Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed When in Heat? Causes and Solutions

A Bengal cat sitting on the bed. Her facial expressions show as if she is guilty of committing something bad.

Imagine you are having a sound, peaceful sleep on your bed. Out of an amusing dream of finally telling your cat that you are in love with someone, you move your hand very ecstatically on your bed. Everything is great until your hand touches a wet spot; you wake up to your cat pee in […]

How to Calm a Cat During Bath?

Grey Cat Covered in Soap Lather Looks On at the Camera From a Bathtub

Cats can be fun, excited, and curious, but there is one adventure not many would be thrilled to embark on – bathing. Yes, our feline friends are not particularly fond of getting doused in water, but it is inevitable. Their routine cleaning forces their humans to face the million-dollar question: How to calm a cat […]

Why Do Cats Poop in the Sand? What You Should Know

Orange Tabby cat sitting in the sand

You might have often found your furry kitty attracted to the sand. This is because cats love sand: they like its texture and feeling, walking on it, and digging in it. And…they also love to poop in the sand. But why do cats poop in the sand? Well, for starters, it is in their instincts. […]

Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Using the Litter Box?

Tabby cat step outside a litter box after pooping or peeing

Puking is among the most common health problems in cats. Sometimes, throwing up is normal, while at others, it is due to some serious underlying health issue. But the condition takes a complicated turn and almost becomes a riddle when cats vomit only on certain occasions, for instance, right after relieving themselves in the litter […]

2 Theories Answering Why Do Cats Eat Their Owners When They Die

A cat in the dark with the tongue out

In June 2022, a dead Russian woman was eaten by her 20 Maine coons. But such a shocking episode is not new. In 2013, the corpse of a 56-year- old Hampshire woman was found half eaten by her own cats when the body remained undiscovered for two months. In 2019, Forensic researchers at the Colorado […]

Do Cats Eat Their Own Babies? 5 Ways to Keep the Kittens Safe

Group of kittens looking at mother cat with innocence

Eating fellow beings is recorded in more than 1,500 species in the past and even the present. It is, no doubt, abhorrent and extremely awful to us, but it becomes especially intolerable when it leads to infanticide. This prompts cat lovers to think if such tendencies are prevalent in felines, too: Do cats eat their […]

Why Does My Cat Hate My Girlfriend? 7 Ways to Make Your Cat Love Your Girl

A white and grey cat is looking away from a woman

You come home after a hectic day only to find out your girlfriend and your cat are not getting along with each other – your lovemate complains of facing attacks by your kitty, and your cat clearly shows signs that it does not like your girlfriend. And here you are, thinking what could have gone […]

My Neighbor’s Cat Fell in Love with Me—What Do I Do Now?

A domestic tabby cat is sitting by an old window

You may often find your neighbor’s feline fellow lounging in your backyard or resting outside your home’s main door. Finding her around more than often might make you wonder why this happens, and you may ask yourself, “has my neighbor’s cat fallen in love with me?” There are a number of different reasons why cats […]

Why Do Cats Bite Jewelry? Curiosity or Feline Health Risk

A blue-eyed tabby cat tries to bite a string of fairy lights

Ever caught your cat attacking your favorite piece of jewelry? But why do cats bite jewelry in the first place? Well, it is safe to say you are not the only one to have experienced this. Cats seem to have a thing for jewelry—or any metal object, for that matter. But far from being a […]

Do Cats Fight for Fun? 8 Ways to Differentiate Between Cats Playing and Fighting

Two black and white cats play and fight on the sand in the yard

Are you trying to figure out whether your cats are playing or fighting for fun? A cat’s behavior can be hard to interpret, particularly when there is a mix of ages, breeds, temperaments, and unrelated individuals in one household. Playing is important for all cats, either young or old. It has a positive impact on […]

Why Do Cats’ Tails Move When You Talk to Them?

Grey cat wearing red collar lying and looking up

Cat owners want to know every little thing about their feline friends. But figuring out our cats is not an easy feat. It needs keen observation and a lot of careful analysis to understand why a cat does something. So, have you ever wondered why do cats’ tails move when you talk to them? What […]

Cat Kneading: What Does It Mean When a Cat Pushes Its Paws?

White and orange cat pushing her paws on the floor

When a cat pushes its paws, kitty enthusiasts can never get enough of this adorable behavior. Also known as ‘making biscuits or preparing bread,’ you might have also noticed your feline pal pushing her feet onto the floor, blankets, or your lap as if she is massaging it. But why does this happen? Should you […]