Dogs are known for their loyalty and a great sense of attitude. But that is not all; while they are capable of loving humans, they can also develop hatred towards certain people or even other animals for different reasons.

In fact, it is common for these creatures to hate their owner’s spouse, and they do not care if the person on target is a man or a woman.

If you have a dog that hates your lovemate and makes you question, “why does my dog hate my girlfriend” know that there can be several reasons for that – but the relief from those is quite possible.

Why Does My Dog Hate My Girlfriend?

The reasons why your dog hates your girlfriend stem from typical canine behavioral traits. If that does not turn out to be the case, it could be the responsibility of your girlfriend.

Your Dog Thinks of Her as a Threat

Due to protective and territorial tendencies, dogs sometimes attempt to protect their areas at any cost. In your case, his territory could be anything – your home, yard, garden, room, and even you. Resultantly, anyone that approaches or tries to trespass those canine boundaries will be bound to face resistance.

And since dogs may need several months to get comfortable with a new person in or near their territory, your pup will continue to ‘hate’ your girlfriend for some undefined period.

Your Pup Is Jealous

Ask yourself a few questions: Do you spend more time with your girlfriend or your dog? Do you pet him more or cuddle with your love partner more? If the answers go in favor of your girlfriend, would you not be irritated if you put yourself into your dog’s shoes?

Researchers and psychologists agree that dogs do feel envy and that such behavior is deeply ingrained in their brains. If you, being a human, have qualms answering the questions above, your dog might have a right to feel jealous – especially if your girlfriend has moved into your home recently.

Eventually, it becomes quite natural for our furry pals to feel hatred towards those who get more attention.

Did You Know?

Some dogs are famous for their jealousy. The ‘Papillon Chihuahua Mix can feel the envy of even other animals and prefer to be the only pet in the home.

Your Girlfriend Has Been Abusive

Cruelty, both emotional and physical, leaves deep scars on animal behavior. If your girlfriend has not been treating your doggo well, chances are that they will have a ruptured relationship that might be permanent. Abuse doesn’t only mean physically punishing a dog; it could also mean shouting or throwing things at dogs, even if it is done for fun.

Clear signs manifesting that this has been the case are food aggression, separation anxiety, fear when along with your girlfriend, and antisocial behavior. If you get an inkling that your dog is the victim of abuse, intervene between your dog and your girlfriend.

Your girlfriend might do such things to make your dog happy but what she may miss is understanding the behavior of your dog. It is for you to guide her about what makes your dog happy and what are the turn-off points.

Does This Put My Relationship at Risk?

Generally, if you are considerate enough to save your relationship while managing your dog’s behavior effectively, no, your relationship will not be ruptured.

But you need to be super-careful – as per some experts, it is increasingly becoming common for couples to argue over pets. In extreme cases, such arguments can even lead to separations and divorces. And since dogs are the most commonly owned pets, it is they who are the most common culprits in relationship disputes related to pets.

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How to Get Your Dog to Like Your Girlfriend?

Getting your canine love to forge good relations with your girlfriend is not a difficult feat; just be patient, and follow the steps given below.

Things to Do With Your Dog

Let Your Dog and Your Girlfriend Play Together

Playing with a dog is an excellent way of bolstering one’s relationship with him. Additionally, doing so can also lead to respectful interactions. If your girlfriend plays with your pet a lot, he will feed off her excitement, strengthening the bond further.

Use different dog toys, especially those at the top of your dog’s list of favorites.

Praise and Bribe Your Dog

Dogs respond well to treats – use them for your purpose. Whenever your dog misbehaves with your girlfriend, ask him to calm down. If he does so, offer him a tasty treat. This trick should work fine for enhancing the relationship between your dog and your girlfriend.

Similarly, according to some sources, dogs are much more motivated by praise than food. Therefore, if you praise your canine pal effectively whenever he manifests good behavior with your girlfriend, pour your heart down to praise him.

Let Your Girlfriend Join You Guys

Whenever you and your pooch are outside having fun, exercising, or training, let your girlfriend show up. Let her be a part of those activities, and it will help her secure a good place in your dog’s heart.

This trick can be especially helpful when it comes to feeding. Let your girlfriend feed your dog with her own hands. Several sources claim that feeding a dog incites love in him, which can help forge a good partnership.

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Things to Work on With Your Girlfriend

Sort it Out With Your Girlfriend

Discuss your dog with your girlfriend before you let her move into your place. Discuss when the dog should sleep and whether he would be granted entrance into your room, kitchen, and so on. Sort out such little but important matters beforehand to make sure neither your girlfriend nor your dog gets hurt in the process of making your dog like your girlfriend.

Monitor Your Girlfriend’s Attitude With Your Dog

Always give time to observe how your girlfriend behaves with your pup. Take your dog with you often and let your girlfriend interact with him. If you notice any sort of aggression on her part, take notice immediately.

Discuss politely with her why she does that and what her insecurities are. Let her open up, and if she wills, take the help of a psychologist too – this may sound odd, but it will beautify the life of your dog.

Why Does My Dog Hate My Girlfriend? Final Words

Your dog hates your girlfriend because of his inherent canine traits of being territorial or jealous. However, it can be the fault of your girlfriend too. But the correction of such behavior is possible either by correcting your dog or by working with your lovemate on the issue.

|A Piece of Advice: Since dogs are notorious for their ability to rupture relationships, never be late to mend what has gone wrong!

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