Agouti Husky, also known as wolf sable, is a rare dog breed with looks resembling a wolf. If you’ve always been fascinated by the wolves you see in the movies and want to own one, Agouti Husky can be the best alternative for you. Agouti Huskies are much darker as compared to other Huskies.

The hair on their body is black, tan, and white. This means that each strand of their hair can have dual colors simultaneously, making them appear different and unique. The Huskies were originally bred as sled dogs. They are required to pull weights on snowy paths for long distances. This is the reason why Huskies are always full of energy and excitement.


Huskies are closely related to the wolf and were first bred by the Russians in North Asia thousands of years ago. Over time, these dogs became popular due to their appearance and energetic nature. Huskies have a beautiful, soft, and warm coat that protects them from harshly cold climates. They are a very playful breed of dogs and can be a perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts who love to take their pets out for a jog or run.  


As with most dog species, the males tend to be bigger than the females. They are more powerful and have a dominating appearance as they have to lead the pack.

A typical Husky male would range anywhere around 21 — 24 inches, while a female would grow up to 18 — 20 inches. They are generally medium-sized dogs that are slightly smaller than the German Shepherds.


Keep in mind that the weight of any dog breed depends on their diet. If you compromise on the diet, they may not reach their full potential. Another factor that plays a vital role in weight and height is the parents’ genes. If they are of short stature, there are high chances that the offspring will also inherit the same physical traits.

Agouti Husky Temperament

Agouti Huskies are social butterflies because they enjoy the company of their loved ones and are friendly towards strangers as well. However, these giant furballs might create a mess for you if you do not pay proper attention to their physical needs. Huskies need at least half an hour of medium to intense exercise every day to exert the pent-up energy, or they would flip all the stuff that crosses their path.

They love to sprint fast due to their innate nature, and if you think a little five-minute Frisby game in the backyard will quench his thirst to play, then you are wrong. They are highly active and energetic, so you’d have to plan the physical activities accordingly.

The last thing which people often notice about Huskies is that they throw tantrums like babies. If they do not like to shower, a specific meal, or any other thing that might annoy them, they will howl like a wolf.

Are Agouti Huskies More Powerful Than a Standard Husky?

There are speculations that Agoutis are more powerful as they are never bred for show purposes. This means that they were only bred for working purposes, and thus, the repetitive genes might have made them stronger. But this difference is not usually too big to tell the difference, and neither are there any concrete reports.

Are Huskies Closely Related to Wolves?

Huskies were originally bred by the Chuckchi people of Russia thousands of years ago. Some say that they were bred with wolves—hence the wolf-like appearance.

The Husky breed gained popularity after a pack of Huskies was used to transport a crucial medicine to prevent the outbreak of Diphtheria back in 1925 in Alaska.

It has been proven by DNA research that almost the entire dog species that exist today are related to wolves, and the two species separated twenty-seven thousand years ago. The High Arctic dogs, including the Agouti Siberian Husky, have 1.5 – 17 percent of Taimyr wolf DNA.

Training Your Husky

Training an Agouti Husky is an important part of his grooming. Huskies are known to be skittish and foolish when they want to be. Additionally, they have high energy, which makes them unstoppable at times. Therefore, you need to be extra patient. Carefully devise your training program. Here are a few tips.

  1. Huskies are conventionally trained when they are pups, so they can be good sled dogs. In the same way, if you want to pet him, you should train your dog when he is a little pup.
  2. Start with short and precise training sessions such as sit and stand commands. The training must not exceed ten minutes.
  3. Make sure you give him treats so he knows he is doing something good and stays engaged.
  4. Whenever your Agouti does something wrong—chewing on furniture or your shoes—you should take him to that place and discipline him. Your tone of voice should be different, and it should be loud enough to make him realize that he has done something wrong.
  5. Make sure you do not yell at him because constantly yelling will make him conditioned as if it is an everyday thing. Make your discipline method rare and seldom.

How Much Do They Cost?

Just like other dogs, the type of coat color determines an Agouti’s cost. It can be as low as $950 for a coat type that appears to be dirty to as high as $2,500 for a more appealing coat and texture.

Agouti Husky For Adoption

All dogs deserve to live a cheerful life. Unfortunately, some end up in shelter homes. These dogs are sometimes injured or left stranded by owners. Shelter houses rescue such dogs and put them up for adoption.

Agouti Huskies are very rare and therefore there is no separate shelter house for them. Still, there are well-off shelter houses for Huskies in general where you can find your Agouti Husky if you are lucky.

People usually think that adoption is completely free, as if you go in and pick any pet of your choice and walk off without giving anything in return, but that’s not true. There is a proper process of documentation, and the organization also makes sure that they are handing over the dog to a reliable family—they might check your background to see if you have ever owned a pet before or have hurt any animal in the past.

 If you do not meet all of their conditions, they will reject your adoption application. However, if you are a dedicated dog lover and you have done your homework before adopting a dog then you will most likely be gifted with a new family member. Last but not least, you have to pay a certain adoption fee, but that is like a needle in a haystack compared to buying one.


Huskies are a perfect family dog that is full of energy and playfulness. Sometimes, they may act foolish and destructive around the house, but that can be conditioned with proper exercise and training. Their long snout, triangular ears, and their stature resemble that of a wolf. This is the reason they look a bit intimidating but in a good way. They are very vocal and would love to communicate with you now and then. They do not want to be left alone for a long period so they will often curl up in your lap.

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