Housing Leopard Gecko: Mimicking Natural Leopard Gecko Habitat

Leopard Gecko Habitat

Affectionately called Leos, Leopard geckos are generally easy-to-care-for reptiles. When housed properly with the right substrate, temperature gradient, and humidity levels, Leopard geckos generally have a healthy lifespan of about 20 years without experiencing any serious health issues during their lifetime. But for that, you have to learn how to properly house a Leopard gecko. […]

Can Horses Vomit? 3 Reasons Why Can’t Horses Vomit?

Why cant horses vomit

Have you ever witnessed your equine friend throwing up? Probably, never. So, as you might be thinking right now, can a horse vomit? No. But why can’t horses vomit? Well, even though vomiting is an essential survival mechanism in most animals, horses are anatomically unable to throw up, which is good for them. Continue reading […]

Can Horses Eat Pineapples? Benefits and Cautions!

Can Horses Eat Pineapples

A tropical delicacy, pineapple is a delicious fruit popular for its sweet, tangy flavor and refreshing juice. A popular choice for salads and desserts, it is eaten fresh, preserved in jams, and even cooked. As their use peaks in the summer, many wonder if it is okay to share it with their four-legged friends. Questions […]

How Many Round Bales per Acre Can Be Produced?

How many round bales per acre

Millions of tons of hay are grown around the world each year. Not just equines, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other cattle such as cows, sheep, and goats also feed on it. That’s a lot of hay we need to grow to fulfill the requirements of our four-legged friends. If you are a hay producer, […]

Best Calming Paste for Horses: Products, Guidelines, and FAQs

Best calming paste for horses

Despite some breeds having a war background, out of the “fight or flight” mentality, equines lie on the latter end – when scared, horses panic, lose their calm and run away. Though the exact reason can be a lot more than fear, stressful horses are jumpy, hard to handle, and can even make a kick […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Ranch Saddles and Our Top Picks

Best Ranch Saddles

Ranch saddles, as the name indicates, are saddles designed to perform the day-to-day activities on a ranch. Contrary to the versions cut out for various sports, these are versatile pieces of tack built to withstand the long hours of mounting required to maintain a ranch. Choosing the best ranch saddles can be tricky unless you […]

My Horse Is Not Eating His Hay: Causes, Solutions, & FAQs

My horse is not eating his hay

We love our steeds. We provide them with all things best. We do not compromise on the horse’s diet or health. To make sure that your steed has access to the good quality hay, you grow your pasture of hay for your steed, using the best fertilizer and after discussing with experts how much fertilizer […]

Planning Your First Medium-Sized DIY Horse Shelter

Horse Standing in a DIY Horse Shelter

Horses are affable creatures who perform laborious tasks on the farm, do wonders on the track, and carry us through precarious routes. It is our job to offer sufficient care and attention in return. Providing a sturdy run-in is a wonderful way to care for their needs after a good run. However, with the heavy […]

How Much Does a Mule Cost?

Close up of a Mule

Are you interested in buying an equine pet? But if you don’t want to go for a costly horse or a small donkey, a mule can be your best choice. Mules are the offspring of male donkeys and female horses. It offers the best traits of both animals, as it is faster than donkeys and […]

Best Saddlebags for Horses: Our Top 8 Picks for You

Best saddlebags for horses

People who own horses and go for a trail ride often know how important a saddlebag is. It can be used to carry beneficial items such as a water bottle, food, camera, first aid kits, and even hoofs. A durable and lightweight saddle bag would ensure your horse doesn’t get exhausted from carrying all the […]

Can Horses Eat Tomatoes? Evaluating Human Foods for Equines

Close up of a White and black horse

An interesting behavioral aspect among pet owners is their preference for pet food based on their personal likes and dislikes, instead of what the animal would like more. For this reason, people can be seen looking up if their pets can have the same foods as themselves. Questions like, can horses eat tomatoes, are popular […]

How Much Fertilizer per Acre for Hay Is Ideal?

How much fertilizer per acre for hay

Forages and all green plants need a certain level of moisture, heat, light, and, above all – nutrients for proper growth. Novice farmers, unfortunately, do not seem to know what would be the appropriate amount of fertilizer for their acre of a hayfield. Thus they end up either using too much fertilizer or too little, […]