riding a horse. These boots have a shorter shaft than the cowboy boots, their toe is broader, and the heel is square in shape, with a rubber sole. While the cowboy boots are only used for riding, the roper boots fulfill two purposes—riding and traveling on foot. 

How Much Do Roper Boots Cost? Pricing, Brands, and Types of Roper Boots

An important question here is, how much do roper boots cost? Also, what are the factors that affect the pricing of roper boots? In this detailed buyer’s guide, we will answer these and other important questions related to roper boots.

But before we delve deeper into the cost of these roper boots, we would first like to discuss the factors that affect these prices.

The material used to make the roper boots is what impacts its pricing. Most roper boots are made from genuine leather, which adds to their high price. If that leather is further embellished with other animals’ skin, such as ostrich, snake, buffalo, elephant, or an alligator, these boots will be more expensive.

The more famous a brand name is, the higher the price of its products will be as compared to other less popular brands. Additionally, items listed on Amazon are priced a little higher than those in the local stores and shops because of Amazon’s fee.

Another key factor impacting the price of roper boots is the embroidery. If a boot is heavily embroidered, it will be more pricey than the one with minimal embroidery.

The design of a roper boot also plays an important role in its price. If the roper boot has the type of design that needs more work, it will be costlier than the one with a simpler design.

Last thing, the size of the roper boot also affects how much the boot would cost. A roper boot with a longer shaft would have more embroidery on it, more animal skin would be used to make it, and the cost of labor would increase as well.

Roper Boots—Our Top 7 Favorites

Below, we have added our top favorite 7 roper boots in this article. So without further ado, let’s check out all about roper boots, their pricing, and the types available in the market.

1. Wolverine Men’s Rancher Work Boot

The first brand of roper boots on our list is from Wolverine. They are made of 100% leather which gives this boot added comfort and durability to bear any harshness of the weather. It has a man-made sole and a rubber outsole which gives maximum support on slippery terrain. The shaft of this boot is also wide, measuring around 10” from the arch.

What Is Good?

  • 100 % Leather that adds to the comfort of these boots.
  • Wide toe shaft to give maximum support to your legs.
  • Man-made rubber outsole that gives footing when on slippery terrain.

What Is Not So Good?

  • These boots are expensive as compared to the others made from synthetic material.
  • One buyer complained that the leather started coming off after wearing the boots for a week.

2. Deer Stags Men’s Rockland Chelsea Boot

The second pair of boots we have added to our list is by the brand named Deer Stags. These boots are also made from genuine leather. The sole is made from rubber, and the inside of the boot has a memory foam that conforms to your foot’s shape and provides an extra cushion. The shaft of these boots measures around 4.5” from the arch. Another distinctive feature is the soft stuff lining inside the boots, which helps to absorb moisture and sweat to keep your feet dry and cool.

What Is Good?

  • It is made of genuine leather.
  • The boots have a slip-on style that makes wearing them easy.
  • They come with memory foam.

What Is Not So Good?

  • Some buyers complained the leather wasn’t 100% original and started coming off right after the first use.
  • The rubber soles were also not very durable and could absorb water.

3. ROPER Men’s Mesh Boat Shoe

These roper boots are by the brand named Roper. These are made from synthetic fabric with a rubber sole. The shaft is around 11” from the arch. They are lightweight, and the shaft is also made of soft fabric which doesn’t rub against the shins.

What Is Good?

  • These boots are rated high for the comfort they provide your feet with.
  • The high shaft with soft fabric doesn’t rub against your shins.

What Is Not So Good?

  • People who didn’t like these boots were mainly complaining about receiving them in the wrong colors from an online store on Amazon.
  • Some others also found these a bit expensive.

4. ARIAT Men’s Western Boot

Made from leather, these roper boots from the Ariat brand are a favorite of many. These boots have a high shaft, measuring around 10.5” from the arch. They have a wide opening which measures around 15”, rubber soles to provide strong footing on slippery terrain, and moisture absorbing foam to keep your feet dry and cool. The Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) Technology of these boots provides your feet with a heel stabilizer that adds more support. These are lightweight, and the Duratread outsole makes these boots wear-resistant.

What Is Good?

  • Made from genuine leather, these shoes provide you with ultimate comfort.
  • They are true to size, meaning you will receive them in a size that is perfect for you.

What Is Not So Good?

  • Some users complained the shaft of these boots was too loose, which made wearing them uncomfortable.
  • These are more pricey than many roper boots available on Amazon

5. WOLVERINE Men’s Anthem-M

Wolverine Men’s Anthem-M boots are made from original leather, while the upper layer has a full-grain texture. The sole is made from rubber with multi-shock absorbing density pads added to the outsole. The insides of these boots have mesh linings to protect your feet from wetness and sweat. The pads on the inside are removable so you can adjust the fitting according to your preference.

What Is Good?

  • The boots come with multi-shock absorbing density pads that are added to the outsole.
  • They have inner mesh linings that protect your feet from wetness.

What Is Not So Good?

  • They are expensive, and the price varies based on the size of the boots.

6. WOLVERINE Men’s Waterproof Wellington Boot

The second last pair of boots we have on our list is also from the brand Wolverine. Like the other boots from this brand, these are also made from genuine leather. The upper layer is made from water-resistant, full-grain leather, which gives protection against wetness. The outsole is made from slip-resistant rubber, which provides strong footing on slippery terrain. They are lightweight and have a nylon shank that provides your feet extra strength.

What Is Good?

  • The water-resistant upper layer of full-grain leather.
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • Light-weight.

What Is Not So Good?

  • Some buyers found the water-proof upper layer as a flaw in the design as they make the boots very stiff on the outside.
  • Other buyers complained the instep was too tight and they couldn’t put these boots on and take them off easily.

7. Ariat Rambler Recon Western Boots – Men’s Work Boot

The last one on our list is from the brand Ariat. These roper boots are a combination of leather and textile. The oil and slip-resistant rubber sole provide complete support and grip to your footing on slippery and oily surfaces. Their shaft reaches approximately the middle of your calf. Like the other Ariat boots on this list, these are also designed with the ATS technology.

What Is Good?

  • They are designed with the ATS Technology.
  • They are oil and slip-resistant.
  • Unlike other roper boots, they have a mid-calf length.

What Is Not So Good?

  • Some of the buyers didn’t find the perfect size and ended up buying a size too tight for them.
  • One buyer received a pair of these boots that were moldy and scratched.

So, how much do roper boots cost? You can buy a pair under $50 and also for around $40—the range of prices is quite vast and flexible. By looking at the products, material, and their respective prices, it is easy to understand how different factors affect the pricing of these boots.

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