Famous for their social behavior and mesmerizing colors, there are many types of parakeets. Parakeets love to talk, especially in the morning and when they are happy. These intelligent birds can learn and memorize words just by mimicking them. In some cases, they memorize up to 100 words that they would repeat aloud while chirping and singing.

But what about music? Would they be able to sing a song you would like them to, in their own ways? Or, let’s be more specific: Do parakeets like music? If yes, which kind of music pleases their eardrums?

Do Parakeets like Music?

Do parakeets like music? Yes. Given their talking and social character, parakeets not only like music, they even respond to it.

Wild parakeets live in pairs or flocks of 100s. True to their ‘wild’ nature, they don’t want to be alone and love to communicate verbally with other birds and thus are considered loud pets. They make the best pet birds for families who won’t mind their little lovebirds chirping all the time.

Music is considered a good source of bonding with your little bird. With soothing music playing in the background, your parakeet feels at ease and gets comfortable.

Adding to that, they are not just fond of singing, but also enjoy dancing. Whenever you play a piece of music, they will bop their head along with the rhythm or do back and forth movements around and in various forms to give a physical response to the music.

That said, too loud and too much music can hurt your bird, and it might get disturbed, leading to anxiety and stress. Negative consequences of loud music can affect both the mental and physical health of your bird. So, when introducing your budgie to music, you should keep in mind that the music is not too loud. Besides that, no matter how much your budgie seems to like music, you should never limit its exposure to music.  

How Do You Know That Parakeet Likes Music?

Parakeets do enjoy music, as we said, but how do you know when a parakeet likes a piece of specific music? Every bird is different from the other, and so are their response to different types of music and noises. Some give verbal responses and start chirping, while others remain calm but show only some physical movements.

Good Music Make Parakeets Happy and Active

Body language is one sign to identify if a parakeet likes the music or not. An excellent indicator to see if a parakeet is enjoying a song or music is that it’d get motivated and active when the music gets played.

Parakeets Sing-Along Their Favorite Songs

Another indicator is when the birds start chirping and try to mimic the sounds or words repeated in the music. Some parakeets even start whistling—clicking tongue against beak—to show their joy. If your parakeet loves a song, it might even start singing along in its own language after hearing it a few times. Parakeets are loud creatures and love to sing all the time.

So, before you bring home a pair of budgies, you should know that they would be singing all the time. Parakeets singing is the sweetest noise in the world, so having your budgie always singing in the background would be fun. But some people may find it a bit disturbing. Before you bring home a pair of budgies, you should first make sure that you won’t mind them chirping and singing most of the time.

In the above video, there is a budgie singing for more than an hour. Play the video and get back to your routine work and see if the parakeet singing in the background going to be a problem for you or not.

Music Could Be a Good Companion For Single Parakeets

If a person owns only one parakeet, music could play the role of its partner to keep it happy and busy.

It is also a way of interaction with your bird, even when you are not around—that you care for her.

How Do You Know If Your Parakeet Hate Music—a Certain Kind?

As we humans do not like all kinds of music and really hate some songs, our parakeets may also hate certain songs. So if you hear your parakeet growling, screeching, or hissing after you play a song, know that the bird is not enjoying the music.

Like hearing music all night could give us a headache, exposure to music for longer periods could be detrimental to parakeets’ mental health as well. They also need some quiet time to sleep and rest.

Knowing that not all kinds of music sound pleasing to parakeets, you would be interested in learning what kind of music do parakeets like? Well, continue reading to know what music you should put on for your parakeet to get her dancing with joy and happiness.

What Kind of Music Do Parakeets Like?

While different parakeets have different tastes in music, almost all parakeets enjoy serene and peaceful music, and nature sounds like the light sound of flowing rivers, ocean waves, dripping rain, rustling autumn leaves, etc. Parakeets would appreciate almost any natural sound that is easy on their ears. Just make sure that you do not play cat purring or meowing on repeat or the sound of some other predator. It could be horrifying for your little birdie.

Parakeets react differently to different music. Like humans, their mood and body language indicate their response. Birds can be choosy about the type of music they like; some prefer calm music, and some like upbeat sounds.

Here we have explained a few types of sounds that parakeets enjoy and cherish.

1. Nature Sounds

Parakeets in the wild live on the top branches of trees near a water source. They have an innate love for nature and all things natural. If you have a parakeet, you would have observed them chirping and dancing when they listen to rainfall, waterfalls, or other flowing waters. They enjoy that natural sound and feel alive.

2. Serene Music for Parakeets

Parakeets enjoy serene, quiet, and peaceful music. Loud and rock music is a big no-no for them.

Serene music helps develop positive feelings in the bird. In addition, serene music attenuates the noise coming from the traffic, factories, construction, or any other unwanted sources.

A parakeet will remain calm but active throughout the day when slow, serene music is played. Mediation music, classical music, and calming piano music are some of the serene music that parakeets have a thing for.

3. Pop Music or Parakeet Dancing Music

Serene is not the only option for your little bird; some parakeets also enjoy pop music. They enjoy the beats, and some just enjoy the people talking—singing—there.

Every parakeet is different, having different tastes. Some birds bond strongly with their owners and only enjoy talking and interacting with them. Some love to hop and dance on beats.

Final Verdict: Do Parakeets Like Music?

Yes, parakeets like music—soft and soothing music. It makes them happy and active. They may start singing or dancing along to the rhythm of their favorite songs. However, loud music is a big no-no for parakeets as it makes them stressed and anxious.

Parakeets adore noise around them, letting them feel safer and more comfortable. Music is also considered a mode to interact with your little feathered friend even when you are not around. Just be sure to play the music they like and avoid loud sounds.

But keep in mind that music will never replace regular visits and interaction with your bird. You have to give them time and attention. Parakeets are extremely social and thrive on human interaction. It becomes crucial when you are keeping only one parakeet. Music will help only when you are not around, busy with other chores.

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