Beagle Poodle mix (also known as the Poogle) breed is the cross of Beagle and Poodle breeds. First seen in the 1980s, it is now a famous and well-recognized breed—especially in the United States—just like its parent breeds.

It is a small to medium-sized breed, available in various colors. Though this is not of those large dog breeds, they are quite active and have a pretty much graceful and sturdy body. They are charming and look like small bears in canine shape. They are intelligent and sharp and hold some of the most sought-after features a pet dog should have.

Are you getting interested in learning more about this enticing creature? Just keep reading!

The Overview of the Parent Breeds

To better understand the breed, let us dive into the world of its parent breeds. Let us go, woof!

The Origin and History of Beagles

Beagles originated in England about 400 years ago and were registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885. In the beginning, it was used for hunting hares and rabbits. Besides hunting, Beagles have been one of the great family and companion dogs.

Due to being great pets, Beagles also made their way to the White House during the 1960s. President Lyndon B. Johnson had two of them, Him and Her. Likewise, the breed is frequently featured in comics, such as the Snoopy Dog. Perhaps the most amazing among this breed is Beagle Elvis, a dog who can sniff pregnancy in polar bears!

The Origin and History of Poodles

Poodles are believed to have originated around the same time Beagles did. However, unlike Beagles, Poodles were originally duck hunters. The American Kennel Club (AKC) registered them as the standard breed in 1887.

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The breed is known for its friendly character and easygoing nature. Just like human beings, they are equally friendly with other animals. Poodles also hold a prominent position among people due to their appealing and catchy looks.

Did You Know?

Poodle is the national dog of France.
CharacteristicsPoodle Beagle MixBeaglePoodle
Height (inches)9 to 1613 to 1511 to 15
Weight (pounds)11 to 2510 to 2445 to 70
Lifespan (years)10 to 1312 to 159 to 13
ColorsWhite, Black, Cream, Grey, Brown, and GoldenLemon, White, Chocolate, Red, Tan, and OrangeBlack, White, Brown, Silver, Sable, Apricot, and Grey
Eye ColorDarkVarious Shades of BrownBrown
The Table of Comparison Between Poogle and Its Parent Breeds
AgeAverage Weight (pounds)
1 Month4
2 Months5
3 Months7
4 Months8
5 Months10
6 Months10
7 Months15
8 Months16
9 Months18
10 Months20
11 Months22
1 Year24
The Growth Chart of Poogle Breed

Why You Should Have a Beagle Poodle Mix Breed?

Poodle Beagle mix can be a great choice for you to have due to following reasons:

Beagle Poodle Mix Is Friendly, Even With the Strangers

Poogles are very affectionate dogs. They always love to play around and cuddle with people, especially with whom they have developed a bond. In fact, your Poogle will be a great cuddling partner. Due to their cute appearance and playful nature, Poogles will never get you bored.

They can also help you get relief from sadness and stress by just looking at them. In addition, they are not much reticent and can socialize with strangers pretty easily.

Beagle Poodle Mix Sheds Very Less

Due to their coat type, they shed very little. They are well-suited for the people who want their house neat and clean. Note that they are not considered hypoallergenic like other hypoallergenic dog mixes. If you are prone to dog allergies, this might not be the perfect choice for you. But it is only if your allergy is not severe, as, unlike other dogs, they shed very little.

Beagle Poodle Mix Is Always Happy

As already discussed, Poogles are friendly and affectionate dogs who love to play to stay active all the time. You will always find them happy, especially when they see people around them. They will greet them with cute barks and smiles as they try to attain their attention and get them to play with them. Looking at such a happy being would definitely make you—and everyone around—happy as well.

Hence, keeping this dog can enhance people’s overall mental well-being at your home.

Beagle Poodle Mix Can Also Be a Watchdog

You do not necessarily need a large, sturdy dog to guard you when you are asleep. A cute Poogle can also do it! Though these dogs are friendly with strangers, it takes time and enough socialization before they do so. Otherwise, they will tend to bark at the people they are not familiar with. That is why, though the breed is not classified as working dogs, it can be used for watchdogging.

Why You Should Not Have a Beagle Poodle Mix?

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There are some drawbacks of owning Poogles as well.

