Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish?

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish

“My two-year-old Weimar-doodle has recently been smelling like fish? It’s a mixture of poop and fish to be honest. He does not scoot and washing him hasn’t done anything to stop the effect. The smell goes away after a while though. My question is, why does my dog smell like fish?” says Jennie from Ohio. […]

10 Reasons of Dog Stomach Gurgling: What Should I Do?

Dog Stomach Gurgling

Humans and dogs generally share the same body functions. For example, if you have an empty stomach or ate spicy Indian foods, you will hear your stomach gurgling constantly and might feel embarrassed by constant rumbles. Likewise, a dog’s stomach also gurgles if he has an empty stomach or if he has eaten something he […]

Dog Dandruff: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention

Dog Dandruff - keeping pet

Dog dandruff doesn’t just look icky but is painful for your dog as well. The itchiness caused by dandruff keeps him up all night to paw and scratch his skin. Being a responsible dog parent, you need to know everything about dog dandruff, including its causes, symptoms, and preventions. For your convenience, we have compiled […]

Dog Eye Infections: Everything You Need To Know


Dog eye infections are one of the most prevalent canine diseases. As eyes are extremely sensitive, any eye infection can cause unbearable pain to dogs. To help their dogs, dog owners should be aware of the common eye infections, their types, symptoms, causes, and preventions. In this article, we have gathered all the information on […]

Dog Health: How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

How often do you walk your dog

As we are concerned about our health and fitness, we need to be considerate about our dog’s health too. Just like walking can help us relieve our mental tension and shed some extra calories, so can it for our dogs. It’s no secret that most dogs feel relaxed and rejuvenated after taking a light stroll. […]

3 Things Dog Owners Must Know About Dog Sickness

Dog Sickness-keeping-pet

Is your dog not playing anymore? Are you having trouble feeding him? Is he always in the corner and looks lethargic? If so, it is obvious that your dog is sick. For dog owners, Dog sickness is no less than a trauma. Being dog parents, we go through many situations like these and honestly, they […]

When to Spay/Neuter a Dog? All You Need to Know

when to spay a dog

Have you been thinking of spaying or neutering your dog? This thought crosses almost every dog owner’s mind. And the mere thought of putting your cute little canine fella through the daunting processing of spaying, putting your dog under anesthesia, the surgical procedure, and the painful days that follow might be heart-rending for you. We […]

Busting Myths Behind Dog Nose Changing Color

Dog nose changing color

While playing with your dog what was your reaction when you noticed that its nose color has changed? Got anxious, right? This happens to a lot of people daily. Owners ought to know what a dog’s normal nose decolorization is and what it isn’t and how it differs from critical changes in their dogs’ Pigmentation. […]