Crossbreed of Doberman and Pitbull

You must have heard about Doberman and Pitbull relatively, but have you ever heard about Doberman Pitbull Mix? Or crossbreeds?

Crossbreeding is a common process mainly practiced by breeders to produce offspring of two purebred individuals from different breeds or species particularly through mating. The Doberman Pitbull mix is commonly known as Doberpit or Pit Pinscher.

These dogs are highly energetic, super handsome, and extremely loyal. Doberpits are intimidating and powerful, just like their parents. These gorgeous canines require a spacious place to live in, followed by plenty of exercise. They love attention and are very intelligent and graceful. It is a first-generation designer mixed breed that inherits traits from both its parent. Doberpits can be great watchdogs as they have highly protective instincts.

Unfortunately, Doberman and Pitbull do not have a good reputation as compared to other house pets. They are often stereotyped for being too aggressive or hard-to-handle dogs. This is exactly why some people believe Doberpits would inherit the negative traits from their parents as well—which is not true at all. Doberpits are, in fact, very calm and friendly dogs.

With so much debate going on regarding crossbreed dogs, dog lovers find it hard to opt for hybrid dogs. Crossbreeds sometimes can get unpredictable, so we have gathered some information about the Doberpits to clear up all the doubts you might have.

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Doberpit Appearance

With the face of Pitbull and the body of Doberman, Doberpits are medium to large-sized muscular dogs. They are very energetic and need a lot of space to exert all that energy. If you live in an apartment, a Doberpit is not the right choice for you.

Let’s have an in-depth look at their physical characteristics.


Doberpits have medium-density, short-length straight coats. They come in different colors like black, brown, red, grey-white, etc. They are low-maintenance dogs and do not require a lot of grooming or brushing. These dogs are moderate shedders and can be bathed as needed. You just need to take good oral care and clean their ears and nails regularly.


As Doberman and Pitbull are large-sized dogs, Doberpits are also large and bulky with a very handsome muscular body. They weigh around 60 – 90 lbs. and can grow up to 24 – 28 inches tall. Their appearance and size usually vary as it depends on how much the crossbreed inherited from each of their parents.

Personality Traits

It is very hard to predict the personality traits of a mixed breed. It completely depends on how much they have inherited from their parents, yet there can be some exceptions. After all this debate going on whether Pitbull and Doberman are aggressive breeds or not, some people believe that the two breeds have always been misunderstood as they make excellent family pets if properly trained.

However, some also believe that they can be dangerous at times. Doberpits can be great family dogs if they are rightly trained. The personality traits of Doberpits may vary, but most of them are known to be friendly, calm, and active dogs.


Doberpits are not perfect for first-time dog owners because they need proper training to be calm and friendly. They are even prone to separation anxiety. Some Doberpit owners prefer to teach them to react aggressively in certain situations, so it completely depends upon how you train them. Socialization has a key role in making your dog obedient and calm.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that because of its genes, Doberpits will always retain aggressiveness in their behavior to some extent and can never be completely docile dogs. This is because they have great protective instincts and can also be amazing watchdogs.

Doberpits Training

Doberpits are genetically active. Taking them out for around one and a half hours per day would be enough. Remember, they need to release all their pent-up energy to stay peaceful at home.

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Doberman Pitbull Mix Health Issues

Like their parents, Doberman Pitbull Mix is also prone to certain health issues or conditions. You need to keep your guards on for the following health conditions:

To avoid the mentioned diseases, it is highly advised that you keep your dog’s weight in check. Monitoring their diet is also extremely important to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your pet.  


Having both vigorous and active parents, the average lifespan of Doberpit is around 12 – 14 years, depending upon its health. There can be some exceptional cases too. If you want your pup to live longer, take good care, provide them with proper nutrition, lots of exercises, and regular vet checkups.

Are Doberpits Aggressive?

While the nature of dogs varies from breed to breed, it also varies from dog to dog. Usually, Doberpits are not aggressive to their owners but equally aggressive to strangers. That is because they have protective guard instincts. However, their nature completely depends on the training and the atmosphere they are brought up in. As Doberpits are watchdogs, they would do anything to protect their family.

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