Can Cats Sense Fear? What to Expect From Your Cat Sensing Fear?

Can cats sense fear

Cats are known for several amazing capabilities: extraordinary hearing, superior vision, great sense of smell, and flexibility, to name a few. Besides these earthly capabilities, our cats often appear to be magical – they often predict tragic events before they occur, detect illnesses in humans by sensing chemical changes, and much more. This article will […]

Siamese Cat Personality 101: Pros & Cons Of a Siamese Cat

siamese cat personality

The Siamese, one of the most popular pedigreed cats, has an ever-growing fan base. Smitten by its striking beauty, many people flirt with the idea of adding one to their family. But how do they know if it is indeed the right fit for their family? Discover the Siamese cat’s personality in this article, and […]

Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me? (Reasons and Takeaways)

Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me

Cats have been revered almost in every culture throughout history. Not to mention, they were buried alongside the kings in ancient Egypt! We continue carrying out this job even today—only to see, sometimes, that we are getting nothing more than cold shoulders in return as if we were merely their servants. But why does this […]

Do Mother Cats Get Sad When Their Kittens Leave?

Kitten cuddling mama cat

“Do mother cats get sad when their kittens leave?” is the common concern of all cat owners. If you are moving the kittens of your pet for any legit reason—e.g., finding them a new, better home—after they have stayed with their mother for long enough, you are only assisting the natural process. But, after all, […]

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge? (Do Cats Hold Grudges?)

A Scottish Fold cat looking angrily at the camera

You yelled at your cat for jumping over the kitchen sink and knocking down a couple of plates. You are now calm, but your cat is still furious – she is mad at you. It is mealtime for your kitty, but she is in a mood and not eating the meal that you have served. […]

How Many Lives Do Cats Have? Do Cats Have 9 Lives?

An adorable domestic cat is looking at the camera

Why do they always emerge safe and sound from conceivably death-dealing situations? Do cats really have 9 lives? Either you are amazed, or you just want your cat to have these qualities, but – sorry to disappoint – that cannot be exactly the case. Still, the question needs further discussion since the legends and myths […]

How Long Should Kittens Stay With Their Mother?

Two cute kittens lying on the floor looking at the camera

Whether it is the litter of kittens your cat has given birth to or you have just come across a cute baby kitten at your doorstep, it is imperative to know how long kittens should stay with their mother. And rightly so—sometimes, we want to help a kitten, but it is not ‘help’ when viewed […]

Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

A woman sitting on a sofa holds two Siamese kittens in her lap

Sometimes, we do not choose a cat – she chooses us. With it is their silent hugs or cute cuddles, they convey a thousand words that can revitalize even a dead heart. Perhaps this is why humanity is always into felines: they just make us feel awesome. But is it just us into cats, or […]

Why are Siamese Cats So Vocal? A Closer Look at this Friendly Feline

Cute fluffy siamese cat with lights at home

Siamese cats have a reputation for being friendly, affectionate, and loud. They are also adored for their talkative nature. But the question here is, why are Siamese cats so vocal? What makes them interactive and expressive from a young age? In this article, we will take a closer look at this unique personality trait of […]

11 Siamese Cat Behavior Problems With Signs and Solutions

A Siamese cat lying on a sofa with a phone under her paw

Though Siamese kitties – be they lynx point, flame point, chocolate point, or blue point – look extremely cute and friendly, keeping them could become challenging as they are prone to a series of behavioral issues.  Siamese cats are extremely needy, vocal, territorial, hyperactive, attention seekers, and may often become aggressive.   No doubt, Siamese […]

Are Siamese Cats Aggressive? 5 Tips and Tricks to Tame Your Siamese

A brown Siamese cat with blue eyes lying on the ground, looking directly at the camera

Siamese cats break some real kitten stereotypes. Contrary to the popular belief that all cats are mellow, sweet, and affectionate, Siamese is an exception. Although you cannot label them as hostile or violent, they are sometimes more prone to show aggression. But they have their reasons for this behavior. So, are Siamese cats aggressive? Yes, […]