Is your love for ginger cats genuine? Nothing can make you happier than the head-turning effect of the orange cat breeds. Even if you’re not a cat person, it is hard to resist the adorable orange creatures roaming around showcasing their pretty orange coats.

There are a plethora of cats that have orange fur, but since they belong to different breeds, they may differ in size, fur coat, and level of shedding. People love owning orange cat breeds, but you must do some research on the maintenance and temperaments of these breeds to choose the right one according to your lifestyle. Orange cats have been pleasing their owners for decades, and if you’re up for them, this post is for you.

Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds to Look for

The debate between short-furred and fluffy cats is always the hottest one, but when it comes to choosing the color, the orange cat breeds are the winner. So, whatever qualities you are looking for in combination with the beautiful orange coats, here you’ll find breeds that match your requirements.

Have a look at the following top orange cat breeds.


The Abyssinian cat is known to be the oldest of the orange cat breeds. It has a short-hair close-lying coat, having originated from Ethiopia and Egypt. The cat has an overall elegant and graceful look with long slender legs and tough bodies. Abyssinians are also known as ‘bunny cats’ and resembles the look of an African wildcat.

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Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat has a leopard coat as it is a hybrid between the Asian leopard cat and the domestic cats. This Bengal breed is unique, and their most well-known trait is the marble coat markings or spots. They have beautiful orange-colored fur and are categorized as one of the most expensive cats. The Bengal cats are playful and active who requires a lot of attention and time from their owner.

If you love cheetah prints, you can consider keeping the Bengal breed cat as they are more affectionate as compared to other wild and domestic cats.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon are fluffy cats with laid-back and big hearts. They are considered as one of the largest domestic cats and fine pets because of their easy-to-train nature. Maine Coon cats have silky and thick fur. They are also known to be water-repellant. Maine Coons require high maintenance because of the thick fur, and they shed a lot too. However, if you need a friendly cat, Maine Coons can be an ideal choice.

American Bobtail Cats

American Bobcat is a result of genetic mutation—the breed came into being in the 1960s. These are long-haired orange cat breeds and are famous for their cute bobbed tails. The American Bobtails can prove to be good friends for many years, however, since it is rare, it is costly too. Though the coat length also varies, the majority of them have long fur coats. The most notable feature that makes this cat stand out in the crowd is its short tail.

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British Shorthair

British Shorthair has a cute fluffy face and short thick fur. They look adorable with big bubbly eyes. We are sure that if you see a British Shorthair kitten, you won’t stop drooling over her. The British Shorthair cats also belong to one of the oldest breeds. If you’re a new cat owner, British Shorthair will prove to be a good choice as they don’t need much attention. Though they are friendly and social, British Shorthair doesn’t have many demands. However, since it has thick fur, it will need regular grooming.

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cats are tiny with furry bodies with short legs. The cat has a bold personality and is known to form a close relationship with her owners. Despite their tiny stature, Munchkin cats are super active and love to run and play around. They are also known as the ‘sausage cat’ perhaps because of their short legs.

Persian Cat

The Persian cats are one of the most famous orange cat breeds.The cats are long-haired and have a round face with a short muzzle. Persian cats are mostly friendly but are more reserved than playful. Male Persian cats are heavier than female ones but both are fluffy and adorable. Persian cats need more maintenance because of their thick fur. The fur coats of the breed come in a variety of colors which include orange, grey, white, black, brown, and more.

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Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats are very sporty—if you’re a new cat owner, it will be difficult for you to deal with her. They are always climbing or jumping and have a playful and restless nature. Devon Rex has an alien-like look because of their big ears, high cheeks, and long neck. Due to their appearance, Devon Rex has been given various nicknames like a monkey in a cat-suit or poodle cat. They can please people with their performances. The good thing about Devon Rex is that they are easy to groom as they don’t shed much.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats also belong to the orange cat breedsfamily. The quality that makes Cornish Rex cats different from other breeds is that they have only one undercoat compared to other three-layered domestic cats. Cornish Rex has big eyes, so there’s a chance that you might get lost in the gaze for some time. They have triangle-shaped heads and short fur and are also called the ‘clown of the cat kingdom’.

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Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora cats originated in Turkey and are one of the ancient orange cat breeds. They are known to be sweet and friendly cats. Turkish Angora cats are available in various colors, including orange, white, brown, fawn, and cream. They have a very long fur coat that requires regular and frequent grooming. The Turkish Angora breed is also known to be loyal.

Fun Facts About the Orange Cat Breeds

One of the main reasons the orange cat breed sare loved throughout the world is that they are very cuddly. Nothing seems better than having an orange furry friend in your lap. If you’re planning to have one of these adorable felines as pets, you won’t regret your decision. We are going to conclude this post by jotting down some fun facts about the orange cat breeds.

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