Dogs, especially puppies, can be very messy. You can expect anything from them – from playing in the mud to rolling in poop, and the onus of cleaning them and keeping the dirt from making its way into homes ultimately falls on the owners. However, the efforts to clean pooches can be marred with a problem: since, for the most part, dogs can eat human food, it is a common perception that human cleaning and sanitary products can be used on dogs too.

But just like certain human foods are unhealthy and toxic for dogs, human sanitary products could also be equally harmful to dogs. What about baby wipes? To be precise, are baby wipes safe for dogs?

Read to the end to know all ins and outs of the matter.

Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

No – baby wipes are not safe for use on dogs. All risks posed by baby wipes to dogs stem from the fact that they are manufactured to use on human beings and not on any animal. Since canines have a habit of licking themselves for self-grooming, there is a high probability that they might end up ingesting the harmful ingredients transferred from baby wipes onto their body.

Let us elaborate on this concept further.

Risks Associated With Using Baby Wipes on Dogs

The Difference in pH Levels

The pH level of dog skin is quite different from that of human beings. The pH of human skin is about 5.5, while that in dogs is more tilted towards the alkaline side, i.e., it is higher. Since baby wipes are designed for use on human skin, pH imbalances can occur if they are used on canine skin, leading to rashes, skin irritation, bacterial infections, and diseases such as vaginitis. These problems can exacerbate if baby wipes are applied repeatedly.

Likewise, there is a chance that dogs may end up biting or licking the irritated area of their skin, making the problem worse.

Harmful Ingredients in Baby Wipes

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is used in skin products to maintain moisture. Though it might not cause any bad impact on dog skin, it is potentially harmful if ingested. Common signs of propylene glycol poisoning in dogs include sedition, seizures, excessive panting, tremors, anemia, and lethargy.


Baby wipes often contain fragrances that are unsafe for dogs. Though they smell great, they can have awful effects on dogs if inhaled, including vomiting and diarrhea. Also, note that artificial scents are especially harmful to dogs and can lead to nervous system disorders, respiratory problems, kidney issues, and endocrine malfunctioning.

Ethylene Oxide

Different chemicals such as preservatives to be used in the manufacturing of baby wipes are mixed with ethylene oxide to reduce their harshness. It certainly makes chemicals less harsh, but as it is a known carcinogen, it produces troublesome byproducts such as 1,4-dioxane, which also have carcinogenic properties.

Alternatives for Baby Wipes on Dogs

Dog Wipes

As already discussed, baby wipes pose several health risks to dogs because they are not engineered for use on them. Therefore, dog-safe wipes make the best alternative. Such products are specifically manufactured while considering dogs’ pH and other skin sensitivities. Thus, they are free from harmful ingredients and match the pH of dog skin. Therefore, they are a safe choice for use even over the most sensitive body areas of dogs.

Vetnique Labs Pet Wipes are durable and safe for the canine body. These wipes are unscented and keep the skin hydrated while effectively removing dirt and grime.

Dry Shampoo

Using dry dog shampoos is another effective way of cleaning your pooch without pouring in water. Dry shampoos contain oil-absorbing ingredients, which also help with greasy fur besides cleaning the spot where they are applied over the coat. Moreover, dry shampoos do not mess with the skin’s pH levels. Just apply it and brush the hair after a couple of minutes, and your furry friend will be clean.

Dog Wash Dry Shampoo helps you touch up your pet’s coat without any bath. Crafted with natural ingredients such as green tea and rosemary essential oil, the shampoo comes in a spray bottle for hassle-free use.

Microfiber Cloth With Dog Shampoo

In this method, you will have to soak your furry pal with water, but not much. Just take a microfiber towel, add some water and dog shampoo to it, and rub the dirty area for a few minutes until the filth comes out and the coat gets clean. However, since no thorough rinsing will take in this method, never add too much shampoo to the towel to make sure that no residue is left.

DIY Dog Wipes

The sooner you leave using baby wipes on your furry friend, the better. In case you do not have access to dog wipes, no problem! You can easily make DIY dog wipes, provided you have all the required items.

Items Required For DIY Dog Wipes

Sr #ItemQuantity
1Heavy Duty Paper Towel RollOne Large
2Regular or Distilled WaterOne Cup
3Dog ShampooOne Squirt
4Tea Tree OilOne to Two Drops
5ContainerOne, Same as the Size of the Paper Towel


Safe Ways of Using Baby Wipes on Dogs

If you are left with no other option, there exist some safe ways to use baby wipes on your pet. However, note that it is still far better to bathe your dog than to use baby wipes on him. In addition, it is a fact that wipes hardly suffice for canines because of the disparity between the dirt incurred by babies and dogs: babies get dirty indoors, while dogs get dirty outdoors.

Check Wipe Ingredients

Though it is highly unlikely that you will have any success, you must look for baby wipes that are free from the chemical additives discussed above. Nevertheless, if you fail to find such products, restrict the use of baby wipes to the least sensitive body parts of your pooch, such as paws. And keep your dog from licking the area where baby wipes were used to avoid the ingestion of harmful chemicals.

Use Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-Free Wipes

Go for hypoallergenic and fragrance-free baby wipes only because they are free of harmful additives that may negatively impact your dog’s skin. Additionally, they may include some natural products such as aloe vera that have an overall good effect on the skin.


While you may use baby wipes on a dog if you have no other option, you should never use baby wipes on puppies. Baby wipes are just too acidic and harmful for sensitive puppy skin.   

Final Thoughts: Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

No! Baby wipes are not safe for dogs. Baby wipes are just too acidic for sensitive dog skin. Baby skin is also sensitive, but the pH balance of humans’ and dogs’ skin is very different. Besides that, baby wipes contain many artificial ingredients that might not harm the dog’s skin but pose a toxicity risk on ingestion.

Therefore, canine owners should avoid the use of baby wipes on their pooches. The focus should be on alternative products like dog wipes or other safer ways of cleaning canines.

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