“OMG, Wajib Ul Cuddle!” my friend shrieked with excitement upon seeing a beautiful and cool-tempered Siamese cat in my home. Unintentionally and impromptu, he mixed the original Urdu words ‘Wajib Ul Qatal’ (someone who deserves to be killed) with an English homonym, changing the meaning entirely: someone who deserves to be cuddled!

“How much does this Siamese cat cost you?” he asked, as he wanted one for herself. I gave her all the details – the upfront and maintenance cost – but decided to share my findings with the readers here too.

How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost?

Depending on several factors, an adult Siamese cat can cost anywhere between USD 250 and 1,100. Best known for their mesmerizing colors, Siamese cats have their point coloring as the most prominent deciding factor regarding the price. These furballs are costly mainly because of their uniqueness (nature-wise friendly and physically appealing) and high demand.

Besides the buying, the initial setup cost to keep the kitty may also add up, further enhancing the final price.

Factors Impacting Siamese Cat Cost

Point Colors

Rare point colors make the price tag heftier while the common ones not so much. The price against each color for an adult Siamese cat is given in the table below; however, note that these colors are only those that are recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Some other colors such as red point, lynx point, tortie point, etc. are also available.

ColorCost (USD)
Seal PointUp to 800
Chocolate PointUp to 1,000
Blue PointUp to 1,100
Lilac PointUp to 1,100


Siamese cats are quite common, so a chance of getting one for free does exist. But most of the time, you would have to approach a professional breeder or an adoption center to buy this kitty.

Opting for an adoption center is less expensive. Since most such places have a standard adoption fee regardless of the breed or color, you can expect to pay up to only USD 200 to get one. Also, note that more Siamese cats are expected to hit adoption centers in the future, owing to their increasing popularity and population.

However, buying from a professional breeder is the safest and most recommended choice – you would have no issue tracing the lineage and knowing the genetics of your new furry friend. But you must be vigilant that the breeder you go to is clean and reputable.

A small Siames kitten lies in a basket on a green lawn


Whether you buy a baby or an adult makes a huge price difference. Even from the most expensive breeders, you would not have to pay more than USD 700 to get a Siamese kitten. However, the price may vary depending on the color points you choose.

Siamese Cat Initial Setup Cost

If you do not have the necessary ‘environment’ home to upkeep a Siamese, you would have to invest in some items or do some tweaks before your new pal moves in. Fortunately, this cost is only one time, just as in the case of the cat itself.

Neutering – Up to USD 350

Neutering a cat has several associated benefits, for instance, better and longer health. Being gender specific, spaying a female reduces her chances of spraying urine on unwanted places, especially during her heat cycle. Similarly, castrating a male decreases his risk of getting certain cancers.

Depending on where you get your cat, she might be neutered already; otherwise, you would have to do it yourself.

Litter Box – Up to USD 500

Litter boxes are an absolute necessity in a home where cats exist. Depending upon the type, a range of such boxes are available in the market. A simple one can only be bought for as low as USD 10, while those with extra ‘smart’ features can go to multi-hundreds.

Whisker Automatic Cat Litter Box

Whisker Automatic Cat Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter box that removes the waste itself. Wifi-enabled, the device lets the owner keep an eye on the waste level anywhere.

Besides this, you can find a variety of litterboxes here.

Cat Litter – USD 7

Upon purchasing a litter box, the device would need some sort of litter to become perfect to use. There are mainly two types of litter, clumping and non-clumping. Which one you should go for depends upon the preferences of your cat.

However, the one that does not contain any additive chemicals and absorbs the smell effectively is highly recommended. Your cat might also need effective potty training, especially if it is a kitten or adopted from a shelter.

Food and Water Bowl – USD 10

You will have to serve her majesty some food and water every day. Why not get her beautiful bowls just like herself? Luckily, these do not cost much. Besides, getting a steel one is recommended as there is no possibility of it being easily broken.

A woman is playing with a siamese cat

Frisco Double Stainless-Steel Bowl

Frisco Double Stainless-Steel Bowl lets you serve your kitty food and water at the same time. Equipped with silicon mats, this bowl is super easy to clean.

Toys – Variable

Siamese cats love to play, especially with those they are well familiar with. Their favorite games include catching a ball, following a laser beam, and solving puzzles. Get your feline pal the best cat toys to fulfill her appetite for having fun!

Scratching Posts – Up to USD 50

Siamese kitties scratch. To save your furniture, train your pal well not to scratch anywhere randomly. Also, get her a fine scratching post to fulfill her urge and keep the paws clean.

SmartyKat Cat Scratching Post

SmartyKat Cat Scratching Post enables healthy scratching in cats. Made from high-quality jute, the product is safe for cats and kids.

Carrier – USD 50

Your cat would also need vet visits often. To transport her safely to the clinic, get a good and comfortable carrier.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Cat Carrier Bag

Sherpa Original Deluxe Cat Carrier Bag lets a cat and its owner travel in style and comfort. It can be easily hung around the shoulder and features mesh windows to cause ventilation.

How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost Recurringly?

Getting a cat and buying her necessary accessories does not end the burden on your pocket – you would need to provide her with daily basic needs for proper maintenance and health.

Diet – USD 20 a Month

The best diet for the Siamese breed is a mixture of dry and wet cat food. Moreover, these kitties are known for their craze of eating chicken and turkey. Not to mention, such an intake keeps them very healthy as well. Jumbling up, the average cost of diet alone can go up to USD 20.

Health Care – Up to USD 150 a Month

Thankfully, Siamese kitties are easy to maintain if health is concerned. However, they might need regular health checkups to know beforehand if anything goes wrong with their well-being. Know how often a cat should visit a vet and buckle up to pay for it.

Grooming – USD 10 a Month

Fortunately, grooming a Siamese is not a big deal – thanks to the almost hypoallergenic coat. However, you would occasionally want to bathe your kitty or get her groomed professionally. Adding on the cost of necessary supplies such as shampoos, you can expect to pay up to USD 10 a month on average.

Environment – USD 10 a Month

Cats can end up making a mess, peeing on a hardwood floor that requires immediate smell removal, for instance. In such cases, you might need to pack yourself with the necessary supplies to do the job, costing you some amount.

Insurance – Up to USD 50 a Month

It is always a good idea to insure your pet. Though it may cost you some amount each month, you would be safe from paying a huge sum if some disease hits your kitty. However, note that there is no fixed price, and some insurance plans can be costlier.

Destruction! – Variable

Cats can be destructive sometimes; they can ruin anything anytime, even while playing. To be on the safe side, expect to pay for such acts every month. If your cat breaks her toy, the cost can be lesser, but if she throws a whole TV down, it will cost you a lot!

How to Save Money for a Siamese Cat Recurring Cost?

Just add up: excluding the variable costs, the total monthly bills tally up to USD 240. To be on the safer end, earmark around USD 300 each month from your expenses solely for your kitty pal, and you should be good to go. If the full amount is not spent, just add it to the budget for the next month.

Conclusion: How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost?

Hanging on the color, age, and breeding place, Siamese cats can cost between USD 250 and 1,100, with the adult Lilac Point Siamese purchased from a reputable breeder being on the most expensive side. In addition, the initial setup cost may also dictate the final price. However, it does not end – expect to pay up to USD 300 a month on upkeeping of your Siamese pal.

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