Cats have a reputation for being afraid of water. They don’t like water and would usually avoid getting wet. But it is not unusual for a cat to play with the drinking water in her bowl. You may find your feline fellow pawing, splashing, or tapping the water in her drinking bowl.

Concerned cat parents may want to know why a cat splashes water out of the bowl? What causes this behavior, and what can be done to stop it.

In this article, we will walk you through the reasons behind a cat splashing and pawing at the water. We would also recommend some ways you can discourage this conduct and prevent your cat from making a mess around her water bowl.

Let’s jump in and find out why your cat splashes water out of the bowl.

6 Reasons Why a Cat Splashes Water Out of Bowl?

As a concerned feline parent, it is only natural to want to know every little detail about your cat, why she acts a certain way, and what she wants to communicate with her actions. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the 5 most common reasons cat paws and plays with water.

Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Whisker Fatigue

We know a cat’s whiskers help her receive sensory stimuli and allow her to navigate through her surroundings. But some cats may have extra sensitive whiskers, and they may receive extra signals that can tire out a cat. This condition, called Whisker Fatigue, is not painful for cats, but it may make them uncomfortable.

Every time a cat drinks water from a container that is too deep, her whiskers may get irritated with the water and send too many signals to her brain. This will lead to whisker fatigue, and the cat will try to find out other ways to drink water. So, she may use her paws for water intake. She would dip her paws in the water container and lick them.

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2. Checking the Water Level

Although cats have a clear and sharp vision, they cannot see still water. They find it hard to figure out where the water level is. So, if you find your cat splashes water out of the bowl, it may be because she wants to check the water level. When she touches or taps the water, it moves, making it easier for your feline friend to see the water level. To help your cat easily drink water out of the dish, try filling it to the same level every time.

3. Access to the Water

As mentioned above, a cat’s whiskers may touch the sides of a water container, making her uncomfortable and tired by sending too many signals to her brain. So a cat would always prefer drinking water from a wider and more shallow water dish.

Thus, one of the reasons your cat splashes water out of the bowl may be that the bowl is too narrow or deep for her to comfortably drink water out of it. So, she would knock the dish over or spill water out of it to quench her thirst.

4. They May Be Playing

Cats are generally playful and fun-loving. They love to spend their time playing with objects in their surroundings. The same might happen when they see a shiny water bowl with water in it. As they splash and paw the water, it moves and creates ripples, which may fascinate cats. So, your cat may be splashing and tapping the water bowl because they feel excited when they see the water ripple. The sound of a bowl scraping the floor may also excite a cat, especially a kitten.

Image by rihaij from Pixabay

5. Stress and Anxiety

If a cat splashes water out of the bowl and there seems to be no other reason, she might be feeling anxious or stressed. To get rid of a possibly stressful situation, a cat might knock down her water bowl or may try to climb the water dish to escape the stressful situation. It may also happen when she sees something frightening inside her water bowls, such as an insect she may want to get rid of by knocking over her bowl.

In such cases, try to figure out what is making your cat anxious around her drinking place and eliminate the possible reasons to make your cat feel safe and calm.

6. Other Health Concerns

If you find your cat splashing water out of the bowl, chances are, she may be suffering from illnesses such as thyroid or diabetes. These physical conditions can make a cat very thirsty, and she would want to drink water more than usual. Your cat would wet her paws in the water bowl and lick them to drink more water.

Thus, if you ever find your feline drinking more water than she usually does, it is advised to take her to a vet’s clinic. It would be sensible to rule out any serious health concerns early.

How to Stop Cat Splashing Behavior in Cats?

Having a cat that constantly makes a mess by splashing water out of her drinking bowl can be frustrating, to say the least. No pet owner would want to spend their day mopping floors after their pet makes a mess. So, the best idea is to eliminate what triggers the water splashing behavior in cats and make them spend their days more peacefully.

Below, we have discussed some of the steps you can take to help your cat get rid of such conduct.

· Visit the Vet

First things first, it is always better to seek medical help whenever your pet is exhibiting unusual conduct. We know it is normal for a cat to splash and tap water out of her bowl, but if it is accompanied by other unusual symptoms such as excessive drinking, anxiety, or stress, she may need to be examined by a vet.

· Invest in a Water Fountain

As mentioned earlier, a cat feels excited when she sees moving water. So investing in a good quality water fountain is the best solution to prevent your cat from knocking over her water dish. Through a water fountain, the water is always moving, fresh, and clean. You can easily find a water fountain that is specifically designed for cats. Most of them are battery-operated, so there is no hassle with cords. Also, they are easy to operate and are aesthetically pleasing.

· Whisker Fatigue Bowl

Investing in a wider and shallower water bowl would also be a great idea to help your cat overcome her whisker fatigue. These bowls are specifically designed to protect a cat with oversensitive whiskers from feeling tired when she drinks water.

· Eliminate Stressful Conditions

The psychological health of our feline friends is as important as it is for us. Thus, you should focus on managing and eliminating stressful stimuli from your cat’s surroundings, so she doesn’t feel anxious. A happy and calm cat would definitely make an affectionate and fun-loving pet. Feeding her on time, cleaning her litter box, and giving her fresh and clean water to keep your feline fellow happier and more playful.

If you feel your cat is not feeling comfortable around new people or doesn’t want to go to a new place, you shouldn’t forcefully take her there or rush the process of socializing with others.

Cat Splashes Water Out of the Bowl: Final Words

Cats splash water out of bowls out of boredom to play with it, or they may want to get closer to the water to drink it. But if you feel like there are other unusual symptoms accompanied by this behavior, you should take her to a vet. This can be a sign of stress, anxiety, or whisker fatigue. 

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