Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats

Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats

Has your cat been coughing and sneezing? Does she have a fever and acting lethargic? Is there any nasal or ocular discharge on your kitty’s face? Most probably, it’s the cat cold making your cat cough and sneeze. This cat cold is known as upper respiratory infection in cats. Feline upper respiratory infection (URI), also […]

Cat Eye Infection: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Cat eye infection

A wink from your crush is exciting—hinting she is interested. But a wink from your feline fella could be distressing—tipping you off that there is something wrong with her. Unusual blinking, pawing at and discharge from eyes, and swelling are some of the signs of a cat eye infection. Amongst all animals, cats have the […]

Cat Ear Infection: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Where humans shaking their heads is a sign of disagreement, cats shaking their heads signify that their ear is bugging them. Although ear infections are not as common in felines as in their canine counterparts, still your cat may get one, which can be complex and if not diagnosed and treated timely could lead to […]

Cat Not Drinking Water: How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water?

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water

There is no life without water. All living organisms need water. Plants need water to grow, humans need water to survive, and for their bodies to function properly. Similarly, cats need water as well. But when they stop drinking water, you get concerned. And rightly so—they are not camels that can store water in their […]

Do Cats Have Belly Button?

Do cats have belly button

Have you ever tried looking for belly buttons on your cats? Did you have any luck? Probably no. Having no luck locating their cats’ belly button, after looking for hours, many cat owners may wonder: Do cats have belly button? Do cats have an innie or outie? Before we get to that, have you ever […]

A Vet’s Answer to How Often Do You Take a Cat to the Vet?

How Often Do You Take a Cat to the Vet

Vet visits are a huge hassle both for cat owners and their cats. The whole process of putting your cat in the carrier, driving to the vet clinic with your cat hissing and growling, looking for a parking space, entering the clinic packed with unfamiliar cats and dogs, and the endless waiting riles up your […]

Distemper in Cats: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Distemper in cats

Feline infectious enteritis (FIE), commonly known as cat or feline distemper, is a contagious and deadly viral disease in cats. Distemper in cats is caused by the feline panleukopenia virus (FPV). The virus attacks the rapidly dividing blood cells in the cat body–skin, intestinal tract, and bone marrow–weakening the defensive mechanism. This makes infected cats […]

How to Tell if Your Cat Is Dying? 7 Signs Your Cat Is Dying!

Signs Your Cat Is Dying

Cats are stoic creatures. They are best at hiding their sickness and vulnerabilities, keeping the symptoms of sickness under the rug until it becomes impossible to hide. However, there are subtle signs that can help responsible pet owners identify if their cat is sick. Similarly, there are some signs your cat is dying, thereby helping […]

Cat Care: Subtle Signs Your Cat is Sick

Signs your cat is sick

Do you want to look out for signs your cat is sick? You must be pretty mad at yourself for not being able to spot the signs of illness in a cat when the vet told you that your cat has been sick for a while. Please, don’t. It’s neither your fault nor your cat’s. […]