An Aussiedoodle can be best described as a fluffy furball loaded with cuteness. Affectionately called Aussie-poo, they have a reputation of being highly intelligent, playful, and loyal dogs. An Aussiedoodle is a hybrid breed—born to an Australian Shepherd and Poodle. They get along well with people of different ages—active and playful with kids, calm and gentle towards elders or people with illnesses. They are popular for being marvelous therapy dogs and are super hardworking.

An Aussiedoodle at a Glance

An Aussiedoodle Dog’s Characteristics
Height 14 – 23 inches
Weight 25 – 70 pounds
Color They come in different colors, such as grey, black, and white
Coat They can either have a wavy, silky coat or a curly-haired coat
Life Expectancy 12 years
Shedding Their shedding frequency is based on the type of coat they have
Temperament They have a reputation for being playful and loyal. Also, they are highly intelligent
Socialization They are very friendly and need to be trained to socialize from a young age
Intelligence They are very intelligent and perceptive. Some owners attest, it feels like they are mind readers
Activity Levels Hyper-active. They need a lot of physical activity and brain-stimulating playtime
Relationship with Children They are joyful around children. Being famous for their jolly and fun-loving nature, they make a good pet for families with kids  
Grooming Requirements It depends on their coat type. If they have a wavy coat, it needs less grooming. A curly-haired coat requires more grooming
Health Concerns Hip and elbow dysplasia, Eye infections, Epilepsy, Cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy, Sebaceous adenitis  

Origin and History

This Australian Doodle breed first originated from Australia, but eventually, it became more popular in the US than in other countries. The Poodles were originally hardworking hunting dogs from Germany. They were famous for their fitness, strength, and intelligence. They had an unmatchable vigor when it came to hunting in the cold German waters. It is important to note that the Poodles weren’t always in these miniature forms. Originally, they were average-sized dogs.

The Australian Shepherds, on the other hand, were sheepherding dogs, and interestingly, they have nothing Australian to their origin. They were bred in West America to be used as sheepherding dogs on the mountains. Australian Shepherds were popular as dogs who could work tirelessly and had surprising decision-making skills.

Aussiedoodle Appearance and Size—How Big Do Aussiedoodles Get?

One thing about crossbred dogs is that there can be a lot of variations in their appearance. Physical characteristics from one parent can become more dominant than the other. The same is the case when it comes to Aussiedoodle’s appearance. An Aussiedoodle with a standard Poodle parent will be medium-sized, whereas the one with a Toy Poodle as a parent will be much smaller in size. On average, they are 14 – 23 inches tall, with a weight ranging from 25 — 70 pounds.

They are found in different shades of black, white, and grey. They have a soft, silky coat of medium length. The color of their expressive round eyes can be bright blue, deep brown, or soft green. With round heads and short muzzles, they have floppy ears.

Aussiedoodle Temperament and Personality

Ausiedoodles are famous for their affectionate and playful nature. They love to spend time around their owners and family. They get so attached to their owners that Ausiedoodles might end up developing separation anxiety if their owner leaves the sight for a long haul. As they love to play and have fun, Aussiedoodles are suitable for households with young kids who can match their energy levels. As they were sheepherding dogs originally, they can become good watchdogs.

Another aspect of Aussiedoodle’s personality is that they are friendly towards other dogs and pets. By training them to socialize from an early age, you can make them more welcoming to an addition of a new dog or other pets in your house.

Grooming and Care

The frequency of grooming an Aussiedoodle is based on their coat type. If they have a wavy, sleek, and shiny coat—resembling their Australian Shepherd parent—they don’t need much grooming. Brushing their fur two to three times a week and bathing them once in three weeks would be an ideal grooming routine for them.

The one with a curly type of fur, on the other hand, needs more grooming and care. Their fur needs to be brushed regularly to detangle the hair and prevent matting. They can do well with bathing every two months.

Like other pet dogs, an Aussiedoodle needs his nails to be trimmed and his ears to be checked regularly.   

Fun-Facts About an Aussie-Poo

Below we have gathered some interesting facts about an Aussiedoodle.

What Health Issues an Aussiedoodle May Face?

As with any crossbred dog, there is a high chance of Aussiedoodle suffering from diseases due to gene mutation. Some of the diseases Aussiedoodles are prone to are those they inherit from their breeding parents. A few of these health risks include:

Food and Diet: What You Need to Feed Your Aussiedoodle?

An Aussiedoodle requires healthy food that gives them a lot of energy. As they are highly active dogs, their food should work as fuel to keep their bodies thriving. You can feed them a homemade meal or can get them high-quality dry food. There are also various food options available in the market, which are formulated according to a dog’s requirements. Just make sure to not overfeed them. Overeating can result in weight gain issues for dogs. Being overweight brings further health problems such as stress on joints, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

Aussiedoodle Training and Exercise Requirements

As we have already discussed, an Aussiedoodle is an active and playful dog. It makes them highly active, and thus, they require a lot of exercise and playtime. Being highly intelligent, training them is considered an absolute pleasure by their owners. They are quick learners and perform best when they are trained with rewards and treats. On the other hand, if they are being trained with harsh techniques, they would perform poorly.

Aussiedoodle dogs are excellent retrievers, so they will enjoy playing a long game of fetch. They also love water, and it’d be a great idea to take them swimming. Apart from taking them out daily for a walk, you can take them with you on a mountain hike or a road trip. They enjoy going out on adventures.

How Long Does an Aussiedoodle Live?

An Aussiedoodle is expected to live for 12 years if they are healthy and are taken good care of. With proper exercise, regular vet check-ups, and a healthy diet, you can enjoy up to 12 years of joy with your cuddly canine pal.

Aussiedoodle dogs are special. They are immensely smart, energetic, diligent, and loyal. If you have an active life and like to go on adventures, this dog will prove to be your companion. However, they need a lot of physical activity to stay fit, exclusive training, mental stimulation, and proper grooming. For all this, you need to make conscious efforts. Keeping and training this dog demands dedication and time. If you are someone who is gone for long periods, then this dog may not be the best option for you. They are very loving towards their owners and can’t tolerate being away from them for long. But if you have kids at home or can hire a pet sitter, you can find a friendly and affectionate pet in an Aussiedoodle.

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