Are orchids poisonous to cats? The question has been hotly debated for many years. There are tons of articles and research done on the topic but are orchids really poisonous? The answer is no. There are two different types of orchids—one is safe for cats and the other is toxic—true blue orchids and cat-tail orchids. Cat-tail orchids are generally safe for cats however, true blue orchids can cause health issues if ingested by your feline friend.

Many cat owners are unaware of the fact that certain types of orchids—specifically the true blue orchids—are poisonous to cats whereas the Cat-tail orchids are safe. It is highly important to understand the difference between the two before generally considering orchids as toxic and harmful for cats. In this article, we will discuss what type of orchids are poisonous, the symptoms of ingestion and what you should do if your cat has been exposed.

The Connection Between Cats and Orchids

As mentioned earlier, many people around the world are often confused regarding orchids and their effect on cats. However, the truth is that most of the orchid species are not harmful to cats—as long as they don’t munch on a big piece of the plant. It will only cause stomach issues if your kitty manages to nibble on some of these orchids.

What If a Cat Eats an Orchid Plant?

What are some orchids that are harmful but NOT poisonous to cats? Orchid plants are beautiful and do not easily fit into toxic, but there are a few exceptions. The most common types are Phragmipediums (Paph), Cattleya species including Miltonia, Oncidiums (including Brassavola), Lycaste spp., Dendrobium spp., Cymbidium spp., Paphiopedilum sp.(Phals). Unfortunately, these can cause vomiting and diarrhea if ingested by your cat.

To be on the safe side, if your cat munches on orchids, call a veterinarian immediately.

Prudent Steps to Keep Your Cat Away from Plants

If you own a cat, it is important to take precautionary steps to keep your kitty away from harmful plants. Many common houseplants are poisonous and could lead to serious health problems in pets if ingested. This section will provide some advice on having plants in your house.

– Do not allow any indoor or outdoor plant near access doors i.e., windows, where your cat can have access to toxic plants nearby.

– Keep all areas clean that are accessible to your pet at ground level.

– Avoid having hanging plants in places accessible to cats.

– Make sure there are no toxic plants located near outdoor enclosures or kitty play areas.

Orchids Are Not Poisonous to Cats

All cat experts agree that orchids are perfectly safe for cats, although it’s not recommended to have them within reach. The worst that can happen is a serious upset stomach if your cat decides to chew on your orchids, although it’s unusual for this to happen. With that said, some plants are toxic to cats, and you should be aware of those as well.


You might think that orchids are poisonous to cats, but they’re not. However, if your cat nibbles on one of these plants, it may feel sick with any number of symptoms depending on the size of your kitty and what you’ve used for fertilizer. The best way to protect your cat safe is by selecting organic plant care products and stopping them from touching the orchids.

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