We love our dogs and would feed them anything we savor ourselves. Be it chocolate, caramel, hot Cheetos, or Brussel sprouts, we want to share it with our four-legged buddy. Should we feed them such foods? No—as long as you don’t understand the benefits and dangers of a specific food for your dog. This brings us to sausages. Can dogs eat sausage? Is it a good idea to feed them sausages if they ask for it—in their own way?

Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Yes, dogs can eat sausages in small quantities, provided that sausages should not be used as their primary protein source. On the other hand a few little pieces of sausage as a special treat should be just fine.

Cooked meat is healthy food for the health of your dog. But feeding processed sausages to the dog is not a good idea. Sausages are generally not good for dogs since they include a lot of toxic spices and other ingredients. 

Experimentally, it is proven that most dogs prefer sausage over carrots. It is okay if you feed sausages to your dog once in a blue moon. But if you keep giving in to your dog’s desperate look, he may develop an unhealthy obsession with sausages, and it will also disturb his digestive system. 

Sausages are often undercooked. Raw sausage includes E. coli and salmonella, so feeding it to your dog could be potentially lethal to him. 

Why is Sausage Bad for Dogs?

The following are some reasons why sausage is not a good choice for your dog.


Dogs need fewer calories and mineral intake than humans. Their digestive system is very sensitive. Sausages have a high amount of salt. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, the concentration of sodium and chloride in dogs’ diets should not be more than 0.3% and 0.45%, respectively. However, the salt concentration in sausages is much higher than these percentages.


Sausages contain 50% fat, which is one of the primary reasons they are not a healthy dog food. According to experts, only 2 to 4% of fat content in a dog’s food is ideal for his health. But more than that is going to harm your dog in the long run. It can cause obesity in your dog, which can lead to many health problems complications. Besides, a high percentage of fat can also cause heart problems in a dog.


There are a lot of spices and flavors included in a sausage, such as garlic, onion, and nutmeg—all of them are toxic elements for a dog. If you continue to feed sausages to your dog, it can also lead to severe anemia. Garlic and onion contain N-propyl disulfide.

According to the American Kennel Club, N-propyl disulfide results in damage to the red blood cells in dogs. It causes the decreased capacity of the red blood cells to deliver oxygen, and it also confuses the dog’s body into assuming the blood cell is a threat. The destruction of the red blood cell is known as hemolysis, resulting in hemolytic anemia

Symptoms of Dog’s Sickness After Eating Sausages

If your dog gets sick after eating sausages, the following are some of the symptoms you will observe.


The ingredients present in sausages can cause dehydration in dogs.

During dehydration, sodium intake decreased by more than 10% in dogs, but sodium elimination via urine increased, resulting in a negative sodium balance.

Loss of Appetite

Sausages can cause stomach aches, due to which your dog may lose his appetite. It leads to anorexia, which can cause protein imbalance and weakness in dogs.

Nausea and Lethargy

As sausage can disturb the dog’s digestive system, which can also result in nausea. It can also make dogs depressed and lethargic.

The severity of the above symptoms depends on the quantity of sausages your dog consumes and how sensitive they are. It also depends on the dog’s size. Though it is not always true small dogs may develop such symptoms more readily than large dogs.  

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Sausage

What Should I Feed to My Dog Instead of Sausages?

Feeding your dog good food will not only keep him healthy but will also make him more energetic and active. Food that contains lots of fat, salt, and spices is harmful to him. These foods will make him less active, depressed and can also cause many serious diseases such as heart problems, digestion problems, etc. 

Feed your dog the following meals instead of sausages to keep him healthy and energetic.

Final Words

Can dogs eat sausage? Yes, they can, but you should avoid giving them sausages. It can be harmful to the health of a dog.  It can cause many health issues in dogs. Feeding a small piece of sausage will not cause any harm to the dog, but giving your dog a whole sausage carries the risk of several adverse effects. It can cause obesity, anemia, heart problems, and stomach problems, among others. 

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