Can Dogs Eat Nectarines?

Can Dogs Eat Nectarines

Can dogs eat nectarines? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat nectarines. That said, there are many caveats attached, which we will unravel as we dig into the details. Dogs and Nectarines Rich in minerals and vitamins, these bright-colored fruits are not only healthy but tasty as well. Inside their crimson peel, there is […]

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

Can Dogs Eat Edamame

Can dogs eat edamame? To get to the ins and outs of dogs eating edamame, let’s first briefly list some of the health benefits of edamame. According to, edamame is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, lowers cholesterol levels, doesn’t raise blood sugar, and may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and bone loss. […]

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Are Olives Good For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Yes, dogs can eat olives. However, a few caveats are attached about which type of olive to give them and how much. There is a variety of olives available in the market, such as green, black, canned olives, green olives stuffed with pimento, olive oil, and so on. Raw olives are […]

Can Puppies Eat Raw Scallops?

Can Puppies Eat Raw Scallops

As dog owners, we want our buddies to eat the best of foods. But not all foods are suitable for our canine friends. They can eat some such as mangoes, pineapples, or tortillas—and these too, with some caveats. Others, which do not meet their nutritional requirements, should be kept away from their reach. What about […]

Can Dogs Have Mangoes? The Goods and the Bads

Can Dogs Have Mangoes

Every year, summer comes to visit us like a loving grandmother who brings along the gifts of sunny beaches and yummy tropical fruits, including ‘the king’ itself. Yes, the succulent mangoes with all their golden glory. More is less when it comes to mangoes. Even the thought of them can make one drool. How do […]

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas?

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas - keeping pet

According to research, ‘approximately 120 million tortillas are consumed yearly in the United States, making these the second most popular baked product, after white bread.’ And according to another research, 57% of households in the US have dogs. It is likely that the majority of these 57% feed their dogs with tortillas, considering it a […]

Can Dogs Eat Watermelons? What Are The Dangers?

Can Dogs Eat Watermelons - keeping pet

Can dogs eat watermelons? Yes, they can. Not only are watermelon yummy, but they are also nutritious, refreshing, and mood-changers as well. And as the cherry on top, dogs love to slurp on this red flesh, too. Dogs have this thing to sniff and taste anything they get their paws on. But, once they’d lick […]

Can Dogs Eat Hot Cheetos? (Possible Consequences of Dogs Eating Cheetos)

Can Dogs Eat Hot Cheetos

Hot, Flamin’ Hot, or XXtra Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Which one is your favorite? Relaxing on a comfy couch, eating your favorite puffs, watching your favorite show, and snuggling with your dog, what more can you ask for in your leisure time? While you’re busy munching on your mouth-watering cheesy snacks, your dog is busy staring […]

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

can dogs eat pineapple - keeping pet

Summers are here, and so are pineapples. If you love to hit your sweet tooth with the combo of sugary and tangy chunks of pineapple, your dog might want that too. Why? For three reasons. First, they like to eat anything they can get their paws on. Second, they are attracted to the bright color […]

Can Dogs Eat Human Food? Busting Myths

can dog eat human food-keeping-pet

Can dogs eat human food? Yes—and no! Maybe you forgot to buy dog food, and now your buddy is waiting for you to give it something to munch on. Most probably, the very first thing that crosses your mind is to give your dog some of your food. After all, in old times, dogs have […]

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? 3 Important Things to Know

Can dogs eat cat food-keeping-pet

Do you keep both cat and dog as pets? If so, you might come across situations where your dog tends to eat your cat food. Even if such a situation do not arise, there may come instances where you may think, can dogs eat cat food? The short answer is no. But are there any […]

Are Puppy Mills Illegal? Things to Know

Are puppy mills illegal-keeping-pet

Picture a cute puppy being incarcerated in a small cage, where every aspect of his life is being controlled. He has no freedom—he can’t move around, decide what to eat, when to eat, and whom to partner up with. Imagine him being forced to mate solely for the purpose of procreation. He is a prisoner […]