Hardwood floors have stood the test of time when it comes to interior design trends, lending a touch of class to our spaces. But things can quickly go down the drain if our adorable furry friends leak on these floors. Such incidents will send you on a frantic search in a superstore aisle looking for the best dog urine remover for hardwood floors. All small pet owners have been there at some point. Be it during the housebreaking, a change in environment, or a medical condition.

The problem with these urine stains is multi-fold; they leave an awful stench, ruin the appearance of our living spaces, and worst of all, the lingering smell attracts the pets to do their business in the same spot over and over. Having a good quality urine stain remover at hand and putting it to use at the earliest is your best bet in such a scenario.

Best Dog Urine Remover for Hardwood Floors in 2022

Listed below are some of the most reliable urine stain and odor removers, exclusively made for hardwood floors. Although the suggested products are for immediate treatment, you may even use these to treat older stains. Remember to conduct a patch test for discoloration on a hidden side of the wooden surface, leave it on for a while, and if you do not notice any discoloration, the product is good to go on your floor.

1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

The Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is the most trusted product among users. It uses an enzymatic formula, where the ingredients get activated once in contact with the uric acid and ammonia, found in the aftermath of the dog urine. Its ability to reach deeper into the affected surface and break down the organic products left by the urine does not just remove the color and smell but the actual urine.

What Is Good?

  • The enzymatic formula is free of harmful chemicals such as chlorine and safe for use around children and pets.
  • It has a seal of approval from the carpet and rug institute as a safe product.
  • Enzymatic formula seeps deeper to remove both the urine and the stink.
  • Suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, and even clothing besides the hardwood floors.
  • It could also come in handy as a pre-soak for laundry.

What Is Not So Good?

  • Although manufacturers claim it leaves a gentle smell, some users may find it overpowering.
  • It might seem a bit pricey to some consumers.
  • Tougher stains may require a few reapplications before the stain leaves.


2. Simple Solution Hard Floor Pet Stain & Odor Remover

The Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover is a detergent-based solution that is strong enough to clean your sealed hardwood floors yet safe for use in a house populated by kids and pets. As the title suggests, the product has a dual action, dealing with both the urine and odor, preventing the pets return to the same spot again.

What Is Good?

  • It is a dual-action, safe formula that tackles both the stain and the smell.
  • Works on pet feces, urine, vomit, and other mess.
  • The product can clear stains from a variety of surfaces, including hardwood, brick, linoleum, marble, vinyl, ceramic, and concrete floors.
  • The patented 3-in1- nozzle allows users to apply the product in the form of a mist, stream, and foam for varying degrees of cleaning.

What Is Not So Good?

  • It needs to be wiped a few minutes after application on the floor, or it leaves the surface slippery, especially on hardwood floors.
  • Not fit for use on unsealed or untreated floors.
  • Some users may find the smell too strong.

3. Nature’s Miracle Dual Action Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover

The Nature’s Miracle Dual Action Hardwood Floor Stain and Odor Remover is Another enzyme-based formula designed specifically for treating mess created by the pets on the hardwood floor. It reaches deeper into the wooden floor, treating the urine and smell simultaneously, removing any chances of the pets marking the spot.

What Is Good?

  • Bio-enzymatic, safe formula removes both stain and stink.
  • Specially designed and tested for sealed hardwood floors, the product works on other treated/sealed hard floor surfaces as well.
  • Removes urine, feces, and vomit from hardwood and other hard floors.
  • Money-back guarantee.

What Is Not So Good?

  • The product is not fit for use on unsealed, untreated floors.
  • It does not work on urine saturated into the floor’s finishing.
  • The updated formula has a strong smell that may affect those with sensitivities.

4. Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company Pet Stain and Odor Terminator

Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company Pet Stain and Odor Terminator rely on an enzyme-based formula obtained from natural ingredients. It removes your pet’s deed and the stink from several surfaces, including wooden surfaces, carpets, and even garments. The cruelty-free product comes in a concentrated format that needs dilution before use, leaving the space clean and fresh.

What Is Good?

  • It is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that eliminates the urine stain and odor from wooden floors, rugs, furniture, upholstery, and even clothing.
  • The product uses a safe formula with a CRI seal of approval.
  • It is a comparatively economic product.
  • The dormant enzymes do not lose their concentration with time and only activate when they come in contact with organic matter.
  • It is a cruelty-free product.
  • Money-back guarantee.

What Is Not So Good?

  • Some users find the smell nice, while others believe it’s too overpowering.
  • Results could be inconsistent when treating the tougher stains.

How to Remove Dog Urine From Hardwood Floors?

Following the instructions on the bottle of the urine stain remover is the best way to get the most benefit out of the product you are using. But the general process is listed below for your ease.

1. Be Quick

Time is of great importance in terms of removing the stain and odor of dog urine. Start the cleaning process as soon as you find out about the accident. Especially when it comes to hardwood floors, urine can seep deeper into the wood and underlying layers.

2. Aerate

It is highly impactful to aerate the space; in the aftermath of a leaky accident. Urine immediately breaks down into other organic products such as ammonia, responsible for the pungent urine stench. Aeration during the cleaning process helps remove both the urine vapors and the scent from the cleaning product.

3. Blot It Out

Begin the cleaning process by blotting out as much urine as you can. Use a generous amount of paper towels to remove the visible mess. Follow it up by placing another wad of paper towels and putting some weight over it to remove maximum urine. It is the key to getting both the stain and odor out as soon as possible.

4. Stain Remover

Finally, douse the affected area with the dog urine remover. It will seep deep into the hardwood floor, act upon the urine, breaking it down and eventually removing both the pesky stain and the terrible odor. You could use a UV light urine detector to identify all the urine spots not immediately visible to the naked eye.

Once applied, leave it to dry and do its job. If the stain stays after one use, you may have to follow up with another application.

5. Final Clean Up

Once the stain is gone, clean the affected area as usual. Remember, the cleaning product is more of a spot treatment, and you may want to apply it slightly outside the edges of the stain to remove it thoroughly.

Remember not to use a steam vacuum cleaner to clean the area, especially after the initial application of the cleaner, as it will lock the stink in the spot. Also, using an enzymatic product with hot water will render the enzymes ineffective.

Final Word

Pet urine stains are probably the biggest downside of the otherwise pleasant experience of owning a pet. It becomes even more grave when they create the mess on hardwood floors; removing the residue and smell from the porous wooden surface is very hard. In worst-case scenarios, the urine may seep too much into the base, and nothing besides a change of the affecting plank may salvage the flooring. The best thing you can do is have a quality urine stain remover at hand and clean the stain at the earliest.

The key to best removing the stain is to blot out the urine as much as possible and then apply a good quality urine stain and odor remover. Here we have come up with a list of some of the best dog urine removers for hardwood floors to help you keep a clean and sweet-smelling home. Although a generic cleaning guide is provided, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is the best way to get rid of the mess.

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