Canines are wonderful animals in terms of their ability to comprehend what their owners say to them. Their understanding of our words does not end at simple commands such as sit, stand, leave, etc. – when said in a pertinent tone, our furry pals can end up understanding the most out of our sentences.

Then, why not tell them that you are in love? After all, your pooch is as close to you as any other friend, and he has the right to be a part of your happiness. But how do you tell your dog that you are in love with someone?

How to Tell My Dog That I’m In Love With Someone?

It is simple. Manifest to your furry pal clearly that you have a partner in your life who gets a share in your love as much as he does. Dogs, having a sense of rivalry with the people or animals who get along with their owners, are sure to know that something ‘special’ is going on in their human being’s life.

Avail yourself of this particular canine trait to channel your message to your dog. But do not worry if he shows discontentment: you can let him get along with your partner later. Stick to the tips below to make it easier.

Tips to Get Your Dog to Know That You Love Someone

1. Train Your Dog

As a preparation step, let your dog listen to you carefully. You do not have to do much – just train your pup to pay attention to what you are doing whenever you want to. Doing so can help him observe clearly that you are being comfortable with your significant other, ingraining in his mind the value of the latter.

Hold a treat in your fingers and call your dog’s name. When he looks at you, move the treat towards his nose and then bring it back to touch your nose. Repeat the same procedure multiple times a day before eventually feeding your fido the piece of treat he has been waiting for so long. This way, you can get his attention whenever you want to.

2. Plan a Meet-Up

Having acclimatized your dog to respond with good observation when needed, it is time for some action. Plan a meet-up with your love mate, say, go to a park, call your partner there, and take your dog with you. Sit close to them and ask your dog to observe when they arrive.

By even just hanging out with your partner, your dog might perceive this as your sign of affection for the latter. Repeating such meet-ups can easily get your dog to know that you have a significant other in your life.

Woman having video call on laptop computer while sitting with her cute white dog

3. Cannot Meet? Use Technology

If you cannot get to be physically near your love mate due to any reason, try showing their photos to your dog. If you can, arrange a video call as well.

Use a similar method to get your pup to concentrate on you fully. Repeatedly pointing at your partner and saying her or his name can also help a lot. As discussed, perceiving these signs to be affectionate, your pup can still have a fair idea about your love story even if you cannot get near to your love mate.

Woman having video call on laptop computer while sitting with her cute white dog.

4. Use Dog Language

A study at the University of York concluded that using dog-directed speech and dog-related words is one of the best ways to speak to them. Though it might seem obvious, the point the study brought to the limelight was that this is among the clearest ways to get your dog to listen to you.

A bonus: it also leads to a healthy relationship!

Based on this fact, consider getting your furry pet to know what you are trying to say in the best possible way. Whenever you have a chance to meet your partner, do not just stick to gaining your dog’s attention based on the training discussed earlier – mixing your speech with dog speech can make it further easier and decrease the chances of imminent envy.

Will My Dog Accept My Partner?

Yes—or maybe, no. As mentioned earlier, dogs do not necessarily welcome new people and animals in their owner’s life. Other reasons that are not well-known may also make your pooch hate your love mate, for instance, if your partner reminds him of someone who used to hurt him.

Or, maybe your dog is just too caring and senses some kind of danger for you.

If you are caught in such a situation, remember that getting rid of either your partner or your dog is not an option – you need to manage the situation.

A newlywed couple hugging a dog
Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

Here are some quick tips that can ease the condition.

Conclusion: How to Tell My Dog That I’m in Love With Someone?

Dogs understand humans—use that power to convey your message. However, doing so can arouse some unwanted behavior, such as jealousy, in your dog, which you should be ready to tackle calmly and consistently. Just focus on some tricks to let your dog understand that you are in love effectively. For instance, go train him well, take him with you when going on a date, and use canine-related words.

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