An adorable part of Egyptian cat breeds, Abyssinians are a type of tabby cat distinguished by big ears and beautiful ticking color patterns. Thanks to their lovely personality and striking physical features, they rank among the top 5 most popular breeds.

But like other felines, Abys also exist in different colors – seven to be precise, which makes it somewhat difficult for kitty lovers to decide which one to go after.

To acquaint our such kitty-curious readers with Abyssinian cat colors with the comprehensive ins and outs, we have jotted down all about Abyssinian colors in detail below.

Let us jump into it!

Did You Know?

All Abyssinians are born with dark coat hair, which gradually turns lighter over time into the color group they belong to.

4 Standard Abyssinian Cat Colors

Four “standard” colors exist in Abyssinian cats that are called so because the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the largest entity for pedigreed felines, recognizes only these colors as standard – namely, blue, fawn, ruddy, and sorrel. Nevertheless, note that despite different colors in different body areas, the eye color in each type remains the same: amber, green, yellow, pure, or intense color.


Close up of a Blue Abyssinian cat
(Blue Abyssinian by Andrew Polandeze, Licensed Under CC-BY-2.0)

Blue is among the most popular colors in Abyssinian kitties. Though the coat color is not exactly blue, it is steel-gray in a deep enough color to trick our eyes by appearing blue. Another interpretation could be that they are of the warm beige color ticked with various blue shades. Moreover, the base, belly, and inside the legs are usually hued in pale cream color. Although not in all but most blue Abyssinian cats, a dark blue stripe is present along the spine, and their tails come in deep shades of blue. Similarly, the paw pads are blue-mauve with slate blue shades between the toes extending slightly beyond the paws.

Blue Abyssinian cats seem to be the pastel version of ruddy Abyssinians. Their attractive warm color makes it almost impossible for cat lovers not to cuddle them. Likewise, this exceptional coat hue makes the eyes especially beautiful regardless of their color.

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Close up of a Fawn Abyssinian cat

Fawn is among the rarest coat colors found in Abyssinian cats, and that is why those who intend to buy fawn Abys usually have to undergo an intense search.

Abyssinians with fawn color are quite similar to those having sorrel coats: the former is somewhat like the pastel version of the latter. These kitties have a brown cocoa base that goes into the stomach and inside the legs. But since it is ticked with light brown or deep pink bands, they give off the appearance of an antique rose color. Likewise, the stripe on the back is cream-colored, and the tails are tipped with a deep pinkish buff. There exists a deep pink color between their toes, slightly extending up the back of the paws.


Close up of a Ruddy Abyssinian cat

Ruddy is the most common color in Abyssinian cats and is, therefore, usually classified as the “original” color of Abys. Another common name for this color is tawny, while it is referred to as “usual” in the United Kingdom in particular.

Ruddy Aby cats look a lot like cougars. Their coat is rich with ruddy brown color, ticked with either black or brown hue, while the color closest to the skin is vibrant burnt orange. Similarly, the underbelly and the inside of the legs are also burnt orange. Moreover, they lack stripes, lines, or marks of any kind on their bodies.

Their noses are red, and the most common eye color ruddy Abys have is green. Similarly, the color of the feet, the back of the hind legs, and in between the toes is black.


Close up of a Sorrel Abyssinian cat

The sorrel color in Abyssinian cats is also known as red and cinnamon. Often described as the diluted variation of the ruddy color, the sorrel Abys typically have a warm copper-red, apricot, or yellowish-brown base ticked with either red or brown colors while they lack black color because the gene causing it is recessive in them. Likewise, the underbelly and the inside of their legs are ticked with a chocolate brown hue and do not have any stripe or pattern. Their paws are pink, while the color between their toes is chocolate.

Only Abyssinians Have Sorrel Color!

In cats, the sorrel color can only be found in Abys. This color is very rare in felines and almost never found in other breeds.

3 Unique Abyssinian Cat Colors

Other than the standard colors, there are other colors though less common but well-known for their beauty and ability to create an impression on cat lovers’ minds. Though not recognized by the CFA, these colors are recognized by other cat associations such as The International Cat Association (TICA).


Chocolate Abys are classified as the intermediate between the sorrel and ruddy colors. This specific color gene came to Abyssinians in 1970 by crossing the breed with a chocolate-pointed Siamese.

Having a unique beauty of their own, chocolate Abyssinian kitties have a rich copper-brown base coat all over the body, which is ticked with chocolate brown. Their noses and paw pads are also dark brown.


Lilac is an unusual pastel version of chocolate Abys and is among the rarest hues. However, the name “Lilac” is somewhat inaccurate as the ticking is light dove-gray. When combined with the pink or cream base color, the overall effect comes out to be lilac. The nose and paw pads, however, are mauve-colored.


Silver is described as the oldest and the first color in Abyssinians, though it is difficult to prove if the first Aby was silver. Silver Abys exist as a separate group containing four subtypes of colors. These subtypes have a common base color, i.e., white or silver, but different ticking, nose, and paws colors.

Taking Care of Abyssinian Cat Coat

With almost no shedding at all, Abyssinians are among the ideal kitties to be kept at home. However, to make their variety of colors look fresh and eye-catching as always, the owners should follow the grooming steps below on a regular basis:

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