According to Cornell University, 85% of cats face periodontal diseases when they reach the age of six years. When dental hygiene is left unattended, plaque buildup may ensue in cats which hardens to form tartar, leading to tooth decay and making them a part of the dentally affected majority. At worst, if the plaque is ingested, it can go into the bloodstream, causing heart, liver, and kidney issues – eventually decreasing the lifespan. But since our furry friends are great at hiding their health issues, people around them rarely know about their sufferings.

Owing to these facts, it becomes very important for pet owners to ensure that their cats’ teeth are super clean all the time. But how much does cat teeth cleaning cost? Well, it depends – let us explain.

How Much Does Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost?

If regular teeth cleaning at home is concerned, it costs less than $10 a month. But if professional cleaning is to be done – which is the only option if your cat has tartar buildup or any infection – generally, the cost lies between $100 and 400.

That said, many factors are involved in determining how many cat teeth cleaning sessions would be. For instance, the age of the cat. If your feline pal is a senior – say, above 10 years of age – she will have excessive plaque and tartar buildup, requiring a longer procedure, which can cause a spike in the cost of the procedure. Similarly, if your cat neither settles down nor allows work on her teeth easily, the vet will be compelled to use sedatives, which will add to the final bill. Likewise, to name a few other factors, the size of the teeth, clinic type and location, and the use of insurance also play a decisive role in the calculation of cat teeth cleaning costs.

Larger Jumps in Cost

Note that the cost scenario discussed above applies only if your kitty is not suffering from any serious dental health issues, i.e., bacterial or viral infection. If the vet finds out the prevalence of such issues after the initial examination, additional treatment might be advised, incurring extra cost. Depending upon the service provided, the final price may make larger jumps.

The most common additional procedures required during cat dental cleaning and examination sessions are discussed below.

AnesthesiaTo keep the cat calm if the job is going to cause pain.$25 to $200
TreatmentIf the cat has an infection or abscess, antibiotics may be prescribed$25 to $100
X-RaysIf the vet suspects any cracks or cavities.$125 to $250

How Often Do a Cat’s Teeth Need Cleaning?

According to the Hudson Animal Hospital, regardless of the signs and symptoms of bad dental health, it is recommended that the owners should get their cats’ teeth professionally cleaned every year at a minimum. Though the exact frequency may depend upon the age, diet, genetics, lifestyle, the overall health of a cat, it is easy to miss the sign of excessive tartar and plaque buildup when you examine it yourself. On the other hand, a vet can spot them easily and use special tools for their removal.

Also, note that though it is not a substitute for annual dental cleaning by a professional, you should brush your cat’s teeth at least three times a week to ensure no leftover food particles between her teeth that can contribute to plaque buildup in the long term. Although brushing may seem just like a daily chore, it is a guarantor of long-term oral health.

Jasper Finger Cat Toothbrush

Jasper Finger Cat Toothbrush has a unique 360° design that lets you clean the whole mouth with just a few swipes. It keeps the teeth in a good and solid-clean state.  

What Are the Steps in Professional Cat Teeth Cleaning?

Once brought before the vet, your cat will undergo teeth cleaning process in the following steps:

Is Professional Dental Cleaning Included in Pet Insurance Packages?

Good news: thanks to the rising awareness of pets’ health care, many insurance companies are up to the task of making all-inclusive insurance packages for maintaining overall health, including dental hygiene. Furthermore, dental insurance is already being offered by several insurance providers.

Average news: though dental insurance is being offered by a lot of providers, dental cleaning, scaling, and polishing are not usually a part of these. Moreover, what exactly the dental insurance include varies from provider to provider. Most likely, if a dental cleaning is included in a package, it will be a costlier plan than the average.

How to Maintain Feline Dental Hygiene?

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

At home, there are several ways to maintain your cat’s dental hygiene and make sure that no additional cost is incurred in your vet’s bill when you take her for teeth cleaning.

Though brushing the teeth is the best way, it may require proper training and adept handling, making it a difficult task. Besides brushing, there are many ways you could help your cat maintain its dental health.

Dental Chews

Dental chews are specially designed treats for cats and other pets to remove the daily plaque accumulation, thus keeping periodontal diseases at bay. In the wild, the fur of the prey acts as a natural plaque remover. To replicate this provision for domestic cats, dental chews play an important role.

DentaLife Dental Cat Treats

have been scientifically tested for tartar removal in cats. In addition, they come with added calcium, taurine, vitamins, and minerals.

Dry Kibble

Dry kibble typically contributes to dental cleaning in cats. As the tooth penetrates the kibble, the food crumbles and may break down the plaque, providing a mechanism for teeth cleaning.

Keto-Kibble Dry Cat Food

is a super-tasty and protein-rich dry kibble for your cat. Besides maintaining dental hygiene, it also provides for overall health.

Dental Gel

Dental gels are effective in preventing tooth decay. Additionally, some products are also capable of controlling bacteria and cavities in cats.

Oratene Oral Care Cat Dental Gel

is made up of a natural and multi-complex enzyme system that effectively dissolves plaque. It also prevents periodontal diseases and bad breath.


Keep looking for the signs and symptoms of bad teeth and gums in your cat periodically. If you find any of these, make sure you contact the vet right away. They include:

Did You Know?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, most dental diseases in pets occur below the gum line, where they are difficult to spot. 

Conclusion: How Much Does Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Cat teeth cleaning at home costs below $10 a month; however, if professional vet services are sought, the cost may range between $100 to $400. If the vet were to spot and serious dental problem in a cat, you might have to pay for some extra procedures.

On average, cats might need professional teeth cleaning only once a year, but you should keep up your feline pal’s dental hygiene at home by taking the necessary steps. This will not only make her teeth healthy but also contribute to her overall wellbeing. Remember – owning a pet is a privilege, but catering to its health needs is a responsibility!

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