Rolling in poop, mud, smelling other dogs’ poop, sweating, sniffing trash cans, or having a problem expressing anal sacs and smelling like fish, there are many reasons why your dog isn’t smelling good—an issue that can be solved by using the best smelling dog shampoo.

However, the problem is how to find that ‘best’ shampoo! The market is loaded with thousands of dog products, each claiming to be the ‘best,’ but often fail to deliver the quality. So, we’d recommend you to either consult a vet or learn from the experiences of other dog owners before picking one. As there are many dog breeds, there is no one-size-fits-all option for dog shampoo.

How To Pick the Right Shampoo For Your Dog?

To pick the ‘right’ shampoo, consider the following factors first:

  1. Coat Thickness
  2. Shampoo Allergies
  3. Age (you should avoid using regular dog shampoo on puppies)
  4. Skin Issues
Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

Coat of Your Dog

1. Thin Coat

Low-density coat dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Basenjis, and Vizslas, need a formula that will condition their coat, repel dust and dirt, not dry out skin, and leave them clean and shiny without any residue left.

2. Medium Coat

For ‘normal to medium coat’ dogs, such as Poodle, Rottweiler, and Corgis, a robust formula with ingredients that ensure a nice lather on a moderate coat and prevent fleas and ticks is the optimal choice.

3. Dense Coats

Choosing the best smelling dog shampoo for dogs with dense coats, such as Chow Chow, German shepherd, and Border Collie, depends on the good quality and ability of the ingredients to go deeper into the roots and nourish hair from within.

Shampoo Allergies

A shampoo allergy is an overactive immune response by the canine body to a protein within the shampoo. If your dog has a shampoo allergy, you may see the following symptoms after giving him a bath:

  1. Bald patches
  2. Blister-like lesions
  3. Chronic ear infections
  4. Chronically inflamed feet
  5. Face rubbing
  6. Head shaking
  7. Hives
  8. Obsessive licking
  9. Paw biting
  10. Skin infections
  11. Skin rashes
  12. Swelling, particularly around the face
  13. Ulcerations on skin

The appearance of such symptoms indicates that you urgently need to change the shampoo. However, only a vet can tell you about choosing the best smelling shampoo that won’t cause allergies to your dog.


Senior dogs and puppies have more sensitive skin than adult dogs. Plus, when you are bathing your dog, there is a chance that your dog might lick his skin. Though the chemicals in shampoo are dangerous for adult dogs too—if they lick it—they can cause more damage to old and younger dogs because of their weak immune system.

Dog Skin Issues

Other than sweating, your dog’s skin can be itchy, flaky, wounded, or abraded. You need to be careful while choosing the shampoo according to these skin conditions. Otherwise, there are chances that wrong ingredients predispose your dog to parasitic and bacterial infections.

Which Shampoo is Good for Your Dog?

Keeping these factors in mind, a best smelling dog shampoo should:

  1. Be medicated
  2. Eliminate dog odor and be aromatic
  3. Be alcohol- and sulfate-free
  4. Contain moisturizing and hydrating agents
  5. Be Hypoallergenic
  6. Preferably contain organic compounds
  7. Be vet-approved and certified by United States Department of Agriculture
  8. Be softening, soothing, anti-dandruff, and conditioning
  9. Heal hot spots, scrapes and abrasions, mange, ringworm, dandruff, seborrhea
  10. Balance pH
  11. Contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-yeast botanical oils that encounter skin bacteria and fungi picked up by dogs from indoors and outdoors.
  12. Gentle on dogs inflamed skin
  13.  Eco-friendly and biodegradable

These are the basic qualities that your dog shampoo should have if your dog smells good and has healthy skin.

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

A best smelling dog shampoo is the one that will not only make your dog smell good but also make his skin and hair healthy too.

Let’s explore our top 10 picks.

1. Gerrard Larriett: Aromatherapy Shampoo & Conditioner for Dog

Remember the qualities mentioned above? This shampoo has it all.

Enriched with the essence of lavender & chamomile, this product has one-size-fits-all properties. It’s a vet- and groomer-approved; it’s free from alcohol, bleach, and other harmful chemicals; it has healing properties; and, lastly, it’s anti-itching. And after the first application, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Per the customers’ reviews, this shampoo thoroughly cleanses the dog’s fur, removes the odor, and leaves a gentle scent on your dog.

2. Bexley Labs: Curaseb Medicated Shampoo for Dogs

If your dog tries to run away from the shower, this formula will solve that issue. Based on calming and gentle ingredients and smelling awesomely good, this shampoo is going to be one of your favorite dog products. In addition, it will keep your dog’s hair healthy from both outside and inside. Its veterinary formula contains no harmful chemicals, like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate—which is used in products to get a fake lather.

3. Rocco & Roxie: Dog Shampoos for All Dogs

No dyes or artificial colors, no alcohols, phosphates, and parables, the all-natural formula of this product makes bath time equivalent to a relaxing belly rub. Its formula contains:

Usually, when you consult a vet to choose which shampoo, they won’t specify a product. Instead, they’d tell you a specific ingredient that the shampoo must contain. For sensitive and itchy fur, vets recommend aloe-Vera, and this shampoo has it.

4. Pawfume: Premium Shampoo and Conditioner

Finding a shampoo that goes well with your dog’s skin isn’t an easy task. One product can cause itchiness and dryness, while other may initiate a hair fall. And above all, if you find the right one, your dog won’t like it because of its intense smell. But, every cloud has a silver lining.

Pawfume’s dog shampoo and conditioner is aromatic, and its vet-certified formula gives long-lasting freshness. Moreover, its eco-friendly, sulfate-free, hypoallergenic, and balances pH based on its protective and probiotic therapy active, leaving behind a shiny, detangled, and moisturized coat.

5. Arm & Hammer: Super Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs

Every dog stinks if it’s not bathed regularly, that’s why they should be bathed every week. But if your dog has sensitive skin, bathing him frequently can dry out the skin and cause redness and rashes, meaning that you have to carefully choose a medicated shampoo that will prevent such issues.

However, medicated shampoos are a little expensive.

But worry not!

Arm & Hammer’s dog shampoo will solve your problem. It’s not only cost-effective and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation. Plus, because of its good smell, it sure deserves a place in the list of best smelling dog shampoos.

6. TropiClean: Naturally Derived Shampoo For Dog

First of all, its outlook with lush green color, coconut, and aloe definitely attracts eyes and tells us that it’s an herbal shampoo. And it truly is!

Its main ingredients are purified water, coconut, mined salt, oats, wheat, aloe, papaya, chamomile flower, kiwi, and mallow flower. The absence of artificial fragrances, soap, and parabens, and the presence of tropical plants gives it a long lasting refreshing scent leaving your pet smelling fresh and ready for cuddles!

Here is a general overview of ratings of the above-mentioned list best smelling dog shampoos.

ProductNumber of RatingsPrice Starting FromAvg. Rating
Bexley Labs8,451 $16.954.6
Arm & Hammer6,863$14.994.6
Rocco & Roxie912$16.974.5
Gerrard Larriett827$11.994.5

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