They are given as under.

Beagle Poodle Mix Has Hunting Instincts

The parent breeds of the Poogle breed are hunters by nature. If you own a Poogle, it may be unsafe for you to take him outside, even for a walk, as other smaller and fragile animals might be at risk of injury if he is unleashed. Make sure that he is leashed—you can easily leash-train your dog.

Though the breed gets along very easily with other animals, it perceives certain smaller and weaker animals as prey. You will have to make sure through various means that your dog might not hurt any other animal.

Beagle Poodle Mix Seeks Too Much Attention

Poogles are often very playful and lively, but the problem sets in when they expect too much attention from the people around them. If you do not give your dog the attention he demands, he may start behaving in an unruly way. He may start making a mess around the house and put various things in it out of the sight of people. Such behavior may become intolerable at times.

However, you can do various things to change this habit. One of the solutions is to simply ignore your dog when his is in an attention-seeking mode.

Beagle Poodle Mix Is Quite Energetic

The Beagle breed needs a lot of physical activity to stay happy. This trait is inherent in the Poogle breed as well. Poogles are lively and spirited dogs. Though you do not have to worry about the lack of area you might have for your energetic dog, you can expect your dog to be too demanding to play with him—failing to fulfill can lead to changes in his behavior and make him unhappy for some time.

You will have to provide him with adequate opportunities for physical activities.

The Dietary Requirements for Beagle Poodle Mix

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Poogles are moderately energetic and not very active physically; therefore, they require a decent amount of daily calories intake. Depending upon the size, weight, and level of daily physical activities, about 500 calories every day will be sufficient for your dog. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that you should serve him healthy meals with a balanced amount of vital nutrients to maintain his health and bodily functions. Besides, meals with balanced nutrition can help keep the parent breeds’ inherent diseases at bay.

A cup of any dog food a day is ample. It is better to divide this cup into two or three meals. However, you should be aware that Poogles are inclined to overeat. Therefore, you need to serve only an adequate amount, or your dog will be prone to gaining weight.

Also, consider feeding your dog food supplements containing Omega fatty acids. They are beneficial for enhancing the health and looks of his coat. After consulting a vet, you should set the quantity of such supplements in your dog’s daily diet. If your dog does not like supplements, here are a few simple chewing treats for him that contain Omega fatty acids. They also contain various beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The Exercise Requirements for Beagle Poodle Mix

Due to the average energy levels in Poogles, they do not require much exercise. A daily walk of an hour and a half would be sufficient. You can also gradually shift to running. In that case, only half an hour of daily running would be sufficient.

Poogles love water. If you are tired of walking or running with your dog, or you want to add some variety to your dog’s daily physical activities, try swimming. Nevertheless, it is recommended to train him how to swim before you let him hit any water body. Once trained, you can relax while your dog does the daily exercise himself.

You should also focus on the mental exercise of your dog since Poogles are very intelligent. This can help them polish this trait further. Some fun mental exercises you can try with your dog are:

  1. Get him puzzles to solve
  2. Enhance socialization
  3. Get him new and variety of toys

The Training Requirements for Beagle Poodle Mix

Since Beagle Poodle Mix is intelligent, you should not have a hard time training your dog, but you need to be aware of the following points for carrying out effective training:

  1. Poogles can be easily distracted. This can render the intelligence they possess ineffective when it comes to training. To overcome this problem, you need to frequently grab your dog’s attention. Try using whistles or loud voices to get him back on track.
  2. Poogles are sometimes disobedient as well. You need to be a strict trainer and show your dog who is the boss to make him compliant.
  3. Socialization training should be your priority. Your dog must be able to recognize you and your commands for the training sessions to be fruitful.
  4. Poogles suffer from separation anxiety: your dog may feel irritated when you are not in sight. Training for minimizing separation anxiety must be your next step after successful socialization. You can apply various methods such as crate training.
  5. Always reward your dog after a good training session. In this way, he will be inclined to perform even better the next time.

The Grooming Requirements for Beagle Poodle Mix Breed

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Poogles do not shed much; however, they may have long hair on their coat, which can tangle with each other, making them look scruffy. In that case, you may have to brush them three to four times a week. You should also consider trimming their coat hair if they look untidy.

