We all know that cats are afraid of water—except Maine Coon, which is readily available for a shower. So getting them into the bathtub or under the shower is not as easy as we might like to think. It is as if the water is a weapon meant to erase their existence.

Here are some of those cats that will do everything to distract their owners from giving them a bath.

1. “What was that? The water was too wet for me!”

2. “Hey, get me out of here ASAP!”

3. “What are they planning now? Are we not done yet?”

4. “It was too cold there. Let me soak up some sun now. Go away!”

5. “Hey, hey, hey. Where are you going? Do not leave me here.”

6. “No, no, I am not going in! You still got time to think. Please, no!”

7. “Oh my God! It is the bathtub I stumbled up. Let me just vanish.”

8. My face when they say, “shall we give the kitty bath today?”

9. “It is urgent! Is anyone there? They are taking me to the shower! Help!”

10. “They have taken Snowy to the shower. Am I next?”

11. “No, no, no. It is water! How do I get out of here?”

12. “I am clean. It is enough! Why would you do this to me, Maa?”

13. “What?!!”

14. “I don’t like it! How many times should I tell you this?”

15. “Okay, but promise, no mention of the bath again?”

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