Noted most for her trademark hairlessness and unique skin texture, the Sphynx is an interesting cat. Evolved through a genetic mutation first noticed in Canada, it is surprising the trait did not appear in a desert as a heat management mechanism.

Considering the loyal fan following she has garnered, the number of people interested in the Sphynx cat color chart and her attributes isn’t entirely surprising. Contrary to the general perception, it is not bald but has short, fine hair on the bridge of the nose and ears. You may also come across Sphynxes with some hair on their tails and feet, even a peachy fuzz covering their entire body, though not neutralizing their hairless appearance. In the absence of a coat per se, colors, shades, and patterns appear in the pigmented skin, which we will discuss in more detail.

Breed Overview

Sphynx Cat Overview

Height: 9 – 10 in.

Weight: 6 – 12 lbs.

Skin Color: All

Mark: Solid, Tabby, Point, Calico, Bi-Color, Tortoiseshell

Life Expectancy: 8 – 14 Yrs.

Origin: Toronto, Canada & Minnesota, USA

The Sphynx is a medium-sized cat with a moderate body conformation. It has a modified-wedge-shaped head, pronounced and rounded cheekbones, big lemon-shaped eyes, medium-sized arched neck, sturdy body with a broad chest, well-developed rump, medium boning, and a long flexible tail. Thanks to their big ears, they are included in the list of cats with big ears. Their legs are muscular, with the hind limbs longer than the forelimbs. The distinctive wrinkles of the Sphynx cat are desired over the muzzle, shoulders, and between the ears.


The Cat Fanciers Association accepts all colors and marks in the Sphynx cat standards. Since they do not have a coat to protect them, they lose body heat very quickly and are susceptible to tanning on prolonged exposure to the sun.


Solid Sphynx cats have a level-toned color covering their entire bodies in blue, black, and cinnamon shades. The nose and paw pads show an exception for the white, cream, and lavender ones, where they have pink noses and paw pads. Red kitties display red brick-shaded noses and paws, while the fawn has a pale or pinkish fawn shade running over their bodies. 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


One cannot comprehend the Sphynx cat color chart without exploring the color patterns it displays. All patterns are found and accepted in the standards for this cat.

Tabby Pattern

The tabby cat has distinctive rings, swirls, and concentric marks on either side, visible via the contrasting shades to the base color. The pattern has several sub-categories.

Classic Tabby

In the classic tabby pattern, the Sphynx has clearly marked, evenly spaced bracelets on their legs and rings on their tails. The neck and upper chest have several unbroken necklaces, whereas dual vertical rows of buttons mark their chest and stomach. Facial wrinkles form an elaborate M shape on the forehead and swirls on the cheek.

Their backs have a clearly outlined butterfly shape, marked with dots, where three parallel lines extend from the butterfly and go down along the spine and to the end of the tail. Either side of the body carries an identical pattern, complete with a solid blotch encircled by one or more rings. 

Mackerel Tabby

The mackerel pattern is very similar to the classic tabby except for the narrow stripes running around the body; several necklaces on the neck and chest give the impression of several hanging chains.

Spotted Tabby

A spotted tabby Sphynx has classic tabby markings on her face and head; distinct spots on the rest of the body in the rosette, oval, and round shapes. A dotted stripe flows along the body to the end of the tail. As with the classic tabby, the markings are more pronounced on the legs, tails, and the underside displays buttons.

Patched Tabby

Also known as the torbie, the patched tabby pattered Sphynx is a cat in brown, cinnamon, blue, fawn, silver, chocolate, or lavender color with red and cream-colored patches over the extremities and the rest of the body, preferably with a facial blaze.

Tabby PatternBase ColorPattern ColorNosePaw Pads
Silver TabbyPale Clear SilverDense BlackBrick RedBlack
Brown TabbyCoppery BrownDense BlackBrick RedBlack/Brown
Blue TabbyPale Bluish IvoryDeep BlueOld RoseRose
Red TabbyRedDeep RedBrick RedBrick Red
Cream TabbyPale CreamBuff/CreamPinkPink
ChocolateWarm FawnChestnut BrownChestnut/PinkCinnamon
Chocolate-SilverSilverRich ChestnutChestnut/PinkCinnamon
CINNAMON TABBYHoneyDense CinnamonCinnamon/CoralCoral
LAVENDER TABBYPale LavenderRich LavenderLavender/ PinkLavender-Pink
LAVENDER-SILVER TABBYClear SilverLavenderLavender/ PinkLavender-Pink
FAWN TABBYPale Ivory Dense FawnPale FawnPale Fawn

Sphynx Color Combinations in the Tabby Pattern


The tortoiseshell pattern is characterized by red and/or cream Sphynx skin with a black patch and/or mottle, preferably with a blaze on the face. 

Tortoiseshell PatternBase ColorMottle/PatchBlaze
Chocolate Chestnut BrownRed and/or CreamDesirable
CinnamonCinnamon Red and/or CreamDesirable
Lavender-CreamLavender CreamDesirable
Fawn-CreamFawn CreamDesirable

Sphynx Color Combinations in the Tortoiseshell Pattern


The calico Sphynx is a white cat covered with unbridled patches of black and red colors. In Van Calico and Dilute Van Calico, the colored patches are limited to the head, legs, and tail (extremities), with only one to two tiny colored patches on the body.

Calico PatternBase ColorPatch ColorPatch Distribution
Classic CalicoWhite or Fawn/Lavender/Cinnamon/ChocolateBlack and redWhole
VAN White or Fawn/Lavender/Cinnamon/ChocolateBlack and redExtremities
DILUTEWhiteBlue and CreamWhole
DILUTE VAN WhiteBlue and CreamExtremities

Sphynx Color Combinations in the Calico Pattern


As the name suggests, bicolor is any colored pattern, including solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, or pointed, with white.

Van Bi-color

The van bicolor is the same as the simple bicolor, only this pattern limits the colored patches to the extremities, with one or two tiny patches elsewhere on the body.


A pointed patterned Sphynx is pale with little to no contrasting darker legs, tails, and ears. Cats born with this pattern are lighter at birth and gradually develop a solid color until reaching maturity. Pointed Sphynx cats have vivid blue eyes, and the nose & paw pads match the skin color. This pattern may appear in combination with any marking except mink and any color.


The mink Sphynx has darker legs, tails, and ears than the base skin color. Like the pointed cats, the kittens are born lighter and darken as they mature. They have aqua-colored eyes, and their nose & paw pads match the skin color. The mink pattern may appear in combination with any marking except pointed and in any color.

ColorBase ColorNose ColorPaw Pads
SABLESable BrownBrownBrown
CHAMPAGNEHoney BeigeLight, warm brownWarm, pinkish-tan
PLATINUMPale, Silvery GreyLavender-PinkLavender-Pink

Sphynx Color Combinations in the Mink Pattern

OSC (Other Sphynx Colors)

This category accounts for all the other colors and patterns that fall outside of the other classification

Final Words

The Sphynx cat color chart is rather diverse, with all the colors and patterns accepted. In the absence of a coat, all the colors are displayed on the feline skin. Quite a fascinating and social breed, the Sphynx is prone to heat loss due to the very lack of coat. Therefore, interested people need to consider additional care, including keeping her indoors for her wellbeing.  

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