8 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Signs your dog loves you

It is often said ‘dogs are humans’ best friends.’ Dog owners second this saying. Most of them will tell you that they regard their dogs as their best friends, a part of their everyday routine, be it going on walks, sharing meals, or even discussing the nitty-gritty of their everyday lives. Apart from common observations, […]

Do Dobermans Shed? All You Need to Know About Grooming a Dobie

Do Dobermans Shed

Dobermans are large dogs, popular for their intimidating personality and outstanding guarding abilities. They are preferred by dog lovers because they have short coats and don’t need a lot of grooming. But the question many pet parents want to find an answer to is, do Dobermans shed? And, are they heavy shedders or moderate ones? […]

Why Is My Dog Panting at Night? The Causes and Treatment

Why Is My Dog Panting at Night The Causes and Treatment

Dogs are indeed fun to be around. Whether you’re having a perfect day or a not-so-good day, a sight of your pet dog will surely lift your spirit. They are ecstatic and joyful creatures, always in the mood. But what if your dog abruptly starts panting at night? Is this a red light that you […]

Why is My Dog Licking the Floor? Is it Problematic?

Why is My Dog Licking the Floor

Biting, chewing, or being hyperactive is common in dogs, but why is my dog licking the floor? Dog owners juggle up with these thoughts when their dogs suddenly act strange. Dogs lick themselves. It’s a common fact of life. However, sometimes dogs develop unusual behaviors—they would start licking furniture, walls, or even the floor. Such […]

Do Aussiedoodles Shed?

Do Aussiedoodles shed

Are you planning to adopt a dog? One of the most important aspects before deciding on adoption is to compare different dog breeds, especially for how much they shed. If the main concern is dog allergies, your top priority will be to go for a breed that sheds less. If you have laid your eyes […]

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Peeing?

How long can a dog go without peeing

As humans, we all can understand the urge we feel when it comes to nature’s call, so there is no need to think that the situation is different for our tail wagers. So, how long can a dog go without peeing? This question is essential for those dog owners who leave for day-long work or […]

Why Is My Dog Peeing In The House? The Facts and Myths

Dog peeing in the house

Dog peeing in the house is one of the most common problems that many dog owners go through. It can be very tiring to clean all the mess again and again. Also, this can be due to a medical problem, so it must be resolved as earlier as possible.  In young dogs, the reason for […]

Is White Yorkie a Myth: The Enthralling Facts

White Yorkie

If you’re a passionate dog lover, you must have heard about the Yorkshire Terrier but have you ever heard of the White Yorkie? Just like the name, the unique White Yorkies are not officially registered as a breed by the American Kennel Club as it doesn’t meet the standards of a breed. Having said that, […]

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic?

Are Pomeranians hypoallergenic

It’s a cliché, but we will say it once more: dogs are everyone’s favorite pets. With their fluffy coats and cute eyes, Pomeranians are one of the most popular domesticated dogs. Thanks to their lovable nature and endearing traits, they are frequently cast in TV commercials and also become celebrities’ pets. Pomeranians are the smallest […]

Is a Dog Barking in Sleep Normal?

Dog barking in sleep

It is a peaceful night, and after a tough day, you are in a deep sleep. “Woof woof,” you hear your dog barking at night. Oh no! He is barking in his sleep again. Is everything okay? Every dog owner is well aware that, just like humans, dogs also have their language. To us, it […]

How to Tell How Old a Dog Is: A Comprehensive Guide

How to tell how old a dog is

Dogs are generally referred to as the most loyal and faithful companions one can have. With their shiny round eyes and their tongues, dogs are always sticking out of their mouths, staring at their owners in awe. Frederick, the King of Prussia, regarded dogs as a man’s best friend. Dogs come in all sizes—from tiny […]

How Many Toes Does a Dog Have: A Complete Guide to Answer Your Question

How many toes does a dog have

Our pets amaze us with their unique physical features and distinct personality traits every day. We are fascinated by their bodies, their anatomy, and other characteristics in which they are different from us. With that being said, if you are a dog owner, you may already know some interesting facts about your canine pal. You […]