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Does your dog love to go outside and roam? Does he disturb you if he wants to go out? Does he scratch on the wall if you don’t take him out?

You can’t be available 24/7 to take him out. But need not worry! Using a dog door would now do the job.

This way, he will have access to go outside whenever he wishes; this way, you will not be bothered, and his wish will be fulfilled.

Why Did People Consider Dog Doors Useful?

Most dog doors proved to be useful as it gives independence to dogs to move here and there, so there is no need for owners to take their dog themselves outside every time.

 They also help ensure that a pet left outside may securely return home in the event of bad weather.

Benefits of Dog Doors

A dog door can be easily attached to any place, and it doesn’t require extra space. Isn’t it amazing?

You also save energy by not allowing your dog to go outdoors and do their business an average of five times each day. Dog doors were created to maximize thermal efficiency and minimize heat loss.

Perhaps you’re hesitant to install a dog door because you’re worried about another animal getting in or out. This is quite improbable since the door is heavy, and you must teach your dog to push against it when they want to go outside or return inside. Smaller animals would not open the door, while larger ones will not attempt to push against anything substantial.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Door

There is no doubt that dog doors are important. Before choosing or buying a dog door for the slider, you can see different aspects, from measuring the dog’s height to the cost!

We are here to take you out of the confusion by considering these simple things, which will help you choose the perfect dog door for sliding glass doors.

Location Matters

When you have decided to buy a dog door, the first thing to consider is installing the dog door!

However, the dog can be installed easily into sliding doors, walls, or garage doors, and installation charges depend on the place. In some way, it depends on your dog too. If he is mostly outdoor, choose a garage door to let your dog come in when he feels cold. In comparison, if your dog loves to be indoors, opt for the main door, which will give easy access to your dog.

Moreover, you will need a dog door that’s not just easy for your dog to go in and out of but also one that’s simple to operate and can be opened and closed whenever you—and especially the dog—want.

Take Your Dog Measurements Properly

However, when you choose a dog door for your dog, make sure to take his measurements properly. It’s very important to make the door as much comfortable as possible for him.

The easiest method to manage this is to weigh your dog and measure its width across the shoulders, just below the neck, or across the broadest portion of the head, ensuring that the door is not only wide enough to fit but also strong enough to resist his weight.

Dogs whose weight is around 7 kg can use small dog doors. Likewise, those up to 45 kg can use the large or extra-large door.

Make a Proper Budget

Price is an essential factor to consider because some doors, such as wall flaps, will cost significantly more to install than a door latch. The ease with which the doggie door can be installed is also a financial consideration, as more complex doors would necessitate expert installation, raising the door’s price.

Safety is Important

No doubt giving your dog freedom is important, but more than the freedom matters the safety of your home and pet. If you are selecting a dog door for a sliding glass door, ensure that it can be locked so that no outsider can unlock it.

Dog doors can also function as a barrier against thieves trying to enter your place. Having a door that can lock and unlock enhances security.

Best Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door

There are a variety of dog doors available in the market. Which one to pick? And what are the pros and cons of different doors?

Let’s make it easy for you. We have come up with a few dog doors for you to consider.

PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Door for Dogs and Cats – Fits 81 into 96 in Patio Panel Sliding Glass Doors – Adjustable Frame – No Cutting DIY Installation – Pet Door Great for Apartments and Rentals

Not every door can be easily installed into your sliding door. This dog door with an adjustable frame is energy efficient, with tinted and flexible flaps that keep heat and cold out of your home.

The best thing is that the patio panel has two heights that can be adjusted to your sliding door. Moreover, this dog door in glass can be easily installed and detached too. In case you would like to limit your dog access, you can use the closing panel. The door has an aluminum frame which increases its durability.

This door’s slide-in panel will allow you to provide your pet with regulated and secure outside access. In addition, the door is composed of shatterproof glass and weather-resistant high-grade metal to endure harsh weather conditions and accidents. This in-glass pet door not only gives independence to dogs, but it looks good too.



Fast Fit Pet Patio Door 80″ Medium (Mill)

While most dog doors are meant to go into walls, this sturdy aluminum dog door will fit snugly into your sliding door track and provide optimum safety from intruders, pests, wild animals, and even extreme weather.

If you believe dog doors are suitable for tiny breeds, think again. This big and flexible dog door can easily accommodate huge dogs, such as the Great Dane and Cane Corso.

Simple installation instruction is supplied for your convenience, with which you can install the door in minutes. The door is also available in a new satin silver hue that will complement the overall appearance of your sliding door.



MAVRICFLEX Extreme Weather Dog Door with Sliding Lock Panel, Energy Efficient Rugged Aluminum Large Dog Door, Easy Installation, Magnetic Flap Heavy Duty Dog Door for Dogs Up to 100lbs

This dog door is well-constructed, having an aluminum frame which makes it more durable. The best thing is that the material used in the construction of the dog door is tested first.

This amazing dog door is weatherproof. Magnetic closure and UV-resistant flap provide weatherproofing for the dog entrance in the wall. A locking panel is provided in the door, which may safeguard the home’s security while reducing heat transmission during inclement weather.

This dog door also has a slide-in panel and locking system, which helps you keep the door in control. Last but not least, it is easy to install.



What is the best way to teach your dog to use the door?

Dogs are quick learners, and most learn to utilize the door in no time. Begin by allowing your dog to open the door flap and chasing a toy.

Place their favorite toy or some food items outside the door and allow them to access it by opening the flap. After a few days of this exercise, your dog will be able to move in and out of the door on his own.

Is it possible for other wild creatures to access the house through the dog doors?

Any animal might potentially enter your home through the dog doors. This, however, is dependent on the safeguards you employ.

It is advised that you construct a fence around your property to keep animals out. The dog doors also come with a security cover and a safety slide-in lock.

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