Siamese Cat Varieties: How Many Types of Siamese Cats Are There

Two cute Siamese cats lying in boxes near the window

Siamese cats are among the most famous cats in the world. They gained popularity mainly because of their adorable looks and loving personalities – they are quite into having conversations with their favorite people and following them around too. Though the breed has existed for centuries, it made its inroads in the western world in […]

Can Cats Eat Chicken Liver? Health Implications and Benefits

Grey Tabby Cat Looking Up Licking its Lips between Her Meal

Being obligate carnivores, felines can benefit from eating meat-based, protein-rich food. But as we have seen, many seem confused about the type of meat and feeding methods. Chicken liver is one of those meats people aren’t sure about. Vets and experienced owners are often inundated with questions like can cats eat chicken liver? Does chicken […]

Why Do Cat Tails Move When They Sleep? Causes & Consequences

Orange Tabby Cat Sleeping on a Padded Chair

Cats are super adorable creatures, and observing them going about their day is undoubtedly the favorite downtime activity of most pet parents. But even the mundane can sometimes work up these loving people. Questions like why cat tails move when they sleep can sometimes drive people to the point of absolute frustration. It is indeed […]

I Miss My Dead Cat—How Can I Heal My Grieving Heart?

A cat outside the window

Losing your cat can be a devastating blow to your life. Your home never feels the same again, and you miss her a lot. But would this feeling ever go away? After your cat dies, you may be occupied with the thoughts like why do I miss my dead cat so much? Will I ever […]

Do Cats Have Control of Their Tails? Role of Feline Tail

Do Cats Have Control of Their Tails

Cats curl their tails, hold them vertically straight up, wag them, and swish them around. In fact, many cat parents find themselves racking their brains and scanning the internet to find what several of these movements mean and if they indicate any trouble. Every so often, on one of these quests, they find themselves asking: […]

Eublepharis Macularius: Leopard Gecko Classification and Popular Varieties

Leopard gecko on wood lookong for a prey

Leopard geckos, scientifically known as Eublepharis macularius, are one of the most popular pet reptiles. Among hundreds of different species of pet geckos, Leopard geckos are the most popular gecko pets and are readily available. They have been captive-bred for over three decades in the United States. Leopard geckos soaring popularity among pet reptiles is […]

Can Cats Eat Chicken Broth? Is It Safe or Risky?

A silver cat looking at a bowl of chicken broth

During winters, when you catch a cold, your mum usually serves you chicken broth by submerging chicken in water and giving it a boil with spices and vegetables added. It helps us—big time! But being a cat parent, it might have crossed your mind at some point if it is fine for cats’ consumption too? […]

8 Reasons Why Does My Cat Meow After I Sneeze (How to Stop It?)

A woman sneezing with a cat at her lap

While around 95% of the humans report that they sneeze four times a day, cat owners often report that their furry pals meow after they sneeze. Though cats – especially the domesticated ones – become vocal for several reasons, such as asking for food or saying hello, the correlation between meowing and sneezing seems to […]

Why Do Cat Tails Puff Up? Understanding Cat Tail Communication

Orange Tabby Cat with Puffed-Up Tail Staring At Something

Cats are smart species, ready to take charge shall the need arise and communicate their feelings effectively. But despite our earnest efforts to get to know our much-loved pets, often we find ourselves scratching our heads in our attempt to decode their peculiar ways. Take, for instance, some of their forms of body language. Like, […]

Leopard Gecko Facts: 15 Interesting Facts About Leopard Geckos

Leaopard gecko closeup on wood with black background

Known for their Leopard-like spots, Leopard geckos are one of the most popular pet geckos, with Crested geckos being the second most popular. Though Leopard geckos originate from deserts and arid grasslands of Pakistan, Afghanistan, northwest India, and Iran, they have been captive-bred in the U.S. for over three decades. Today there are over a […]

Best No Scratch Spray for Cats: Our Top 8 Picks

A striped grey cat scratching a sofa

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows how much cats love to scratch surfaces. They are often found scratching furniture, sofas, walls, and even doors. As much as you love your cat, it can be hard to see your precious furniture and other household items being ruined by scratching. Is there any solution to […]

20 Mesmerizing Himalayan Cat Colors (With Pictures)

Himalayan cat colors

Himalayan cats, also known as Himmies and ‘Persian kitties in the Siamese suit’ are the creamy, dreamy mix of the longhaired Persian and color-pointed Siamese cat breeds. Despite having a comparatively short history, Himalayan cats are quite popular among feline lovers. They owe their popularity to their friendly demeanor and attractive Siamese-like color points. Perhaps […]