Is Valentine’s Day coming up? Or is it your anniversary? Or are you planning a romantic date night? Whatever the special event is, roses make a perfect romantic gift. There is no denying the beauty and romantic vibes of a bouquet of roses, but that does not mean that roses make a safe gift for every household.

Although roses are considered hypoallergenic—roses don’t produce airborne pollens but are instead self-pollinating flowers—they may still cause allergies if you are a bit sensitive. You don’t want your loved one to develop breathing allergies and have throat stiffness, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and trouble breathing on a special day, from the roses that you brought for them. Therefore, before bringing home a bouquet of roses, you need to know if anyone at-home—family members and pets—are allergic to roses. If there is a cat in the house, you need to know what flowers are toxic to cats. And are roses toxic to cats?

Are roses toxic to cats?

No, roses are not toxic to cats, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. But the answer to this question is a bit complex. For starters, many flowers having the word “rose” in their names are not really roses.

Roses and Cats

Are you an anthomaniac—a person having an extreme fondness for flowers? Do you love cats as well? Do you ever want to bring a bouquet for your cat, maybe on her birthday?

Are roses toxic to cats

If it’s your kitty’s birthday, maybe you want to buy her some birthday presents. How about a cat hammock? If it sounds interesting, look into the following cat hammocks.

Are roses toxic to cats

We know cats wearing a hat made of flowers, holding a red rose in their mouth, or playing with rose petals would look adorable. But you need to be careful while giving anything to your cats other than their traditional cat food. Cats are obligate carnivores, requiring meaty proteins to stay in good health. And their digestive system is very different from that of humans.

So many things that are safe for humans to eat could be detrimental to feline’s health. So as you are standing in a flower store, thinking of getting a bouquet for your cats, thoughts “are roses toxic to cats,” “what flowers are toxic to cats,” “which flowers are safe for cats,” may come across your mind.

Let’s get to it. Let’s address your concerns.

Are roses toxic to cats

Are Roses Toxic to Cats?

No, roses are not toxic to cats, as we mentioned above. There is no need to panic if you find your cat nibbling on flowers in the garden as roses would not cause serious poisoning to your cat.

But, keep in mind.

Roses are red, violets are blue, but their thorns may hurt your cat too.

Where thorns can do some serious damage to your kitty’s face, paws, and internals (if ingested), eating roses in excess may cause gastrointestinal pains, and in extreme cases, could cause bowel obstruction.  

Are Rose Petals Toxic to Cats?

No, rose petals are not toxic to cats. Rose petals are one of the safest parts of flowers for cats.

The only thing that can do damage to you and your feline friend is their thorns. As rose petals do not have any thorns, they pose no toxicity threat to you or your furry friend. So if you have spread around some rose petals in your room during the romantic season or on a special day—date night, anniversary, or valentine’s day—and your cat starts nibbling on rose petals, you need not panic. She will be alright; cats are completely safe around rose petals.


Rose petals treated with chemicals—pesticides, insecticides, and preservatives—are dangerous for cats. It’s not the rose petals that are toxic to cats but these chemicals.

Are Rose Leaves Toxic to Cats?

Ok, rose petals are safe for cats but what about their leaves. Are rose leaves toxic to cats?

No, just like rose petals, rose leaves are not toxic to cats. However, you should keep in mind that thorns of the rose plant can do some serious damage to your cat—cut her paws, scratch her face, and damage her internals if swallowed.

Therefore, if your cat seems to have developed a penchant for a rose plant, you should remove the thorns of the indoor rose plants before letting her play with it.

Are Roses Good for Cats?

So roses are not toxic to cats but are they any good for cats? Roses are not bad for cats so you should let your cat nibble on the rose petals and leaves. But should you feed roses to your cat?  Do they have any nutritional benefits to offer to your feline friends?

Roses have no nutritional benefits for cats, so there is no need to feed roses to them. If she seems to have developed a penchant for leafy greens, you can feed her cat grass, a better alternative.

Are There Any Roses That Are Toxic to Cats?

Scientifically named Rosa, roses belong to the family Rosacea. There are numerous species of roses out there. All these rose plants belonging to the family Rosacea are classified as not toxic to cats. But you should keep in mind that if a flower has the word “rose” in its name, it doesn’t need to be a rose.

There are many flowers that have the word “rose” in their names but have nothing to do with family Rosacea. Below we have listed some of these “roses” that are toxic to cats.

Christmas RoseDesert Rose
Moss RosePrimrose
RosebayRose of Sharon

Which Flowers Are Safe For Cats?

If you are passionate about flowers, you must be wondering what other flowers are safe for cats. Below we have enlisted some flowers that are safe for cats to eat.

Gerber DaisiesLisianthus
Wax FlowersSnapdragon

What Flowers Are Toxic to Cats?

Roses are safe for cats but it does not mean that all flowers are safe for cats. There are plenty of flowers that are toxic to cats and should be kept away from cats. Below, we have listed some flowers that are toxic to cats.

English IvyLily
DieffenbachiaLily of the Valley
CyclamenPeace Lily
ChrysanthemumDevil’s Ivy
Castor BeanSago Palm
Azaleas and RhododendronsSpanish Thyme
Autumn CrocusTulip


This is not an exhaustive list of flowers toxic to cats. There are many other flowers that are toxic to our four-legged friends. So unless you are sure about it, keep your furry friends away from flowers.

The Final Verdict

So what’s the final verdict? Are roses toxic to cats?

No roses are not toxic to cats—cats can safely eat rose petals, and rose leaves. It is only the rose thorns that are harmful to the cats for obvious reasons.

However, you should keep in mind that all flowers having the word “rose” in their names are not necessarily roses. You should also be careful about the flowers that have been treated with insecticides and pesticides. They could be life-threatening for our four-legged friends.

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