Best Spiked Dog Collars: Our Top 9 Picks

spiked dog collar

In ancient times, protecting livestock from wild animals was a nightmare for shepherds. There were no bullets and guns to ward off the beasts that would feast on livestock. So, they bred and trained giant dogs to do the job. Though dogs succeeded in protecting the cattle round-the-clock, the wolves kept pestering domesticated animals, even […]

6 Best Dog Foods For French Bulldogs

Best Dog Foods For French Bulldogs (1)

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), “Frenchies are prone to obesity, which can damage their physical structure and puts them at higher risk for some health issues.” Thus, it’s important to choose a food that exactly meets the requirements of French Bulldogs without putting them at the risk of weight gain and other health […]

8 Vet-Approved Medicated Flea Shampoo for Dogs

Flea Shampoo For Dogs

“Winter is coming!” But just because it’s getting cold, it doesn’t mean fleas and ticks will stop sucking your dog’s blood while irritating him to no end. Being lord of your dog, it’s your duty to defend him against those pesky little intruders by using flea shampoo for dogs. The enemy shouldn’t be forgiven, their […]

Calming Dog Treats: How to Calm an Anxious Dog?

calming dog treats

Does your dog appear to be out of sorts? Does he seem restless? Is something making your dog lose his cool? If yes, then we think your first concern should be his health, and second, any changes in his behavior pattern. Most dogs get anxious when they are triggered by anxieties and fears due to […]

The Best Chlorhexidine Shampoo For Dogs: Our Top Picks

Chlorhexidine Shampoo For Dogs

Have you tried different anti-fungal shampoos, oral meds, anti-itching meds, Benadryl, expensive vet-recommended shampoos, but still your dog is showing any of the following symptoms? Greasy sores on the skin Flakes Hair loss Itching Dandruff Bumps along his skin Skin irritation Bumps along his skin Skin irritation Patches of hair loss with crusty lesions Skin […]

Which Is The Best Whitening Shampoo For Dogs?

Best Whitening Shampoo For Dogs

White dogs are inexplicably enchanting. But maintaining their silky, bright white coat can be a problem when it suffers from discoloration and presents dark overtones. Have you tried all the expensive or inexpensive brands of shampoos and conditioners to whiten your dog? There are so-called ‘best whitening shampoos for dogs’ available in the market that […]

What’s the Best Dog Food for a Pitbull? Top 10 Products

Best Dog Food for a Pitbull

Given that the market is loaded with tens of thousands of dog food products, making the right choice can be a tough call—especially if you are a new dog owner. However, this process can be easier if you are specific about what you want. So, for choosing the best dog food for your Pitbull, consider […]

3 Best Dog Door for Glass Sliding Door

Dog door for sliding glass door

Featured Products PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Door for Dogs and Cats Fast Fit Pet Patio Door 80″ Medium (Mill) MAVRICFLEX Extreme Weather Dog Door with Sliding Lock Panel Does your dog love to go outside and roam? Does he disturb you if he wants to go out? Does he scratch on the wall if you […]

Puppy Care: Choosing the Best Puppy Shampoo

Best Puppy Shampoo

Chasing butterflies in the park, rolling on the grass, bunny hopping in the mud puddles, carrying things around, and sniffing anything they get their paws on are what our energetic puppies are all about. It’s the basic nature of a puppy to explore things around. Because of their inquisitive nature, they may get excessively dirty, […]

5 Best Dog Nail Grinders for Smooth and Fine Paw Nails

Best Dog Nail Grinder

“I want to trim my dog’s nails, but I’m nervous that I’ll screw it up and hurt him. I’ve read a lot about it online, but I dunno. It seems daunting. Can anyone suggest the best dog nail grinder or a trimmer? I am tired of spending money for someone else to trim up my […]

Best Dog Toothpaste for Shiny Teeth and Kissable Breath

Small Pomeranian is standing on the floor while the owner prepare to brush pet teeth

According to Sarah Machell, DVM, a lead vet with Vetster, “a dog’s mouth is the portal to their body, and good dental hygiene is key to their physical wellbeing. Having healthy teeth and gums is one of the most important ways to help your dog avoid hidden infection and pain.” If you are not using […]

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo For Your Smelly Dog

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

Rolling in poop, mud, smelling other dogs’ poop, sweating, sniffing trash cans, or having a problem expressing anal sacs and smelling like fish, there are many reasons why your dog isn’t smelling good—an issue that can be solved by using the best smelling dog shampoo. However, the problem is how to find that ‘best’ shampoo! […]