You may often find your neighbor’s feline fellow lounging in your backyard or resting outside your home’s main door. Finding her around more than often might make you wonder why this happens, and you may ask yourself, “has my neighbor’s cat fallen in love with me?”

There are a number of different reasons why cats may behave this way. As we know, cats love to roam around and explore their surroundings. While they are out exploring the world around them, they may end up visiting other homes in the neighborhood. It is very common for a feline fellow to make herself comfortable at her neighbor’s home without her owner’s knowledge. But there might be other factors at play.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation and don’t know what to do about it, read on. Below, we have discussed the common reasons behind this behavior and have also shed light upon some helpful solutions.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Does My Neighbor’s Cat Come to My House and Refuses to Leave?

As mentioned above, there can be many reasons why a cat may tend to feel more comfortable in her neighbor’s house than in her owner’s. A feline fellow may find a neighboring home more calm or quiet, so she gets attracted to it. Or there may be other reasons involved. Here are a few reasons why she might like your home.

1. Cats Choose Their Owners

Humans may not be able to spot a lot of differences, but to cats, there can be a huge contrast between the environments of both homes. So, a feline can abandon her old home and migrate to another that she might find better than her old one. The same may happen with their owners.

A cat might find the occupant in another home more sensitive or caring towards her, and the food there is better than the one she consumes in her own home. So she might end up abandoning her old home and migrating to a new one.

2. Cats are Free Spirits

It is a common belief that domestic cats are free spirits and don’t always stay in one place. You can never own a domestic cat and can only share a home with her. They are independent-minded and like to settle down in a place of their own liking. It also depends upon their individual personality. If they are a confident and independent breed, they may leave their old home and settle somewhere new.

Thus, if you are in the middle of such a scenario and are wondering, “why did my neighbor’s cat fall in love with me?” it is very possible that she has abandoned her previous owner and wants to start living with a new owner. 

A grey cat is peeping out of the window in an old neighborhood
Photo by Yan Krukov

3. Their Wild Traits Have Resurfaced

Another common reason a cat may abandon her owner’s home can be that her instinctive wild traits have resurfaced. Although domestic cats can hardly survive in the wild, they are instinctively attracted to it. It is more natural for a cat to be attracted to the wild and prefer living there instead of living in a house.

So, if someone finds that their cat has left their house and hasn’t returned after many days, the possibility is that she has left to live in the wild. On her way, she might have stumbled upon your home and might enjoy a couple of days with you. But she will likely leave.

4. Natural Reasons

Cats are loving fellows, but these sneaky individuals may leave your home one day without any apparent reason. But there may be something that you don’t know about them. For instance, they may leave your home because they are wounded or scared.

Below we have discussed some of the natural reasons why a cat may leave her home.

One possibility is that a cat might be out to hunt and not come back for a longer period of time. In such cases, you might also find dead animals on your back porch that she has brought as a gift for you. It is natural for cats to feel the need to hunt, and even domesticated cats can sometimes go out to feed themselves.

If she has visited your home, most likely, she is on a hunting spree.

When a feline is going through her estrous cycle, she may prefer to stay away from her home. The estrous cycle starts when a kitten reaches puberty and experiences heat cycles. In such cases, a kitten may howl at night and show restlessness.

She would try to find a suitable partner to mate with and get pregnant. This is a natural process and may make a cat leave her home.

Another natural reason why a cat may leave her home or abandon her owner is when she is about to give birth. If your cat is pregnant, she may end up leaving her home because cats prefer to go to quiet and lonely places to give birth. If your home is quieter, and if she is in her last stages of pregnancy, she is there because she is about to give birth to a litter of kittens.

It is also possible that your cat has left her home because she is scared or wounded. Just like when these felines are about to give birth, they prefer a lonely and quiet space whenever they are wounded, sick, or about to die

One common reason is that sometimes a cat’s owner is abusive or doesn’t take care of the cat. This can put a lot of emotional pressure on a feline and make her afraid of the owner. In such cases, a feline may escape the household or the owner and take refuge in another home that feels safer than her old home.

My Neighbour’s Cat Fell in Love with Me—How Do I Stop Her from Coming to My Home?

So we have discussed in detail what may be causing a cat to leave behind her owner and home and go to neighboring homes. Now we will see what we can do to curb this behavior and discourage a cat who has developed a liking for you.

Together, you can come up with a suitable plan to keep the cat inside her house.

Closing Thoughts

Cats are adorable and affectionate pets who love spending time with their owners. But it is very common to find some of them abandon their long-time owners and homes and settle down in a new location. If you are caught up in such a scenario and wondering why my neighbor’s cat fell in love with me, you are not alone. It is a common occurrence, and cats often abandon their homes and find themselves another place.

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