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Your dog needs bathing twice a month. Doing so can preserve the true glamorous looks of your dog’s coat. It also maintains the hygiene of his skin. Shampooing is also advisable. Here is a link for buying a shampoo made for the coat Poogles have.

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You should also trim his nails twice or once a month to preserve the dapper looks of his cute paws.

The Health Issues of Beagle Poodle Mix Breed

Inheriting from their parent breeds, the following are the diseases and health conditions your Poogle may be prone to:


It is a condition in which the thyroid gland of your dog malfunctions, thus depriving the body of enough thyroid hormone—the deficiency of which can lead to slower bodily processes, especially metabolism. Any disease or infection related to the thyroid gland can lead to this condition.

In extreme cases, it can be fatal. Therefore, you should consult your vet immediately if you notice the following signs in your dog:

  1. Weight gain
  2. Hair loss
  3. Lethargy
  4. Skin color changes

Beagle Dwarfism Syndrome (BDS)

It is the disease prevalent in Beagles; however, it can make its way to their progeny as well. Unfortunately, it is common. If affected, your dog will not grow properly, leading to him being much smaller in size than the average of the breed. Regrettably, this disease has no cure, and one might only be aware of it once they notice the improper growth.

Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)

It is a disease common in older Poogles in which the vertebral discs harden. Once hardened, they exert pressure on the spinal cord, impacting the nervous system as well as causing pain. The problem can be rectified through surgery.

You can suspect IVDD in your dog if you observe the following conditions in him:

  1. Inability to control excretions
  2. Inability to lift head
  3. Fragile movement
  4. Trembling

Hip Dysplasia

It is the growth of abnormal cells that can cause cancer. Poogles and their parent breeds have this condition in common. A diet rich in calories, calcium, and fat can often be a cause of this condition. If you notice the following symptoms in your dog, consult your vet immediately.

  1. A narrow stance
  2. Jumping instead of walking
  3. Inability to walk properly
  4. Loss of muscle mass around the affected joint

Patellar Luxation

It is the condition in which the knee cap loses its proper groove on which it rolls. It is common in small dogs, and especially the parent breeds of Poogles. The first two grades of the condition are not that hurtful for your dog, but the last two are so hurtful that your dog may need immediate surgery. Due to severe pain, your dog might have behavioral changes.

Following are the signs and symptoms.

  1. Skipping
  2. Lameness
  3. Unusual walking pattern
  4. Swelling in the affected joints

Addison’s Disease

It occurs when the body of your dog is rendered unable to produce certain hormones. It can lead to serious problems such as cancer. To timely prevent large losses, you need to look for the following symptoms in your dog and have a vet appointment if he exhibits any of them.

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Weight loss
  3. Blood in stool
  4. Lethargy
  5. Loss of Hair

Dental Issues

Poogles are prone to different dental issues. They can cause different teeth and gums infections which can lead to difficulty in eating as well as pain. You can figure out that your dog has some kind of oral problem if he has bad breath. However, a regular and complete oral checkup is advisable to prevent the problems in their early stages.

The Personality and Temperament of Beagle Poodle Mix Breed

Poogles have has a decent personality. They are highly affectionate and love and care for the people they are friendly with—they consider the familiar people a part of their family. Unlike most of the breeds of small dogs, Poogles are not reticent in front of strangers. Moreover, they are very intelligent, a trait that makes Poogles easy for their owners to train.

Likewise, they can also start recognizing the people around them soon and comfortably. Besides, they are fun-loving buddies, always playful and ready to explore new enjoyment opportunities. Poogles are loyal as well. They are protective of the people around them and react to anything or anyone which they perceive as a threat.

Since both of their parent breeds are hunters, Poogles also have the hunting instinct. This can somewhat make it unsafe for the weak and small animals to be around Poogles. In addition, they also inherit an attention-seeking character which can annoy the people around them.


Beagle Poodle Mixes are friendly, energetic, protective, fun-to-play-with, and above all, cute dogs. They have the characteristics that are the most worthwhile in dogs preferred as pets. However, the problems like seeking constant attention and innate hunting instinct can make one hesitate to have a Poogle pup.

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