Leopard Gecko Diet: What Do Leopard Geckos Eat—or Not?

Leopard gecko diet

Leopard geckos are popular insectivorous lizards found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and India. These are small, adorable reptiles having spotted colors and sometimes referred to as the easiest reptiles that you can keep as pets. The friendly nature of Leopard geckos makes them a popular pet for reptile keepers. If you are trying to find […]

Harlequin Crested Gecko: Breed Overview and Care Guide

Why is My Cat Licking Walls?

 Harlequin Crested Gecko at a Glance Scientific Name Correlophus ciliatus Guichenot Size 4 to 4.5 inches Life Expectancy 15 to 20 Years Color Cream top and sides with dark bottom Food Insects and Water Habitat Dry and Rocky Area Temperature 72 to 78 Fahrenheit Humidity 60 to 80 Percent Lighting Normal Substrate Capable of Holding […]

Gold Dust Day Gecko: Facts, Diet, and Habitat of This Exotic Gecko

Gold Dust Day Gecko

Gold Dust Day Gecko—Breed Overview Gold Dust Day Geckos are known for their attractive appearance and vibrant colors. Found mostly in the humid forests of Madagascar, these geckos are perfect for beginners and first-time reptile owners. But there is a lot more to know about these unusual geckos. So, let’s get to learn more about […]

Lavender Leopard Gecko: Breed Overview and Care Guide

Lavender Leopard Gecko

Lavender gecko has a beautiful lavender base with strips or spots of different colors. Beginners who are interested in reptiles, and especially Leopard geckos, can start with this beautiful gecko as they have easy care requirements. They are easy-going geckos with bubbly personalities and frequently move around their habitat. If you’re interested and are thinking […]

Do Leopard Geckos Have Teeth? Do Their Bites Hurt?

Do leopard geckos have teeth

Leopard geckos are becoming one of the most popular pet reptiles and are definitely the most popular among pet geckos. But have you ever thought of keeping a lizard as a pet? It may sound weird to you if you have never had a lizard before, but many people keep lizards, including geckos, as pets, […]

Albino Leopard Gecko: Is It Good for You?

Albino leopard gecko

Leopard geckos come in a variety of colors and combinations—there are around 150 different Leopard Gecko morphs. One of the most popular Leopard gecko morphs is Albino Leopard Gecko. Their albino coloring sets them apart from other Leopard gecko morphs.     Let us find all ins and outs of this beauty! Albino Leopard Gecko Morph […]

Blizzard Leopard Gecko: A Good Choice for First-Time Gecko Owners

Blizzard leopard gecko

Blizzard Leopard Geckos are appealing and exotic. Because of their unique solid coloring, they are one of the most popular Leopard gecko morphs and are widely sought-after by gecko breeders. If you are a gecko enthusiast and want to get your hands on a Blizzard Leopard Gecko, keep on reading to find out more about […]

Tail Loss in Geckos: What to Do When a Gecko Drops Its Tail?

Tail Loss in Geckos

Geckos are reptiles that may be found on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica. Their tail, which is a fascinating body feature of the reptile world, has gotten a lot of attention throughout the years, especially the tails of Leopard geckos and day geckos. They have a natural mechanism that allows them to “drop” […]

Choosing a Leopard Gecko Substrate

Leopard Geckos

Choosing a Leopard gecko substrate is one of the most difficult decisions, especially for novice reptile parents. The litany of options available and the abundance of misconceptions make it more confusing to choose the right substrate for your gecko. The most common misconception is that Leopard geckos come from deserts, and they live in hot […]

Leopard Gecko Colors: 20 Captivating Leopard Gecko Morphs

Leopard gecko morphs

A Leopard gecko is one of the lizard species and is native to rocky deserts and arid grasslands of Asia—Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, Iran, and western Iraq. Leopard geckos are one of the most easy-going and thus the most popular pet geckos. Leopard geckos are rapidly gaining popularity as pets, especially among fans of exotic […]

Best Leopard Gecko Lighting Setup

Best leopard gecko lighting setup

Leopard geckos make excellent pets. They are found in deserts and arid grasslands of Pakistan, Afghanistan, northern India, western Iraq, and Iran. Although these hardy lizards are creatures of the night, they do care about what their day looks like. New owners must have heard that leopard geckos are nocturnal and do not require much […]