Why Is My Dog Peeing So Much? (12 Causes of Frequent Urination in Dogs)

A dog sitting on a large dog diaper with urine stains on it

Dog owners are concerned a lot about their canines’ toilet habits and spend a lot of time taking their dogs outside for bathroom breaks. One of the major worries dog owners have is more frequent urination in dogs, leading to a dog peeing in the house. Conversely, a dog not passing urine is also worrisome […]

Is My Dog in Love With the Neighbor’s Dog? Subtle Signs Saying Yes!

A border collie holding a red rose in his mouth

Whatever happens in movies can happen in real life too. Not too long ago, you might have watched the 2019 movie – Lady and the Tramp – and started suspecting the presence of a lovely friend in your furry pal’s life. So, who is the lucky Lady in your pet’s case? Is it your neighbor’s […]

Do Dogs Eat Their Own Puppies?

Group of cute newborn little puppies

Several animals are known to eat their offspring. Hamsters eat their babies, and so do cats. But do dogs eat their own puppies? How can our furry pals resort to homicide? The query is unpleasant but read on, as we dig deeper to find out why and under what circumstances dogs eat their own puppies. […]

Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens? Everything About Dog Howling

A Husky dog howls raising its muzzle upwards beside a river

It isn’t entirely surprising to find your dog almost dutifully howling in response to the wailing siren of an ambulance or police car passing by. The behavior though peculiar, is not unheard of. Nonetheless, it does leave many people utterly bewildered. Why do dogs howl at sirens? If only we could ask them. Because despite […]

Why Is My Dog Breathing So Fast? 13 Possible Reasons

An Alaskan malamute breathing fast with the tongue out

Recently, I came across some interesting facts about the canine respiratory system. My favorites – those that amazed me the most – included the ability of dogs to breathe in and out simultaneously and their capability to sniff separately with only one nostril at a time. Instantly, in my head, I pictured dog breathing to […]

Why Does My Dog Hate My Girlfriend? How Do I Deal With That?

A corgi dog looking away from a cuddling couple

Dogs are known for their loyalty and a great sense of attitude. But that is not all; while they are capable of loving humans, they can also develop hatred towards certain people or even other animals for different reasons. In fact, it is common for these creatures to hate their owner’s spouse, and they do […]

Home in Mess: How to Stop a Dog From Peeing in the House?

Toilet problems in dogs, terrier puppy sitting in a pile of paper rolls

Urine accidents are no joke – the pet owners who face them know how bad it feels. Urine accidents happen once in a while, and as responsible dog owners, we ought to deal with them without complaining. But it gets really frustrating when the dog develops a habit of peeing in the house. And if […]

Does My Dog Hate Me? 10 Signs, 9 Reasons, and 7 Solutions

Disappointed frustrated young female dog owner sad holding her pug

We love our dogs, and they love us back. Where dogs are capable of loving us, many dog owners wonder if dogs are capable of hatred as well. While dogs are incapable of feeling hate, several dog behaviors might make their owners think that their dog hates them. If you have been wondering, “does my […]

Dog Makes Grunting Noises When Sleeping? Here Are the Causes and Solutions!

A brown dog sleeping on the rug

Canines have a range of languages – they make snorting, barking, and a plethora of other sounds. But if your dog makes grunting noises when sleeping – a sound that seemingly is alien to the canine world – it is natural for you to be worried. But worry not. There is rarely any serious issue […]

How to Make Your Dog Get Along With Your Girlfriend in 3 Stages?

AHappy young couple sitting on the floor with cute corgi

Having to choose between your girlfriend and your dog is a nightmare. It may sound outrageous, but findings show that dog owners often have to put an end to their relationships because of their dogs.   Imagine if your dog hates your girlfriend or if your girlfriend asks you to choose between her and him […]

Why Is My Dog Barking at Guests? How to Stop It?

A adorable dog sitting on the grass outdoor, barking

Barking is the natural way for canines to express themselves – if truth be told, it is one of their favorite jobs. Sometimes, you might find your pooch barking at nothing (literally) and even barking in his sleep. But this seemingly simple dog trait can quickly escalate into a social embarrassment for dog keepers when […]

Why is My Dog Growling at Nothing?

Dog Growling At Something in the Snow

Growling is one of the ways dogs express themselves. In fact, it is an excellent way to let pet parents know their pup might need some attention. But it does feel baffling when they do so in the absence of any obvious trouble. It happens frequently enough to make you wonder, why is my dog […]