Can Cats Eat Biscuits?

Yes—and no. Yes, because cats can eat biscuits in a moderate amount without having an adverse effect on their health. But feeding your cats biscuits is not recommended because they contain salt, sugar, milk, and butter. These ingredients, especially when consumed in excess, can negatively affect your cat’s health.  

Cats love to have the food their keepers eat. They will keep on staring at you until you share a chunk of food with them. Biscuits are one of such foods which felines grab from their owners.

Here is a quick guide to understanding the concept of a cat eating biscuits.

Composition of Human Biscuits and Its Effect on Feline’s Health

At first, we will briefly discuss what is in the biscuits? That way, you will be in a better position to ascertain the effects of biscuits on your cat and if there are certain types of biscuits your cat can safely consume.

How Many Biscuits Can My Cat Eat?

If you must share biscuits with your cat, you should offer her only a small amount. A small chunk of biscuit won’t harm your cat, but feeding her a whole biscuit may not go down well with your cat. Your fluffy pet requires almost 120 – 180 calories per day. But one standard size biscuit alone contains around 50 calories. Since most of these calories are empty, cats will have to consume other food to meet their nutritional requirements. That would make the cat obese, in addition to having

Chocolate Biscuits for Cats

Chocolate biscuits are scrumptious evening treats for us. But this is not the same for your cat. Giving chocolate can create problems for your cat and you. Theobromine and caffeine, the main ingredients of chocolate, are toxic for your kitty. Theobromine enters the blood and results in high body temperature, excessive heartbeat, and seizures. Caffeine is also not good for cat consumption. So, chocolate poisoning might necessitate you to book an appointment with a vet.

Raisins Biscuits for Cats

Raisins and grapes are not good for cats’ health. As per the ASPCA, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. The toxic substance, though unknown as of now, can even be more severe than chocolate. Until more information is known about the toxic substance in grapes and raisins, it is best to avoid feeding them to your pets.

Savory Biscuits for Cats

Feline’s delicate digestive system is also get affected by consuming a few types of savory biscuits. Pet owners can enjoy eating these biscuits, but their pets may suffer from health issues consuming such eatables. The salt content in these biscuits makes cats dehydrated. Similarly, onions and garlic have certain toxins, such as xylitol, which affect a cat’s health, damaging their red blood cells and leading to anemia.

Peanut Butter Biscuits for Cats

Peanut butter is essentially not bad for cats, as it is not on the ASPCA list of food toxic to cats. However, many vets advise against giving your cats anything that contains peanut butter. Besides peanut butter, biscuits also contain other additives, making them an unsafe treat for cats.

How Can I Feed Biscuits to My Cat? Cat’s Specific Biscuits

The best way to get your cat to eat biscuits is to give her biscuits specifically designed for cats and enriched with essential cat-centered nutrients. That would not only be beneficial for your little friend, but she would also enjoy them.

If you are giving her the biscuits for the first time, and if she shows reluctance, you can hide them in her favorite food. That way, she would become familiar with cat biscuits. Here are a few biscuits you can let your cat explore:

Alternative Foods

There is a variety of human foods cats can eat. Besides, you can also give her treats that are not only safe for her but also better for her overall health. Find out what other foods cats can eat or not eat in the table below:

CucumberStrawberriesBaconAlmond Milk
SpinachMangoesHot DogsWhipped Cream
MushroomsOrangesCinnamonPeanut Butter
RosemaryAvocadoSpiderPotato Chips
PicklesPistachiosChicken WingsFrench Fries
BroccoliBananasFishDog Food
Foods cats can eat or not eat


Biscuits are good to treat your cat occasionally but not daily, as they are rich in carbs and calories and not healthy for your cat. Consuming biscuits too much and too often can give your cat stomach aches and other digestive problems. It is better to give your cats biscuits made specifically for cats.

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