Cats are not some kind of ‘date doctors’ as portrayed by Will Smith in the 2005 movie Hitch. But they are good listeners, and pet owners love to share their love stories with their feline friends despite their inability to counsel.

However, it is a bit tricky business since animals do not understand as well, and the common question “how to tell my cat that I’m in love” is often heard from those people who have two sweethearts in their life – a lover and a cat.

But there is nothing to worry about: silver linings exist in this case as well.

Did You Know?

In a survey conducted by Zesty Paws, out of 2,000 single Americans, 68% said that their pets have the final say in their relationships, and they end it if their pets do not approve.

How to Tell My Cat That I’m In Love With Someone?

Thanks to the kitty brainpower, there are several ways you can let your cat know about your romantic relationship. A plethora of studies suggest that our feline friends are capable of human emotions and moods – cats even know when you are sad or happy.

Similarly, as per the stories shared by different cat people on various forums, felines may feel jealousy towards their owners’ partners. This means that cats recognize our life partners, but it is a bit hard for them to share you with them.

These facts point out that cats observe human thoughts and actions closely; therefore, we may do certain things to let them understand the importance of a certain person in our lives. In simple words, cats are smart enough to know we have someone special in our lives; all we need to do is to make it easy for them to accept that special one.

Stay Close to Your Love

Girl petting her boyfriend’s orange cat sitting in his lap

Whenever you happen to be together with your partner and cat at the same time, make sure you stay close. This will be the subtlest sign that you can give to your cat. Seeing both of you close together, she can utilize her intelligence to tell there is some chemistry going on.

However, note that you must ensure your partner is comfortable with your closeness to avoid any bad experience.

Going on a Date? Take Your Cat With You!

Smiling couple with a cat outside on winter day

Our feline pals know when we feel excited. And you are sure to get electrified when you are off to a romantic dinner with a person you dream of spending life with. Apart from excitement, you might get anxious in the quest to look your best, and since cats can sense anxiety too, you will be further increasing the chances of her knowing the matter.

We are not asking you to keep your cat between your legs all the time and lose focus, spoiling the night. Just let her be near you, observe the situation, and do not disturb anyone! Spending some dates with your cat, she might know you two are getting closer.

Talk to Your Cat

Young girl holding her cat while having a video call

Cats do not understand what we say to them – at most, they just interpret it as we interpret their vocals, such as hissing or squeaking. But still, they might have a general idea of what we are trying to convey through our body language and gestures.

You can use this feature to your advantage: since cats are good at remembering and recognizing faces, you can show her the pictures of your ‘someone special’ and use your fingers to point to them frequently.

You can pick your cat and have them say hello to your partner whenever you are face-timing them. You can go a mile further by hugging and kissing the photos – showing signs that clearly say you are in love.

Introduce the Scent

Cats have a powerful sense of smell. So, before you bring your date home, you should first introduce their smell to your cat. You can rub the smell of your date on your cat’s favorite toys. Similarly, you can also rub your cat’s smell on your date’s belongings.

Here is how to do it:

British Shorthair cat sitting on bed

Make Your Partner an Owner as Well

To show your cat that you and your partner have a close bond and intend to live together for the rest of your lives, introduce your partner to her and gradually elevate the former to the rank of the additional keeper. This might give her an idea that both of you form an inseparable unit.

You should take it easy when it comes to introducing someone new to your cat. It takes about six months before kitties become comfortable with new people and start accepting them as new owners. Just use positive reinforcement and treats, and do not rush, or you will end up doing more harm than good. You can have your partner feed the cat her favorite meals.

Portrait of a couple playing with their pet in the kitchen

Be Careful! Telling Your Cat That You’re in Love With Someone May Backfire

Though it depends upon your cat’s personality, most felines often tend to become possessive of their owners, probably because of their territorial instincts. Owing to this reason, as discussed earlier, they might end up feeling jealous toward anything or anyone that comes in between.

Orange shorthair cat sitting on a couch

Such an attitude may intensify if your cat has a strong bond with you or when she is suddenly excluded from a typical ‘affectionate’ environment. You can tell if she is jealous if you notice the following signs:

If you find such behavior in your feline, you might risk your precious relationship with her. To overcome this, you need to give her a lot of attention and halt saying that you are in love with someone for a while until she cools down. To ensure she does not get more hyper, get the help of interactive toys to keep her busy and playful. You can have your partner bring your cat interesting toys and treats.

Conclusion: How to Tell My Cat That I’m In Love With Someone?

Telling your cat straightforwardly that you are in love with someone will not work, but be cognizant that cats understand our feelings and know about our relationships. You need to make it completely effortless for your furry friend: give her all possible hints, and there is a high chance that she will get the idea.

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